Ushering in the Dawn Blue Iolath

Midnight blue enshrouds his massive form, the dark hues of the night sky sweeping from one large wingsail, across his arched back, to the other – wing spars like dark clouds obscuring the sky’s true color. Depth is lost as hues tumble down, over wide haunches, around his tail, and brushing over his muscled limbs, seamlessly meeting ebony talons. His belly lightens, a slight hint of pale blue-violet sliding from beneath his triangular head, along serpentine neck, to the tip of his tail, like dawn breaking on the horizon. The ridges that run opposite his pale stripe blend in with the rest of his dark body, like a distant goal just out of sight, between prominent headknobs.

Egg Name and Description

Memories of Dawn Egg

Hatching Message

Memories of Dawn Egg has lain still, like a piece of forgotten refuse, but now it stirs as if a gentle wind is blowing away the old, ready to bring in the new.

Memories of Dawn Egg starts to shudder, small cracks spreading across the shell, as new life attempts to take over the dull area.

Memories of Dawn Egg is now a memory of its own, as the rust colored shell falls to the sands, a result of a final lively jerk splitting it in two. Yet, with its demise, there is a new beginning, and a large, dark blue hatchlings sits amongst the pieces.

Impression Message

Soft strands of interwoven music drift into your mind, a slightly haunting tune, while blues and turquoises swirl. As the scent of a summer rain entertains your senses, a soft tenor finally speaks up. « Why are you in… white? Why are you all in white? » And he cautiously pulls the needed concepts from your mind, hesitating. « I am Iolath. And I am… hungry. My Rivala, feed me? »


“However long the night, the dawn will break.” -African Proverb

Your Iolath is your future, and you are his future – While the past has made you the person you are, he will help you become the person you’ll be in the future. You will never be alone again, and night’s darkness will never leave you in fear. Iolath is meant to both complement and contrast Rivala, to allow to both to grow and change.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” -Albert Einstein

Iolath is a curious creature, and as a weyrling, a great deal of his time will be spent actively questioning his surroundings, his peers, and most of all, you. He has entered into a new life, one that is completely different from what he’d known previously, and so it all must be experienced. « Rivala mine, why does Narath’s hide seem so… different? » While many of his questions can be easily answered, they are likely to grow more complex over time. « Why has Teloriith gotten fat? Nakueath flew like her, but she is still slim. » While at times you may hope the questions would cease, they are a constant, and as long as they continue you will be reminded he is there.

His curiosity extends beyond mere questions, however, as first-hand observation is truly the best way to understand something. It is completely likely that you will have to pull him out of anything that he can get to – vats of oil, vats of water, the living cavern or Sable Sands entrance. And, while he is exploring these new things, he’ll take pleasure in vocalizing his findings to anyone and everyone who will listen, while inserting his own assumptions as to why certain chores, perhaps like sweeping, are done. « Cosmoth! The stuff ours spread on us, to stop the itching! Do you think it will keep the floor from itching? »

“Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Because of his curiosity, he is a very social being. He adores being around others – whether they are his fellow weyrlings, other dragons, or even people. He’ll sit and watch what they do, and encourage you to interact with them, so that you can observe too. Crowded events, like beach parties and dancing contests are amongst his favorites, and if he’s not able to be there, he will encourage you to go, to see it through your eyes. He can entertain himself for hours just sitting and watching, though he’ll generally proclaim his observations loudly to anyone who will listen, sometimes to the dismay of someone trying to be discrete. « They are all twined up! »

As he grows older, his curiosity will slack slightly, though a new experience will still bring forth a large variety of questions. He will also use you to store what he learns the best he can, to avoid forgetting it. Memories help remind you who you were, and what has made you this way, and they are what you can look back on, when there is nothing else to interest you. Because he has used you to store information, he’s willing to tell it to others, sharing his wisdom as it were, with those who will come later. Throughout it all, though, his soothing mind will earn him friends, help others to confide in him, and all in all, help him continue in his quest for social observation.

“Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul” -William Hazlitt

Physically, Iolath will mature from a rather awkward hatchling to a graceful dragon, though at times you may question if and when it will actually happen. As a weyrling, he’ll be a klutz, his balance questionable at times, and when combined with his curiosity, it is a potential recipe for disaster. As he grows older, and effectively grows into his body, he’ll become more and more graceful, like a maturing dancer. Once he’s in the air, there’s no stopping him. Spirals and spins, elaborate tricks, they will all be added to his repertoire in time, reflecting the swirls and dips of his mind.

When he’s old enough to chase, he’ll take to it with eager anticipation, ready to try something new, and encouraging the same for yourself. While he’s quick to chase, he’s just as likely to burn out quickly, and it’s possible that only after failing will he learn the true method to it all. It will take you having great commitment to someone else for him to even consider ‘settling down’, and even then, he’s likely to want to chase, and stir things up. He loves the attention, the experience, and of course, the social interaction.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”

Why did Iolath chose Rivala? He sensed great potential in her - her outgoing tendencies will help him in his observations. Yet, at the same time, he sensed a need for her to have a companion, to pull her away from her work, and to give her a chance at a different future.


Sweet Songs of Seduction
The sounds and scents of classic romance intertwine to form Iolath’s mind, a relaxing place that you may easily find yourself lost in. His mind is a variety of light strings – a harp, a guitar, and once in a while when he’s particularly excited, a violin or bass will sneak in, adding a different tone to his otherwise soft mind. His voice itself is that of a light tenor, and he’ll a fairly wide range to bolster the impact of his words, while blues and golds play in the background, golds pulsing in and out like fading lights amongst the nighttime blues. Finally, the scents of a warm summer night drift in and out with his emotions – the smell of an approaching rainstorm, of flowers in bloom – though never do they overpower the rest of his consciousness.


Rivala! How long I have waited to be able to make a dragon for you – I hope that Iolath is all that you could want in a blue, and that you love him as much as you loved the egg he came from.

“The nearer the dawn the darker the night.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The theme for this clutch was ‘musicals’ and Memories of Dawn Egg was Lisle’s interpretation of the musical ‘Cats’. It was based in particular off Grizabella’s song ‘Memory’. Grizabella is an old cat, though once she was a carefree dancer, and she is the one chosen to go to Heaviside Layer and be reborn. Her song speaks about her wonderful past, but also her desire to start a new life.

Your Iolath’s (ee-o-lath) name is an attempt to capture the coming of dawn, as it comes from the Greek word ‘Iola’ which means ‘Violet-colored dawn’.

As for his actual inspiration, I am hardly an expert on musicals, and so I struggled on how to tie what you wanted into something related, and still do it justice. But, I thought Rivala could do well on an outgoing, social, curious dragon. And, with our new kittens at home, I had the perfect inspiration. While it may be the wrong sort of ‘Cats’, they are there never the less.

I hope you enjoy him,


Name Ushering in the Dawn Blue Iolath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Nemmenth
Created By L'ton
Impressee Rivala
Hatched May 28, 2006
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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