Feeling A Bit Under the Weather Blue Inizituth

With his sire's lean and lengthy frame mated to the pudgy gawkiness of his dam such a combination has created a truly unique beast indeed. A short blunt muzzle, upturned just so, and crowned with thicker than normal eyeridges accompanied by a permanent sneer of upper lip have gifted this dragon with an eternal scowl. Long in limb, he seems to have inherited the too-short neck of his dam, that sits balanced upon a compact cobby body gifted with a prizefighter's chest and meaty haunches. His tail is long, whip-cord like, but perhaps that is the only lengthy part of him besides long well formed legs. Large for a blue, indeed a giant amongst his color, he's massive in form, stout and strong, but perhaps lacking in weight, although he's certainly muscular and stoutly built. Storm-blue; the tint of sky as the clouds begin to gather stains his hide — highlights and shadows giving hint to a seemingly furry appearance from blunt little muzzle, past small rounded headknobs and all over the rest of his blocky frame. His wings, billowing formations of cumulus streaked over wide wingsails, are colored a darker grayish-blue — a perpetual little raincloud of gloom that seems to hover over him when held aloft.

Egg Name and Description

Holiday in Paradise Egg
Tropical hues dominate across a festive motif; the brilliant cerulean wreathing the upper portion of this egg is almost a match for the Istan sky itself, while sandy gold tones enfold the bottom hemisphere. Bright greenery winds and entwines around the edges, drawing the eye to the assortment of skin-toned peach, snowy white and bright red placed front and center atop the shell. Stare at it long enough, and a faint image seems to appear — that of a plump half-clad beared man wearing a red cap trimmed in white fur, clasping a somewhat oblong board of red and white in pudgy fingers.

Hatching Message

Let's get a little hip action going here! with a wiggle and a shake, the Holiday in Paradise Egg does the hula on the sands, the portly blob of flesh-tone and red seeming to shimmy and dance, jiggling and wiggling with the motion of the egg — and then it stops, suddenly still and silent once more.

With a resounding CRACK that echos through the air around it, the festive egg is suddenly rent asunder, paradise shattered as large spiderweb cracks begin running up and down the length of the Holiday in Paradise Egg, and a piece of skin-toned shell pops right off, leaving a narrowed, grumpy looking eye in it's place — glaring out.

Holiday in Paradise Egg won't stay together much longer, a new series of volcanic tremors shudder through the shell, the spiderweb cracks growing and growing, flakes of shell falling free, as bit by bit, the hatchling within works its way free. There's a sudden split in the shell, a head pushing through, and then with a shrug of massive shoulders, out stamps a grumpy looking hatching. Or well, not quite stamps — more like flops. But he's on his feet not long after, making muttering sounds as he stalks forward towards the white-robed Candidates.

Impression Message

Work, work, work, that's all it is, stomping and carrying on across these dark sands. All he wants is /foooood/. There's another grumpy sort of growl, the little blue looking adorably whimsical and cute despite his sullen demeanor. But there! He's found something. Or someone. Lurching forwards, the Feeling A Bit Under the Weather Blue Hatchling is met halfway by a tall Candidate with unkempt dark hair and shoves his short muzzle towards the young man with a clear growl that's a demand for food. Lairnan wavers a second, hands starting to creep upwards towards his hair again, fingers twitching. He's glancing away suddenly, brown eyes roving around the sands for a moment, but never quite latching onto anything, but then a second growl and a nudge draws him back to the blue, and he's reaching forward to caress thick eyeridges. "Yes, Inizituth. You don't have to do all the work of eating. I'll feed you." L'nan declares, his choice firmly made, and he moves then, seeking to lead his new lifemate off the sands.


From the moment he broke shell, Inizituth has been given to complaints and arguments, his outward demeanor that of a grumpy petulant child forced to do work that he finds too much fault in. Why, he will ask L'nan, does he always have to fly sweeps when those slothful golds lounge around on their ledges all the time. « They should pull their own weight! » he'll insist, demanding that he be allowed to lounge around too, only to whine and grouch along through patrols until his rider is ready to tear out his hair. It seems that Inizituth is made to make even the easiest task difficult, and he'll often snap and growl and say hurtful things to others — the likes of which are promptly forgotten thanks to the failings of draconic memory retention. Still, he can be well liked, because he's so cute and mysteriously charming when he's mad — like a grump who really doesn't mean to be one, and has a heart of gold despite the scowling expression. Let it not be said that Inizituth is not incapable, in fact, he's one of the Weyr's steadiest flying blues, and works hard despite the complaints.


Rumbling Echos of Thunder
There's something of a deeply sonorous rumble to the depths of Inizituth's mind; coupled with the lightning fast quickness of his thoughts — however gloomy and grumpy they might be. Reverberating and booming, his voice is not necessarily that of one born to command, but there still lingers an echo of deep vastness and noise across the empty sky. The scents of his mind are rather singed; each thought carrying with it a brief burning sensation, like the brief flash of electrical current and the slightly nauseating scent of burnt meat. Color is all but devoid of his mindvoice and his thoughts — dominated by the thick roiling jumble of blackened clouds and the white-hot flash of lightning.


The clutch theme for the eggs was Christmas Songs. This egg was based off the song "Mele Kalikimaka" which means "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian. Not only is Hawai'i one of Enka player's most favorite places to go, she also happens to live in a place where "christmas will be green and bright" and has yet to experience a white Christmas.

Since it's the holidays, what better way do people indulge their kids than by a made rush for all the popular toys that one absolutely must have, and thus the hatchling theme was popular toys! Inizituth is based off Grumpy Bear of the Care Bears, although his actual description is that of the Short Faced Bear, Arctodus simus.

His name comes from the Basque spirit of lighting.


Name Feeling A Bit Under the Weather Blue Inizituth
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By Enka
Impressee L'nan
Hatched January 14, 2010
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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