Heavens and Beyond Blue Himmelorienth

Perfection is evident in the crisp hues that slip effortlessly upon this dragons form, pale sky blue stretching across the huge expanse of his back, uninterrupted by even the shadow of clouds. His color darkens slightly as it reaches the centerline of his stomach, a richer Mayan blue that spreads out along his belly, brushing in limb in imaginary shadows. Yet, despite the perfection of his hues, it is not mirrored in his form. Wings, traced with light blue spars across each darker sail, seem oversized even for his large frame, while serpentine neck seems to lack its expected length. Even each headknob, brushed with the midnight blue of a fading day, seems more knobby and stumpy than anything else, as they sit atop his short head. His ridges seem to be the only thing truly proportioned for his frame, each one a steely blue, set squarely down the length of his back.

Egg Name and Description

An Egg-Apple for You! Egg
The dominate color of this egg is a dark golden brown. Most of the egg is covered in this color with lines of dark brown cris-crossing all over the egg, forming diamond shapes all over it. Within each of these diamonds, in the center of each to be exact, dots of dark brown are there, forming points for each "diamond." Finally, a tussle of green sits along the top of the egg, with swirls of dark green interweaving, giving the egg's top a sense of depth.

Hatching Message

An Egg-Apple for You! Egg seems to be covered with cracks from top to bottom, as the careful set that had been constructed falls apart, shards of shell falling like a stage curtain to the sand beneath it. Yet, as the curtain closes, its time for an encore. And, this time, its a large, pale blue hatchling who finds himself suddenly with nothing to hide behind.

Impression Message

A soft echo reverberates through your mind, an almost tuneless hum, as blues and silvers build up depth and hues in your thoughts. Then, the hum disappears, though the echo remains. « Parra? You should not be afraid. We are together. » And then, your mind is filled with reflected light and happiness, as the cool voice continues. « A'ra, I am Himmelorienth.. I will be here for you, and you for me. We should eat. » The last is said almost as an afterthought, as a flash of copper appears briefly before vanishing once more.


Himmelorienth is first and foremost your friend. He'll even want to be your best friend. He'll look up to you respectfully as if you're an older sister, but at the same time, be willing to lend an ear whenever something is bothering you. « A'ra Why are you crying? You shouldn't cry, I am right here! » And, with the comforting, some a warm mental blanket, keeping you safe.

When things being to get tough, and you're finding yourself feeling down, he'll be there almost immediately, trying to reassure you, and instill confidence. « It doesn't matter if Zenevia and Quinzath did better on their demonstration. We will practice you and I, and we will do better next time. » And so, following his always patient voice, you can work together to achieve your goals. No matter how frustrated you may be, or how terrible the situation, he'll keep his cool, stay collected, and help you come through the other side intact.

He'll also take to trying to play advisor to other dragons, particularly his clutch siblings. When they're tearing about, trying to see who can do the most spirals in mid-air before getting caught, or even who can be the first to knock over the bucket of oil in the weyrling barracks, he'll be sitting back and letting them do it without his help, though from time to time he'll make his own interjections. « Ullath, you are going to hurt you and yours. Then you will be sad. » But, all he can do is offer advice - he's not the type to actively take part in a situation, whether it's causing or preventing.

Generally, as a result of his calm nature, he lets things around him progress as they will. He'll not be the troublesome weyrling demanding to go first for each demonstration, though should he be chosen, he'll willingly attempt. Nor will he force A'ra to do what she'd rather not, though he may offer his opinion. « I know you are afraid, but perhaps you should try for the Rescue wing. I know we could do it, if you want to. » At times, his laid-back approach to life may even become frustrating, when you find yourself taking twice the expected length of time to feed, because he's politely chosen to let those more impatient go before him.

In flights, his demeanor changes only slightly. As a green screams in rebellion, and flees to the skies, he'll take off after her, to help her return to reason. He'll rarely form any lasting attachment to a green that he has caught, instead treating them all with the same respect that he did before hand.

You, A'ra, are his lady, and the one he'll always support. The one he'd give up anything for, to make you happy. And the one that he'll be with forever, happily. Why did he chose you? He sensed a kindred spirit - someone who needed support, encouragement, and just a guiding hand. He knew that your personalities would work well, and together you'd be better than you ever were apart.


Himmelorienth's mind is a mixture of steely blues and darkened silvers, spots of light bouncing slowly through his thoughts. When he gets excited, the light seems to multiple, as it reflects over and over again, doubling back on itself. Yet, on the rare occasions he gets into one of his darker moods, even the metallic backdrop to his thoughts can do little to lighten it. His voice itself his neither soft nor loud, instead remaining in the middle of it all, having a gentle quality to it despite the ringing echo that accompanies it constantly. A certain coolness inhabits his voice, yet he still conveys an overall sense of warmth and security, bringing confidence into your thoughts.


The egg theme this cycle at Ista was 'Musicals', and 'An Egg-Apple for You!' Egg was based on the musical Cabaret. Cabaret is set in Berlin, during the rise of the Nazi Party, and is a series of tales about relationships, and their problems.
However, given what you were looking for in a dragon, we decided that none of the major characters from Cabaret would truly fit, and so we looked for other inspirations. After many possibilities, we settled on Alphonse Elric, one of the main characters in Full Metal Alchemist. For the majority of the series, Alphonse, or Al, has his soul contained within a large suit of armor, creating a cold, awkward exterior despite his calm, cheerful, and optimistic personality.
When considering alchemy, there is often a consideration of the beyond - whether heavens exist or not, and to what extent one is changing fate. And thus, that idea is what gave him his name - "Himmel" is the German word for Heaven, and it was modified to make it 'nicer'.

Himmelorienth is a combined effort by Sharix and L'ton - Sharix created the mind, as well as the personality aspects of your blue, while L'ton worked on giving him a look and a mind to interact with. We hope you like him!


Name Heavens and Beyond Blue Himmelorienth
Dam Gold Ankhepith
Sire Bronze Troyseth
Created By Sharix and L'ton
Impressee A'ra (Parra)
Hatched 14 December 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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