Wise Old Crawler Green Hausisth

This tiny dragon's body is a very dark hunter green, just a few shades away from black, except for one spot of vivid green right in the middle of her back. Her oddly rotund body is large compared to the rest of her, and her long spindly legs seem barely able to support her weight. Her tail doesn't share the length of her legs, nor does her neck, both being fairly short and stubby, though she manages to hold her wide head up well enough. Her pale green wings are large, and near transparent, a faint silvery tint brushing lightly over them.

Egg Name and Description

Fire in the Darkness Egg

Black, blacker, blackest… Except for a small part of the egg, on the east-facing side, near the very bottom of the shell, this egg is entirely black. There, on the eastern side, lies a flare of reds and yellows, and oranges in between. Surrounding this flare, the egg's shell is slightly lighter. Situated to the left of this glowing spot is a shadowy figure, resembling a large rodent, while to the right a large bird, perhaps even a firelizard hovers, along with a smaller one above the red and orange smudge.

Hatching Message

Fire in the Darkness egg wriggles in place, impatient. Why doesn't anyone pay attention? Hey! Hey, I'm trying to hatch here! Look at me! The egg rotates very slightly while it wobbles, bringing the bright patch into plainer sight.

CRACK! The bright spot on the Fire in the Darkness Egg seems to have a small hole in the middle of it, now, with bright pieces of egg shell littering the sands in front of it. The egg is still wriggling impatiently, as the hole widens slightly, and a darkly coloured leg pops out through the hole, longer and skinnier perhaps than a hatchling's leg should be.

The hole on the Fire in the Darkness egg widens, and the egg's shell crumbles away, peeling like a bad sunburn. At first, all that can be discerned of the hatchling is a dark blobby shape, though soon she stretches, unfolds, and steps out of the shadows, revealing herself to be a Wise Old Crawler Green Hatchling.

Impression Message

Wise Old Crawler Green stalks out towards the candidates, surveying each in turn. No, this one is too cocky, this one is too shy, that one is too fussy… She stops before one holdbred girl, shakes her head, and moves on. She never even considers the males. One candidate says "Ew, it looks like a /bug/!" and draws the green's attention. Her? Yes, unfortunately, /her/. The tiny green moves deliberately over to the woman, and looks up at her. The woman, Lomare, cries out, "Hausisth! Oh, I'm so sorry, let's get you fed!"


Smoke and Shadow

Smoke and Shadow was generally a quiet creature in it's egg, with wisdom that is turns beyond its age, though it found it difficult to share this with others. It found that it was not listened to at times, and could also be a bit of an attention seeker at times, wanting most of all to be heard, and considered. The main medium it used to communicate with is darkness, particularly shadows, and cold, though it would use a flash of bright light and warmth when excited or happy, and visions of fire and heat when upset or angry.

Mind Touches

Smoke and Shadow laps at the edges of your mind, while strangely shaped shadows dance at the corner of your vision, keeping just out of plain sight, no matter how much you may try to catch a better glimpse. Gradually the shadows close in, swirling around you, momentarily obscuring the rest of the world from your vision. Sharing perhaps a glimpse of the occupant's own world, if only for a short while. The sight of the sands comes back gradually, as if the being within the egg is reluctant to dispel the darkness.

Smoke and Shadow briefly intensifies the heat of the sands with a brief flare of brightness, temporarily blinding you, before making a hasty retreat. And yet, it isn't a total retreat, for those elusive shadows linger in the background, even harder to pinpoint than before. For a time, the mind within the egg falls silent. Gradually, the sound of voices drift across the mind link, indistinct and quiet, as though whispering.

Smoke and Shadow seems to reward your patience, in remaining by the egg's shell for this length of time, by allowing a better look at one of the oddly shaped shadows, though only for a second. The shadow is black as between, darker than a proper shadow should be, and seems to have far too many legs. And then the link between candidate and egg goes dark, silent, cold as between. It seems that you will get no further response from this egg today.


Hausisth was based, in egg and hatchling form, loosely on the Grandmother Spider of Native American culture ([http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/goddess_weekly/71899]) and her name came from the Algonquin name meaning old woman, Hausis/Hausisse.


Name Wise Old Crawler Green Hausisth
Dam Gold Teloriith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Leona
Impressee Lomare
Hatched 2 February 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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