Turning the Tide of Storms Blue Haneutath

Egg Name and Description

Sin of the Sundered Sky Egg
Capped in sky blue with swaths of white at either end, this egg is a myriad of pastel colors. Bands of pink and white underneath the top cap of blue stretch for a short way, leading into a circular pattern of gold and creamy orange. Spokes of gold poke out from the circle, segmenting the orange into sections like a slice of fruit. Under these bands is a stripe of copper, separating them from another band of pink with patches of white throughout that takes up the majority of the egg. The copper drips down through the powdered hue at one side, where the band bends down into a tip. The other side of the band flows up into a large fin with an underside of white and top of yellow, it's tip flowing upwards. Towards the center the band dips down, and a circle of periwinkle blue is adorned with an intricate pattern of dark blue swirls wrapped in a dark pink. Feathery strokes of amber extend out to the right of the circle. Below the massive band of classic rose is the darkest part of the egg. A streak of capri and lavender prop up the major bit of color, leaving a trail of bits of gray and darker blue that sink down and back into the sky blue below.

Mindtouch Messages

Path of the Burning Sky Soldier
Path of the Burning Sky Soldier is silent for a long moment, seeming to draw in a deep breath. Then you can feel it tugging on your memories. A beach scene, sand beneath your feet, blue skies overhead. Then a change as storm clouds roll in. Dark and thick, they seem to stretch from the horizon to overhead. You can sense eyes within the supercell, this storm is alive! Wispy cloud become solid in your mind then, made of metal and floating above the sand below. You can feel a fierce wind pushing against you, but something is there pushing you back. Then you realize there is a storm behind you as well, but this one calms you. This one is on your side.

Path of the Burning Sky Soldier is there with you! It bears its own against the storm, clashing against the figments of your mind that lead to the fear you face. Guilt, sorrow, self-doubt, they stand before you as this metal storm in the sky. Behind you the feelings of happiness, love and self-worth pushing you forward. Bolts of lightning cross between the storms, rain batters rain, and the mental world around you descends to chaos. A sense of urgency, of loss and then a flood of fear washes over you. But something is keeping you from running. This other mind is there with you still.

Path of the Burning Sky Soldier suddenly gives you a tug, and you find yourself narrowly escaping another bolt of lightning. You can feel yourself weakening to the massive storm in front of you. Then suddenly this other presence is pushing you forward, faster and faster. You wizz along through your own memories. Not enough time to dwell on any of them, bad or good. The towering storm in front of you looms larger and larger, until it's there right in front of you. You turn upwards, following it until you reach a protruding ring of a particularly bad memory. Then you push through, right into the storm of your mind. Facing things head on, but with another presence there to give you strength. And past the elemental chaos around you, you emerge unscathed on the other side into clear blue skies, alone.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Sin of the Sundered Sky Egg remains dormant except for the slightest hint of movement which sends a few grains of sand tumbling from their resting place at the side of the egg. Surely what's more noticeable is one of the older male candidates trying to lift the short-ish robe of a female candidate standing in front of him to get a peek.

Crack Message
Someone has at least managed to slap the hand of that naughty candidate who's been trying to lift the robe of someone else. Meanwhile the Sin of the Sundered Sky Egg suddenly lurches forward, tumbling a bit out of its holder of sand and onto a different side. The impact is enough to cause a nice big crack to sweep up the middle of the egg, splitting the sky in half like a lightning bolt.

Hatch Message
Tiny claws poke out from the Sin of Sundered Sky Egg's large crack. Bits and pieces of egg are pulled away as the dragonet inside works up a hole big enough to work its way out of. There's a bit of snout that appears, covered in goo, from the hole. Big enough yet? Not quite. Though the dragon inside is sure trying to fit itself through that tiny hole. The egg lurches a bit as the dragonet keeps pushing and pushing. Finally after one big push the egg tumbles across the sand cracking in a million places and freeing the dragon inside.

Hatchling Name and Description

Turning the Tide of Storms Blue Hatchling
Long and lithe of form, this blue dragon is thin as a whip, slender tail extending far beyond the length of his peers, his serpentine form giving him a slithering gait whether on the ground or aloft. His neck and face are made from the same, narrow mold, as his head tapers down to a long, triangular snot, mouth twisted into a permanent, toothy grin. The pleasing, even cerulean hue of his hide is interrupted abruptly by a deep band of navy, wound around his head, casting large, faceted eyes into sharp contrast, before the night sky sweeps downwards, dusk spreading over the mountains of his ridges, slipping over the plains of his oversized wings, casting them into shadow and giving him a permanent cloak of darkness. The pure color of a cloudless sky gathers upon his belly, slipping and twisting around each of his long limbs, wrapping around his tail, before being stopped short in each place, a frosty baby-blue creeping upwards, claiming talons and tail-fork, even as stars fight the brightness appearing as white specks on his slender stomach.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Suddenly you hear a voice within your mind, smooth as silk and gentle as a rolling wave. Yet the voice seems familiar to you, as if you've known it all your life. « Ah, K'irye, there you are. That shell gave me a bit of a problem, but I'm out here now. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Haneutath. Together we will grow and when my wings are better we will fly high and fast across the sky. » A pleasant blue fills your mind, and the sands around you seem to dissipate, if only for a moment. « These sands are nice and warm, but I think our show today is finished. Food. Food would be a good start. The good stuff, mind you. Leave the ugly pieces for some of my uglier brothers. »

Personality / RP Tips

"So I ran. Free at last… Then I met you." - Balthier

Haneutath has a strong personality, and he'll let Ryeo know what he thinks! Though he might do it in a sarcastic manner. He'll come to expect a certain amount of commitment from Ryeo in everything that they do, he's not the type to quit early or not follow through. And if Ryeo starts to show signs of apathy he'll simply get teased until he at least cares enough to shut Haneutath up.

"Getting there should be only half the fun" - Balthier

Haneutath lives for the sky. He'll love to fly and will try to convince Ryeo into the sky at every opportunity. He'll excel at acrobatics, and have more stamina than some of the other small dragons. He'll also want to take more risks than most of his brethren, which could lead to injuries while he's still young and building up strength in his wings. He'll love to lay out and watch the sky with Ryeo, and he'll even want the starcrafter to view him through the farviewer.

"It's tough being popular…" - Balthier

Haneutath is quick of wit, and can be a little on the sarcastic side. Despite loving the sky, he'll be quite down to earth and pragmatic, which might ruffle the feathers of other dragons whose ideals are more fluffy and flowery. He will probably butt heads with his lovely gold sister on more than one occasion, though it shouldn't be taken for rivalry. He will still care about her, but it doesn't mean he won't let her know how he feels about the things she thinks and does.

If any of his brethren are looking to get into some trouble though, Haneutath will be first in line to give them a hand. (And also first to disappear from the scene when they get caught!)

He will be somewhat competitive, especially with his bronze and blue brothers. Who can fly furthest, who can swim longest, who can eat the most meat. Though sometimes his contests might actually be pranks, set up to trick his brothers into overeating or coming out of the water covered in seaweed.

"That's what a sky pirate does. You fly." - Fran

Since Haneutath will be large for a blue, it will be easier for him on longer flights. He will also excel at nighttime flights, where his coloration will make it easy for him to blend in with the sky. He'll use this to his advantage by being able to sneak down on unsuspecting greens from above. He may not be as agile as some of the smaller blues, but strong wings will help keep him in the game even during erratic greenflights.

"Food would be a good start. The good stuff, mind you." - Balthier

Don't expect Haneutath to be a hefty eater. In fact, when he first start to hunt, Ryeo may wonder why he doesn't seem to be eating as much as the other weyrlings. Instead, Haneutath will circle the pens for longer, picking out the most succulent choice of herdbeast. And he will pick the bones clean of just about everything, meaning he gets every bit of nutrition from his meal. It may make the local firelizards mad, but there's no honor among thieves, and Haneutath won't be sharing!

"Do I have to do everything around here?" - Balthier

Haneutath certainly would love to shirk all his duties and fly around here and there all day. But he will maintain some sense of duty to his weyr, and he won't often let Ryeo convince him to play hooky. He will remain pragmatic about their responsibilities, and Ryeo's responsibilities to his craft.


This blue's mind is a smooth, honeyed tenor. He is confident and suave, a voice that can easily charm the ladies should he choose to do so. His voice is an array of warm rich colors, deep reds, oranges, even royal purples and indigos. When upset or angry everything turns much darker, rose red turns to blood, orange to brown, and indigo turning into a deep navy.


The theme this time around was heroes and sidekicks! I decided to be slightly different, and choose a side character and his sidekick, Balthier and Fran from Final Fantasy XII. Because everyone loves a pirate, right? And the only thing better than normal pirates are sky pirates! Since you chose blue, I decided to base the dragon mostly on Balthier. He's a bit snarky himself, though also a good companion in and of himself.

For some reason I thought a Zorro-type of look would be fun on a blue, with a dark band over his eyes and a dark cape-like color over his back. You wanted possibly a star-themed blue, so I put his stars on his belly. This way he blends in with the scenery should they go on any night rides! In general though I thought a sort of camouflaging type of blue might be more fun for Ryeo and make chasing and flights more interesting.

Haneutath comes from the Korean word haneu which means sky, and seuta which means star. Mash them together and you get Haneutath!

Remember that Haneutath is yours! Everything listed here are just suggestions, so feel free to change anything about him that you'd like. Thank you K'irye, for joining us at Ista this cycle!

-E'von and the ISW SearchCo 2012


Name Turning the Tide of Storms Blue Haneutath
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Malphath
Created By E'von
Impressee K'irye (Ryeokie)
Hatched 28 July 2012
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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