Desert Poet Brown Griffith

Dry peaks ripple down fine neck, dusted red by a dry desert wind. Spilt honey oozes over to mask blunt muzzle and continues down to smooth and caress over sleek chest and elegant forepaws. Honey deepens and darkens to a molasses dipped tail and fineboned haunches reflect the sculptured form of this dragon, accentuating each curve with golden-brown richness. His undercarriage is dusted with red, almost as if has been slinking along the ground. Copper wings drape over fineboned body, shined and buffed to perfection. His body reflects that around him, mirroring and hiding.

Egg Name and Description

Marine Fossil Egg

Hatching Message

Like the sound of breaking glass shards shiver and break away. The sea has withdrawn, and life can not exist without water but it seems that there is life here. Hidden within death is life and where once an egg lay, now stands Desert Poet Brown Hatchling.

Impression Message

A shot of silver, a cool clinical cold touch on your mind, sending a shiver down your spine, even in the heat of the sands. This cold touch examines you fully, making you feel turned inside and out and then as if the examination has been satisfied, the touch warms. The smell of lemon verbena and thyme fill your senses, overpowering as the gentle smooth voice echoes, a hint of curiosity and a metallic sound you cannot work out what it reminds you of but before you get caught up in wondering, you are greeted. « I am forever alive in you, in whatever we shall do. Rukbat rises in your eyes, and together we will soar the skies. I am Griffith, you are solely and completely mine. »


Griffith is a mix of personalities, not based directly off one theme. Griffith loves inventing and it could be anything that will inspire him to invent, such as inventing a back scratching for dragons or a doorbell for your weyr. This was inspired by reading the "Series of Unfortunate Events" books by Lemony Snickett. (You said you liked lemons and well here is someone who is named after a lemon.

Violet Baudelaire is always inventing or thinking up inventions. He will view you as his hands to actually make the invention, as dragon forearms were not design for minute manipulation. The fact you can draw is a plus, you can sketch out his designs. He will be an avid collector and your weyr will be full of items he deems as useful (ie junk) and he will not let it be thrown away because one day it might come in handy. So if you ever want to find room in your weyr, be able to sleep in your bed, wash in your bathtub, well you will have to sneak things out. Due to this he might become very friendly with Ezemial's dragon Petryth. For once this will not be due to his curiosity of Petryth's rider but due to Petryth extensive collection. While Petryth's might be mostly junk, nothing that Griffith collects will be junk (in his eyes), it all has a purpose and watch out. If you manage to sneak a few items out, it might turn up in Petryth collection and soon return to your weyr.

These two might even swap items, better watch out for that. His inventions are not always useful but he just wants to see what will happen. He is the same about people and is content to watch, interested in the way two-leggers interact. There is a kind of clinical coolness to the way he observes, trying to puzzle out why two-leggers do what they do and he will constantly barrage you with questions. "Why did he say that?" and "What would happen if we put them on an island together alone?" (think The Sims!) He finds it completely fascinating. During the early years if you turn away for one moment you will find him in the caverns watching people and as he grows older and learns to fly, he will be poking his muzzle into other people's weyrs, just to know what is going on. In this way he is like the other Baudelaire, the French philosopher and poet who searched in every manifestation of life for its true significance, be it in the leaves of a tree or a prostitutes frown. Griffith does not get emotionally involved with those he observes. With snow for flesh, with ice for heart, I sit on high, an unguessed sphinx begrudging acts that alter forms; I never laugh, I never weep. This is a reflection on the egg, Marine Fossil Egg that surrounded him for all that time. Unlike his clutchsiblings, Aesiveth and Vaerlanth, he does not want to be in the limelight. Content to watch from outside the action, waiting to see what will happen next. This cold clinical nature of his though is a protection, a protection that he uses from letting anyone besides you get to close to him. He prefers to have them at a distance so he can study, he does not want to get emotionally involved. The reason is if he falls, he falls hard. If he lets his emotions become involved he will quickly fall in love but the barest bit of betrayal he sees can have him sinking to the deepest lows. That is why it is such a great treasure that he allows you to see the fragility of his nature and he puts his whole being in you and you are the caretaker of his fragile emotions.

Growing Up
Griffith is sleek bodied, not your typical muscle-bound or heavy set brown but slim, able to twist and turn easily both on the ground and in the sky. This is a reflection of his namesake, the Griffin who had mastery of both land and sky, reflected in the lion body and the eagle's wings. His ability to twist and turn on the ground will mean he will try to go places where dragons can not or do not normally go. He will usually succeed though while he is young you will probably have to guide him out of places where he has gone and got himself stuck such as tunnels. "Go backwards a little" « I cannot see, what if I bump into something. Perhaps I need a mirror so I can see backwards. I need to invent something to help me. » " No all you need to do is go backwards" And so on.

When it comes to being in the sky, he is able to follow the acrobatics of a green easily due to his slimness. He still has the endurance of being a brown but able to turn more quickly than a bronze or even most browns can and slip through the ranks, catching air currents and matching loops for loops. This might be the one time where his cool control is lost, his clinical nature is not able to explain what is happening to those around him. He might try and get you to observe the other two-leggers involved in the flight at first, scanning through your eyes to see what is happening to them. The next stage will be when he tries to hold onto his clinical nature, sending you thoughts « I feel all hot and bothered », « Why do her eyes look like that? » « Why do I feel the need to blood a beast, I am not even hungry » « Oh dear I have taken to the skies » but he will soon get caught up in the rush of the chase and if you are not careful this might overwhelm you as well. This will take you deep into a whirl of emotions from which it will be hard to return. Deep deep deep within that core of cool clinical observation, passion might be lurking but once the flight is over it will quickly be hidden again.

Why not? In April he sees a fellow creator, she is an artist and he is an inventor. What a better matching of two than that? He saw the way that you are like him, tough on the outside but emotional on the inside, together you will support each other, love each other and let nothing hurt each other.

When he first spotted you and ruthlessly examined you, he saw the way that you two reflect each other but you do not let that fragility stop you. To him, Rukbat shines in your eyes, you can do no wrong and no matter what you do he will treasure this idea, you are perfect to him and your two selves combine to make a perfect whole. You are the one who will protect him from the buffers and scolds of the harsh world, you will answer his questions and solve his problems. There were never two better matched as Griffith and April and nothing can stop the two of you.


Lemon Verbena, Thyme and Violets with a touch of a metallic tang to the silvery voice which fills you. Occasionally bell like is his voice but usually it gives you a tang at the back of your mouth, like you have tasted metal. His colours are the purple of violets and the silver of a bell. Smooth and gentle, never overpowering, just always there at the back of your mind. You will never be able to remove this gentle touch. Curious.


The griffin was a mythical creature that in symbolism dominated both the earth and the sky. In Greek lore the griffin was the symbol of vigilant strength and the symbol of superbia (arrogant pride) and in other lore embodied Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and turned her wheel of fortune. How does this reflect the dragon you have been given? With his sleek body Griffith will seek to dominate earth and sky, he will join in all the flights he can to show off this domination (once he finishes his observations). He will be prideful of this ability of his and seek to show it off. He is not vengeful like the goddess Nemesis but he is curious about people and how their lives turn out. He will watch and wonder about the way their lives turn. Griffith is also the name of a town in Australia, right on the edge of the NSW outback in the Riverina and this is where he gets his dry manner from, the desert in his description and his dry clinical manner. The desert is unforgiving but bakes people and reveals all that is underneath the surface with dry winds and shifting surfaces. Griffith though is a haven in the outback with a Mediterrean feel and a strong wine industry and an interest in the finer things in life. Griffith is curious about improving life and what makes life tick and why people prefer certain comforts to others As a side note, the egg that Griffith hatched from the theme of 'Big Things'. The egg itself was based on the world's biggest trilobite.


Name Desert Poet Brown Griffith
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By J'ey, egg by G'wain
Impressee April
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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