Eccentric Inventor Brown Gremeth

Deepest antique pine smoothes its way over this chiselled form, honed and planed to perfection as stocky shoulders taper backwards, woody grain following gentle sloping lines down to a long willowed tail. Teak headknobs twist inwards a little, creating ripples down his great head above his eyes like eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration, his muzzle sprinkled with a coating of white, like dust. His well muscled back is likewise dusted with white, encircling a knot-like flaw in his otherwise chiselled perfection, his barrel like chest inlaid with a strip of delicate ivory down its panelled length. Great mahogany wings flare in elegant perfection from his shoulders. Faint traces of a gilded edging shining from his wingspars as do his delicately shaped silvered talons from his feet, adding shine and polish to his forest veneer.

Egg Name and Description

Sky Egg
This plump egg is rounded and bright,
With light clouds of gleeful chalk white,
That dance on a cheery sky blue:
This shell glows with a heart that's true.

Hatching Message

Clouds swirl over the surface of the Sky Egg, as a storm begins to brew. The shell bulges in places, threatening rain. As a loud crack echoes round the sands and the purity of the sky begins to break. Zig zagged lightning flashes outwards as the heavens open and the woody form of the Eccentric Inventor Brown Hatchling is blown out into the world.

Impression Message

Flowing into your mind like an artists tentative first stroke the softest touch sweeps your conscience, so light you could have imagined it. More gentle strokes follow, adding multitudes of colour onto the canvas he has chosen for his masterpiece. A move is made and the Inventor puts all his heart and soul into the work tail curling round your feet as he moulds himself to your mind. « Excellent! You will definitely do! I am Gremeth, and I hunger. Would you be so kind as to get me some food Brianna? We have much to do!»


First and foremost your Gremeth is a thinker, he’ll consider everything and then plan how to make it better, or better in his eyes anyway. But you can bet that when he does have an idea he’ll be excited about it, revelling in it, bouncing happily round all over the place crying the draconic equivalent of "Eureka", even if it’s the silliest of ideas. There’re just a couple of problems with that part.

You see his idea of better isn’t always /actually/ better, chances are he’ll make things harder for himself or mess them up completely and have to start again which will be frustrating for him. His planning is meticulous though, at times to the exclusion of all else. If he’s deep in though it may be difficult to get him to respond to even you, and sometimes a thought will hit him and he’ll lose interest in whatever he’s doing to think about it, yes even mating flights. Be prepared for him to get you into trouble quite often during weyrlinghood while he considers how a vtol flies, or how his riding straps could be made with less leather, or how to make his couch just that little bit more comfortable.

There’s also the little problem of if he gets excited he tends to think backwards. Yes backwards. At first it’ll seem like his thoughts are jumbled and not making sense till you learn to reverse them, read right to left as it were. Others will probably always see him as thinking bizarrely, but you will eventually get used to his little problem and may even find yourself writing backwards when he’s in one of those moods.

Gremeth is also an artist, not in the traditional sense I’ll grant you being unable to hold a paintbrush. But he’ll look for things that could be taken as art everywhere. The sunset over the sea, the trees in the rain. He’ll look and he’ll want to capture, but he’s cursed with the usual dragons forgetfulness so be prepared to hear over and over again how lovely something is as he rediscovers it for himself. He’ll love your singing and dancing, encouraging you to perform at every opportunity, sometimes at the most inopportune moments and once again he’ll be thinking of ways to improve the instruments you play, or change the moves you make, but then again he does have an eye for beauty and any improvements he tries are simply to that end.

He does have a sense of humour though lurking under all that seriousness though, and is quite likely to play little tricks on you from time to time just because he feels like it. Ever seen a dragon play hide and seek? He’ll give it a go, then think later about how he could have hidden better if he’d just uprooted that tree beside the waterfall and moved it to the centre of the bowl. He can be quite sarcastic to an extent, but more from a dry sense of humour than being nasty. Remember the bit in ‘Ever After’ when Leonardo Da Vinci opened the door? "I’ll go down in history as the man who opened a door", that’s Gremeth through and through.

His inventiveness really comes out in flights, he’ll use his brain to the full while pursuing greens and golds, planning ahead, anticipating their movements and getting there ahead of them. Sometime he’ll be distracted by something to the extent of losing concentration in the flights, or he may even miss the beginnings due to being deep in thought, but he will have his share of wins just like every other male. And if he loses? He’ll just plan better for winning the next time.

Ah Brianna, how could I not choose you? Every artist should have a model, every paint needs a pot. Together we can paint this world a different colour. Oh and advance as well. I have an idea, just give me a moment.

Growing up? This one hatched grown up more or less. As he gets older he will bounce less and rely on his humour more, but his thoughts will still be backwards and he’ll be just as inventive as ever, although he will slow over time, but his mind will always be as sharp as when he hatched.

The ‘knot’ on his back will drive him mad, it’ll constantly itch and you’ll probably find yourself having to oil it more and more as he grows, though thankfully once he reaches full size it will calm down a little, but still be prepared for him to try everything he can to scratch it before giving in and asking for help.

His thinking and planning will get him into trouble during Weyrlinghood and you into all sorts of positions afterwards. Little suggestions of, « You could do that better » and « I think Blueth should really step down as wingleader » will be forthcoming and he’ll try to manoeuvre you into a position he thinks suits, and then run things through you, trying out new formations, new search patterns, whatever he can.


Calm and serene midtones usually colour his thoughts, browns and greens melding and mixing happily into his normal being, his voice a deep baritone that rumbles happily along, tinged with the smell of fresh pine. When he gets exited his colours brighten in shade and his voice rises in pitch a little, the woody scent of his mind growing stronger as well. Anger and frustration on the other hand sends him to the other extreme, dark shades of green, brown and black colour his thoughts, the woody snap gone and replaced by a musty woodshavings smell to accompany the deep throaty bass rumblings of his mind.


Gremeth is based on Leonardo Da Vinci.


Name Eccentric Inventor Brown Gremeth
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Bronze Zymanth
Created By Ly'ette and W'yn
Impressee Bri'na (Brianna)
Hatched 13 October 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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