Nothing Really Matters Blue Ferioth

What he lacks in size, this little blue dragon makes up for in colouration and presence. His tiny head, muzzle slightly flattened, is highlighted in cobalt, darker over the crown and with a pale, powder blue streak that encircles his muzzle and trails down his throat. His torso and legs seem to be larger than the proportion of his body might recommend but are shaded in such a pure sky blue that such an oddity does not matter. A short tail, too broad for elegance, is streaked with darker hues, the tip bordering more on midnight, a feature reflected in his wingspars as well. His wings themselves are a different matter - as elegantly formed as a tailored cloak they fall in ever brightening swirls, shading to almost white along the trailing edge of the small sails.

Egg Name and Description

One Short Day Egg
Hewn from a single emerald, this wide bottomed egg is a study in illusion. Delicate traceries of a darker forest green spread across the surface, carving the soaring spires and towering minarets of a great city on the shell. But even the most beautiful of gems have flaws, and this one is no exception. Near the bottom, just visible above the line of the sands, a black triangle makes its presence know while another triangle, this one pure white, waits in its shadow.

Hatching Message

One Short Day Egg is nearing its final collapse. Each shudder brings it a step closer to destruction until it shatters, sending shards of shell flying in every direction. Slowly a pale blue dragon rises from the remains of this once great city, head held high as he surveys his new domain.

Impression Message

It begins as an itch. The world suddenly darkens and then there's a feeling. Just a little tickle at the base of your neck that slowly creeps upwards, building in intensity, until a bright laugh fills your head. « You couldn't come and meet me halfway? » There's no rebuke in the question, and as the world comes back around you it becomes evident that the dragon lying not too far away from you has made himself at home in your thoughts. « We deserve each other, you and I. Just think! F'lip and Ferioth, they'll all love us. How could they not? » There's a pause as he gets to his feet once more, « Now you find me some food and me? I'll just have a bit of a nap. »


The trouble with dragons is… well really there are lots of troubles and Ferioth is prone to finding all of them. Sometimes at once. From the second he hatched he has a quiet self-assurance that he likes to play upon at any opportunity, most especially if it comes at a time when he's supposed to be working.

Weyrling classes are going to be a struggle for you. As far as he's concerned they're teaching the wrong things. He'd far rather have a nap somewhere than listen to a dull lecture about responsibility. Or maybe he could go flying before it's time, who needs rules! And why aren't they focussing on only him anyway, after all he's pretty close to perfection. His innate self-love may take some getting used to, and the inevitable punishments that it will bring may well overshadow the fun times - though not for long.

Fun times are his speciality. Parties? He'll be there. Mating flights? You bet. Sweeps? Now hold on a minute. That comes under work and he's not really all that interested especially when there's a green he could be snuggling up to somewhere. The beach seems to be his favoured playground, and any time he does gather a number of his 'friends' (or perhaps that should be admirers?) around him you'll likely find him there displaying his wings to the adoring crowds.

Perhaps it's a blessing he's a charming as he is, though of course that's something else to be played to his advantage. Even though he's quite capable of hunting for himself, his initial few hunts will see him badgering Camoloth or Himmelorienth to bring down an extra one for him so he doesn't have to strain himself. The day he actually persuades someone to do something for him is the day your troubles will double - after all if it worked once he'll just expect it all the time.

Flying seems to be the one thing that is both a chore and a pleasure. When it's on his terms of course. He excels in the sky, pulling tight turns and swooping dives that, while showing off his colouring to perfection, could rarely be performed by the larger dragons. It's almost as if he's weaving some sort of dance in the skies, something that carries over to his frequent mating flight chases. Ah flights, his second most favourite thing after himself. When he wins it's merely the natural thing to have happened, when he loses she just wasn't good enough for him so he wasn't trying. He'll chase often and chase well, despite claiming otherwise if the result is not in his favour.

When it comes to Search Ferioth has a propensity for picking females, and then especially females that you approve of. Oh it doesn't matter to him if they Impress or not, he just wants to surround you with the same adulation that he demands. For all his shallowness he has a great love for one person alone, and that is you. Perhaps that's why he is how he is? After all dancing through life surely can be a lot of fun, when you're not in trouble.


While definitely tending towards suave and sophisticated, this mind has an inherent laziness to both action and tone. This is a mind that likes to have fun, often at others expense, such things are brightly coloured whereas things he finds dull tend to reflect that in hue.


Ever wanted to know the truth about the Wicked Witch of the West? About what really happened in Munchkinland before Dorothy appeared? Well the musical, and book, Wicked sets out to tell people just that - and the answers are not exactly what people expect. Wicked has broken box office records around the world, holding weekly-gross-takings records in New York, London, Chicago and Los Angeles, and the record for fastest opening 100,000 in the West End (slightly over 1 hour). The West End production has played to over 800,000 people and the North American tour to over two million.

Ferioth is based, though rather loosely, on the musical version of Fiyero who is the love interest of both the main characters. The book version is rather different, but I definitely recommend reading it if you have the time. Fiyero is prince of the Vinkus, known mostly for being rather shallow and not paying attention to anything other than what he wants at that point in time. The rest… well that would rather give away too much of the plot though Wikipedia is always at hand if you so wish.

The details in this inspiration are by no means set in stone - so feel free to mould them into a shape that pleases you. It's been a pleasure to create him for you. Congratulations and welcome to your new life at Ista.



Name Nothing Really Matters Blue Ferioth
Dam Gold Ankhepith
Sire Bronze Troyseth
Created By Leslyn
Impressee F'lip (Filip)
Hatched 14 December 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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