Blinding Sunshine Gold Eulweth

Egg Name and Description

All Seasons Golden Citrine Egg
Golden and glittery, this egg is by far the largest of the clutch. It showcases that bright shimmering hue across its length and breadth in a flash of overwhelming color that seems near blinding. Seemingly faceted, splintered by thousands of golden rainbows that return the bright light, it is a brilliant beacon on the sands, a torch against the dark.

Hatchling Name and Description


Blinding Sunshine Gold Hatchling
Brightly gold, the hide of this dragon has a certain glint that reflects the light and leaves a slightly coruscating pattern over her body. Her head is delicately arched and finely boned, from the slight flare at her muzzle to the pointed tips of her headknobs. Spangled glittering gold decorates the curved bend of her neck to the elegant line of her shoulders, the fine pattern seeming to be of droplets flowing their way down her hide in a rush of movement. A sort of languid grace infuses her wings, their bright golden color brushed with a rush of sunshine yellow that flows from her leading edges to trailing, a filmy confection of gilded yellows and bright gold. Lithe and wiry, the rest of her body is seemingly lanky and rather overtly skinny, before leading into her narrow forearms and haunches just touched by frosted gold to the perfectly polished half crescents of her talons, left glowing and gleaming.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
A sense of building pressure inside your head, a feeling of fullness and nausea along with blurred vision and dizziness as you stand. Almost as that overwhelms you, comes the voice that sneaks across your senses, curling into your mind. « Angharad?» Another wave of pressure and a feeling of purpose, choice and that disembodimental sense of destiny « Hari? I am Eulweth. We are meant to be together. » She, for it is definitely a she, waits not so patiently now. « Hurry up and accept. We haven't all day. »

Personality / RP Tips

Eulweth is much of a contradiction, while she might have the color that proclaims her part and parcel of the weyrs future leaders, she lacks when first hatched both the presence and the ability to be so. She's awkward and clumsy, your dragon. Oftentimes stumbling as she works to get those feet under, and then manage to balance with both her wings and her tail. If you question her, her tone is often sharp. « Well, just you try managing it then, Hari. I'd like to see you do better.» Perhaps the worst, is she knows she doesn't portray the picture of what a gold dragon should be.

Growing up, Eulweth has her own share of trials, and her own pile of regrets, however the one that she doesn't have though is her choice of you. You, she never regrets or expresses any doubts about. But her future, how she'll do. She's torn by indecision sometimes and requires reassuring. « I'll be a good queen, right Hari? »

Her confidence, in herself grows as she gets older, and with each new skill or ability she acquires. Hunting on her own brings a big boost, as well as the first time she's able to fly. « I am behaving as a dragon is meant too, now Hari, isn't it grand? » Her transparent delight in her burgeoning jobs and duties is also very apparent, and you may have to coerce or cajole her into slowing down a bit as she finds out the things she is good at. «But Im supposed to be doing this, Hari. You know that. »

Your Eulweth has a very strong sense of duty, both to you and the weyr that hatched her and it is going to be a rare occasion where she would forget this. Never will she ignore it consciously. «That's not what a queen does. »

She will become a very respected part of the queen's wing, although more daring that Sazey will approve of, and she may be grounded a few times for perceived recklessness. «I wasn't reckless, was I Hari? Or only a little bit?» Eulweth will also positively hate the times you are grounded within the weyr, doing what is considered the woman's work with keeping the records and checking on the supplies.

Her flights, are something of a wonder in that they are fast and furious and she will very rarely listen to anything you have to say regarding them. For this, she is in charge and she will handle this, no input from others required. « Leave me alone, Hari. I know how to do this. » Still, Eulweth will be there for your reassurance, once the flight is over and done with. «I did it right, didn't I, Hari? I picked a good clutch sire, right?»

Eulweth is not an overly broody queen, for all that she does a good job with her eggs. « Of course I take care of my eggs.» Woe betide anyone who suggests differently, but she's not pathetically attached to them as some queens seem to be, and she's perfectly happy when they hatch and go on off into the world.

She has a rather deep voice for a queen, in the lower alto to tenor range. Despite the lower range, her voice still manages to sound quite feminine in all her dealings with you and others.


The underlying theme for this clutch was for the eggs, weather/time and gemstones. As such, Eulweth's egg reflects the golden brown citrine and that color as it is found in all seasons. In keeping somewhat, with the weather/time feature of the theme, Eulweth's description is based on the Sun, and the myriad of gold and yellow hues it features, plus the fact it is impossible to look upon too closely. Her name is also based on the sun, coming from the Welsh word for sunshine (Heulwen).

For her personality, I have attempted to provide you with Aerin from the book "The Hero and the Crown." I hope that she is everything you have expected, and of course she is now your dragon, to play as pleases you.

She was created by Scrabble of Seven Spindles.



Name Blinding Sunshine Gold Eulweth
Dam Gold Gienith
Sire Bronze Coresanth
Created by Scrabble
Impressee Angharad
Hatch Date
Seven Spindles MUX
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