Egocentric Feline Green Estrelath

Sleek emerald encrusted stripes circle their way down this lithe verdant form from confidently raised headknobs to twitching tailtip, luxurious bands mellifluously moulding into winsome finish. Malachite muzzle tilts with a haughty air, vitrified by whorls of pea green that solidify rounded headknobs on their effervescent trellis to the sea of her luxurious torso. Sinuous dancers legs, inherently gifted with feline grace, are tipped off with gleaming ebony talons, as if jet jewellery to set off the richness of her form. The curve of her belly gleams a mottled moss, striped as if with ribbons of brilliance amid the darkness that lies, delicious in smooth perfection. Wings arc upwards from her shoulders, their delicate, gauzelike sails adding to her grace, as if carrying her upon their spring-touched finish, where mainsails falter into palest celery about luscious tips.

Egg Name and Description

Spot Egg
Oh dear, theres a spot.
That really wont do.
Wipe it off quick please someone!
Let the eggness shine through.

Hatching Message

The spot begins to dribble, finally making its way slowly down the white shell and taking the delicate outer coating with it, evolving all at once from an egg into the Egocentric Feline Green Dragonet.

Impression Message

A forceful touch bursts into your mind, while a tail curls round your legs, mental and physical impact sending you reeling—although you remain standing, upon the dark sand beneath your feet. « I'm looking so good today! If I looked any better, I'd be illegal! Hello, hello! Testing, testing! One, one, one. Me, me, me! » A bright shower of sparks fills your head as minds begin to meld, this new presence settling in to her home within you. « Eleyna! I am feeling very, very hungry! Estrelath needs food. »


Oh dear, this one will be a handful, and how. Vain is the word when it comes to your lifemate, for everything has to be the best, and nothing less will do for someone as gorgeous as she is. She'll insist on having several sets of riding straps, because she simply can't be seen in the same outfit twice and don't even dream of not being coordinated with her, she'll nag you till you change. Somehow, from the moment she finds you, her nagging ability is monumental; there's simply no way to ignore it.

Other people's clothing will also cause many a comment, generally putting down their choice of colours, items, everything. « I wouldn't use that to buff my talons. » She'll be quite happy to look at herself in any and every reflective surface for hours on end, to the complete exclusion of everything else at times. Posing and showing off to whoever or whatever happens to be nearby, without even realising it. You might have to drag her away so you can get something done, but just don't tell her its anything to do with the 'w' word - work. Then she'll just point blank refuse. « I don't /do/ the W word » although there are certain things like flying and Searching that shes good at and doesn’t consider work since shes so adept, those bits are fun and definitely don’t come under the ‘W’ category.

She'll also insist on being immaculate at all times, and will quite probably be very picky when it comes to the choice of oils for her hide preferring scented ones above all else « Mm! Something smells good! What is it? Oh, it's me! I love this oil! ». She'll also insist on her talons being perfect at all times and since she'll hunt a lot, you may find yourself tending to her more often than any other of the weyrlings and riders.

Napping will be one of her favourite pastimes: after all, how else would she have enough energy for her main evening snooze? She'll just curl up wherever she wants and can sleep in what would look to most to be the most inappropriate and tiniest of spaces. Waking her up will possibly be a difficult thing, shes likely to open one eye and make to get up then lie straight back down and go back to sleep when you’re not looking. Lazy? Oh yeah.

Estrelath loves fish. She just loves them, she could quite happily eat them every meal, but she also has a thing for wherry: she loves to stalk and chase under them, like the cat that she inherently is. She'll chase them and toy with them, before finally pouncing and claiming her current meal which she will savour. She might even drag them around the weyr, if she feels in the mood (which happens more often than not). She eats a lot, as well; that should be noted and when she is the food comes first. She'll probably be fishing or hunting much more than her clutch siblings when she begins to feed herself and if not careful will gorge herself. « Lookout! Food escape! » In fact, even while you're still feeding her by hand, she may gorge if you're not careful, and the purging is never a particularly enjoyable experience.

She has a natural inner grace, which shines through when it comes to flights, and extremely keen senses. Anyone who chases will be confronted by a myriad of changes of course, swoops, climbs and acrobatics as she uses her skills to the full to evade any form of collision with them. She's her mother's daughter, in fact, her emotions soaring and changing as much as her flight path until she inadvertently ends up going the wrong way, twining herself about the lucky victor.

Shiny things are her passion, and one of the things that could well get you in trouble over time. She sees a shiny thing, be it a spoon, bracelet, sea shell and instantly it's hers and she'll be fiercely protective of it. « You can't have my shiny thing. If you try to take my shiny thing, I might have to eat you. » She never would, of course, but my — she can look awful fierce when she's in the mood.

Her brain could never be said to be overworked, the complete opposite is true, especially if someone compliments her. She really has little time in her life for thinking and the idea of things being a certain order is just alien to her. After all what's the point in all that nonsense when you're as good looking as she is?

Looking nice. No, wait a minute. I'm looking better than nice. I'm looking dangerous. Dangeroooooooooous! Hey, what's that? Oh, it's my rider. Hey, even my rider's looking nice! I'm looking nice, my rider's looking nice - what a team!


She'll never be one to latch onto and stay with one man, after all how could she deprive the world of such beauty? « Hey, I want to settle down. And as soon as I find the right small group of guys, the seven or eight men who are right for me, my wandering days are over, buddy. » There's no stilted formality about her speech, even from her most youthful stages, and Eleyna may find herself, every so often, inadvertently copying her lifemate's form of speech.

Estrelath is a tremendous physical coward (she'll keep her hide as far from work and trouble as possible), narcissistic and incredibly shallow — much like her clutchmate, Lynaeth — but will always consider those to be her best attributes. « Some might say I'm a pretty shallow gal. But a pretty shallow gal with a great tail. »

Nonetheless, Estrelath will be a wonderful Search dragon, her heightened senses finely attuned to picking up these things. Furthermore, she enjoys it — it makes her feel special, and the competitiveness of bringing in more than any other dragon appeals to her — and she'll be ready to fly over the whole of Pern if necessary so she can hunt out the next one for her Searchee collection.

Proddiness will simply make Estrelath worse than ever. She'll be snuggling up to everyone in the weyr and they don't necessarily need to be male. She'll become even more picky over her oilings and wanting just the perfect scent for that day and nothing else will do, and her talons must be just perfect or you could have one huffy dragon on your hands. But above all she'll need the adoration she usually takes so casually. You, on the other hand, might be better off hiding: Estrelath's proddiness is likely to have you taking on aspects of your lifemate, and yet, you'll remain entirely lucid, and know exactly what you're doing, while being unable to stop. Oh yes, life is a lot of fun, with Estrelath around.

Anger is a rare thing for Estrelath since shes generally too busy eating or being beautiful to worry about such things. But when it does rear its head she can be as fierce as any tiger, lashing out physically and mentally at anyone who manages to evoke such a rare emotion.


Reds and ochres colour her thoughts, each one swirling happily like leaves in a breeze while she's in relaxed and happy, a faint hint of a really good perfume wafting over senses then drifting off again happily into the ether. When she gets excited the colours brighten, and blend more together so their individual tones are hard to discern, but still the perfume it there in the background just happily wafting along. Anger on the other hand is not a pretty thing. Colours jar, not blending well at all and the perfume become unbearable, its cloying choking scent overpowering everything and leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.


Estrelath is based on Cat from Red Dwarf.


Name Egocentric Feline Green Estrelath
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Bronze Zymanth
Created By Lydiere, Ly'ette, and W'yn
Impressee Eleyna
Hatched 13 October 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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