Combustable Lemons Gold Esameth

Egg Name and Description

Married to Science Egg
A glowing white ovoid sits shimmering before you. Light hitting the surface suggests concentric ovals of orange and turquoise, but none of these lasts for long. Striations break the illusion in ghostly grey streaks across the elongated shell. At the center in the right light glows a golden circle, almost as if it comes from within. The opalescent overtones of the orb suggest a transluscent quality to it. Is it watching you? It certainly seems that way sometimes.

Mindtouch Messages

Mind Name
Clinically Snide Monotones

Mind Touches
Clinically Snide Monotones rift with methodical introductions into your thoughts. There is a sort of rehearsed precision yet deep down each thought gives the intonations of mockery and amusement. Colors seem at first devoid save for the bleak white of a healer's room… or at least someone equally concerned with clenliness. And yet… it's not the clean feeling you get. It's an orderly one. Precise and practiced time and time again. Like some test for which you are only one of so many before you. Test. Yes… you're going to do a test. It flits through your mind like a file folder. What do we have here.

Clinically Snide Monotones has taken some time to review, while subtly playing with your subconcious. Rings of cyan and amber that you hadn't noticed while thoughts probed the files of your mind. Suddenly you are there among them and the file flitting is in the background. The sensation of soaring through the air through circles of color, all with a goal in mind. Yes… a goal! Must get to it! You know, it took the others less time than you. It must be your generousness. Yes. They didn't soar so far either. A few computational figures flit across your thoughts. Yes… yes it must be the excess of… thoughts. That's what it shall say. The tapping of keys across the file of your thoughts. Excess. It spirals away as your mind darkens. The sensation of soaring upward continues as the monotones pitch to an almost euphoric resonance. More goals! More tests! What else can you do, hm? Can you do it faster? Better? There will be rewards.

Clinically Snide Monotones are again guiding you into a bright sense of clinical precision. The same cyans and ambers flit about in rings as your thoughts pass through this. Its like holding a carrot out before you except its all the things you've ever wanted. Impression maybe? Love? In fact you aren't sure why this cynical and somewhat degrading mind is causing you to make such feats of computing in your mind. Yet here you are. The tension builds as you find yourself working through clues images sounds smells. The white disappears into a whirl of cyan and ambers back and forth faster and faster. Wall. Stalemate. And reboot ad try again. A vaguely amused whirl of thoughts interjects a pointed comment and you're back again, testing. Testing for the delight of this mind with which you have temporarily joined. The whirrl resumes, bright and euphoric that builds and builds and at last culminates in a burst of darkness and… cake scent? The scent lingers with a smell of burning candles, a piercing glow bearing down as the monotones drift a lazily reluctant praise before the light goes out and the smells fade into smoke and then nothing. It is gone.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Married To Science Egg is precise about these things. The shift in the sand that it makes is a curved roll from upright to its side creating a sloping path in the dark sand. It does this a few times till it has made little curves in a circle before it is still once more.

Crack Message
Married To Science Egg makes a move after a long silence, and its one everyone will hear. The harsh snap of shell thunders around the enclosure as a jagged line spits the side of the egg and one dark talon grips a half ominously.

Hatch Message
Married To Science Egg is split open as the egg drenched hatchling emerges head first, talons splitting open the shell as if emerging from a restrictive door. Still alive! The hatchling gasps for air and creels victoriously before pushing the shell pieces away with disdain. How dare it be so imprisoned.

Hatchling Name and Description

Combustable Lemons Gold Hatchling
Brilliant lemon yellow gold glows over the hide of this large young gold. It spreads across her topline before merging into a rich amber down her sides. Curious freckling dapples give her hide a more skin-like feel which is broken in curious places by dark, almost bronzen, streaks. These start at her head and go down her body breaking up her form so that her very feminine curves are more geometric in appearance. The presence of the two values give an appearance of armor or casing over her face, back, tops of her legs and neck ridges. Her spars are the same dark gold with fanning sails of the gradiated lemon to amber. Her tail is striated with the dark dripping down like oily seams while the underside, neck and back of her legs appear to be contructed from cords and cables. There is an alien aire to her face, speckled bright gold with very close set wide eyes in a very predatory fashion. Her head knobs and ridges are smoothed out in shape. All over her light spots gleam as if highly polished while the dark sections appear to only be structural.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
The world around you grows pale as if lit by many surgical quality lights. A voice, familiar and yet inhuman surfaces in a warm golden light out of the palid environment in which your thoughts have been swathed. « Oh. It's YOU! » It takes a moment for the vision of the hatchling before you to drift through the thoughts so you make the association that THIS is who is speaking to you. This is who causes the strange sensations in your head that are so much more vivid and connected than touchings had been. « I, Esameth, have been so busy… looking for you. You, Alyane. Together we will make everything better. This… mind of yours. That will be first. » You suddenly feel an insatiable hunger which you realize is Esameth's passing into you. « Your first test… find me food. Then we can worry about the rest. »

Personality / RP Tips

"You know, being Caroline taught me a valuable lesson. I thought you were my greatest enemy, but all along you were my best friend." - GLaDOS, Portal 2

Based off the AI GLaDOS from the Portal series of games, Esameth is characterized by her sarcastically bitter humor and wit. She's exceptionally intelligent and a little narcissistic, looking down on many dragons and people who are not as awesome as the both of you MUST be. After all, she selected you and she's amazing so you must be too. She has the potential to be a bit of a bully, or an almost omnipotent leader. You are the one who must decide her fate.

In Portal 2 we are illuminated to the fact that GLaDOS is partly Caroline, assistant to the head of Aperture Science. This part of her is compassionate and builds a bond with Chell, the player. So much so that she saves her from certain death at the end of the game. You are her Caroline and Chell mixed into one. You are her enemy in a loose sense like Chell in that you are her temper the controller of her ego.

"But now I hear the voice of a conscience, and it's terrifying… because for the first time it's *my* voice!"

You are also Caroline. Her conscious. Her compassion. Through you she must learn how to treat others. If you are nasty, she will be nasty. If you show compassion and understanding she will try to learn this. She will never be all sunshine and flowers. She just doesn't have that in her, but she has the potential to care as GLaDOS did for Chell before she deleted Caroline.

Weyrlinghood will be key for this. Esameth's going to have to learn, with your help, how not to be so condescending. The more people dislike her the more she will act out, but deep down the cutting words she uses are more about herself than they are about the ones she is talking to. You, Alyane, will be the only one allowed to know this. The more upset she gets the more flustered she'll be. She might even screw up facts or resort to petty comments about her opponents weight, height, habits, color anything.

"You think you're doing some damage? Two plus two is…

Another factor in her snarkiness is understanding. Being a very intelligent dragon intent on learning many facts (both from you assisting her and from her own observations) she will act out against anything she does not understand OR the suggestion that she is less than perfect. Again you will have the challenge of tempering this mind of incredible potential to being one that can come to understand compassion, even if it's just a twisted form of pity. But to become a good leader she will need to have some understanding of those she leads.

"All right, Paradox time.
slowly and deliberately This. Sentence. Is. FALSE.
to herselfDon't think about it, don't think about it!"

Some quirks you will learn about with her: She can't stand birds. They make her uneasy. If asked why she won't have a good reason, citing all these facts that may or may not be true about birds. She also has an issue with paradoxical ideas and statements. For example, if someone mentions they wish they had a time machine to go back and change something she would end up ranting for hours about how ridiculous and impossible that idea is. She can, at times, be like that annoying person you watch sci-fi or period movies with who points out how certain things are improbable. Either you'll start doing it too or you'll tell her to stop and just listen to nonsensical grumblings for a while after the statement that caused issues.

She also will have this sinister desire to put her fellow weyrlings and other dragons through various tests of intelligence, skill and anything else she suspects they may be lacking. She can't help it. She has to know who she's dealing with.

And yes, that means mating flights are a test too! But speed and stamina are not the only qualifiers as they seem to be with many other females. She will want the most intelligent AND they must have made a good choice in their human partners as well. As much if you like someone she thinks is stupid, you may have some issues. But if she values the intelligence of the weyrmate you choose, she will be all for your involvement. This means that should you become a Senior you can trust you will always have the best possible Weyrleader she had to choose from.


Esameth's thoughts are characterized by a dry robotic feel to an otherwise feminine mind. When she is being analytical her thoughts reflect this, taking on images of white clinical expanses, puzzles and more mechanical influences. When she is being more compassionate or just generally more emotional they are more sultry and earthy. A majority of the colors you get impressions of are in the golden range, from pale yellows to rich ambers, darkening and warming with her emotional input. She also can use the clinical feelings as a sort of shield. When attacking or deriding someone they come through though the sensation of trembling or radio static might leak through if she's very wrong footed or upset.


Our clutch this hatching had eggs based on gemstones and dragons based, as you correctly guessed, on Artificial Intelligence or AIs. Your own started as an egg of Moonstone (not moon rock, but close, right?) with a dragon based off of GLaDOS, the sinister AI from Portal 1 and 2.

Her name, Esameth, comes from "esame" which is the Italian for "test". Her hatchling description is a combination of the infamous combustable lemons mentioned by Aperture Science creator Cave Johnson in Portal 2 and GLaDOS's own form in her chamber. She retains a similar disposition to GLaDOS in Portal 2 before the deletion of Caroline, her human portion.

As always the RP tips listed are merely suggestions. She is yours to play as you wish. If you are curious for any further suggestions on her disposition a quick trip to and "Best GLaDOS quotes" should find you a wide resource from which I took inspiration.

Congratulations and welcome to Weyrlinghood! :D



Name Combustable Lemons Gold Esameth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Tzimisceth
Created by T'eo
Impressee Alyane
Hatch Date 2014.04.12
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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