Patience and Cunning Blue Drewth

This blue dragon is all angles and sinew, skin and bone, not even the tiniest bit of fat exists on his frame. His legs are a tad shorter than perhaps they should be, making him appear to be crouching low to the ground more often than not. His midnight blue hide is wrinkled and greying, as if with age, adding to a deceptively frail appearance. Though his eyes are large, exceptionally so, they're seldom open all the way, eyelids drooping heavily, as though he lacks the energy to properly view the world. He also never quite closes his mouth all the way, making it seem as though his teeth are too large to fit inside.

Egg Name and Description

Three Misses and a Hit Egg

Murky blue and dusky gray; a mingling of the two swirl together to create a whirlpool of dark colors intertwining between one another. Spanning from each pole of the egg and twirling appropriately towards the middle of the egg, it almost appears to be a constant, never-ending inward cycling. Reds and oranges dot here and there, explosions of color reaching out amidst the gloomy hues, sometimes in conjuction with black lines that are each a different size but all straight and narrow. These are randomly placed throughout the shell, with no known rhyme or reason.

Mind Touches

Exploding Pieces is quiet. Perhaps too quiet. No sensations, no noises, no floating, wispy colors to detract the mind. Just the calm before the storm, here. Is anyone even home?

Exploding Pieces is silent no more! There, in the corner of your mind! A loud -BAM- goes off! Stunning you, shaking you! Close. Too close. It's all too close now! An even louder -BOOOOOOOM- goes off, and you're hit! You're hit! Pain flashes through your mind, confusion takes root, grabbing and clawing at you, refusing to let go! Refusing to give way! …it gives way.

Exploding Pieces is drowning! No! You are! Drowning within your own mind as another presence latches on and exploding colors of red and orange dance before your eyes! Fire licks at your face, water submerges your meet, taking you in and taking you under. Desperation runs rampant throughout your subconscious mind, spazztic words floating about, unable to be understood. It's chaos, it's panic! It's all going down, down, down. Into the depths.

Hatching Message

Three Misses and a Hit Egg swings back and forth, in almost complete silence, the only sound the soft shuffling of the shell rubbing against the sand as it moves.

Three Misses and a Hit Egg just keeps on swinging, /one/ of these is bound to hit the mark, sooner or later. A resounding CRACK echoes through the cavern, and a spiderweb latticework of cracks appears on the upper half of the egg's shell.

Three Misses and a Hit Egg goes down swinging, with the occasional cracking noise as the hatchling hits the shell. Finally, it seems almost as though the top half of the shell has more cracks than not, though the bottom half is not without cracks. As a result of the weakening structure, the entire egg explodes outwards on the next hit, leaving a hatchling in its wake, just sitting there, with its back to the candidates.

Impression Message

Patience and Cunning Blue Hatchling just sits there, in the ruins of his egg, with his back to the candidates. Several of the more bold candidates take a few steps towards him, cautiously, more worried about being told off than anything the hatchling might do. The hatchling … does nothing. So closer the candidates come, another three steps. And nothing… /Five/ steps this time, the candidates press on, neither wanting to look afraid in front of their friends, though they're becoming increasingly worried. With a snarl, the blue turns around, and charges for the candidates. Most run back to their places, but one remains, Boldrin, not the /brightest/ candidate of the bunch. The blue comes face to face with Boldrin, huffing and puffing at the boy. "Dinner time? …well, I s'pose it is, for you." B'ldri concedes, before leading Drewth to food.


The egg for this hatchling was based off of the board game Battleship. The hatchling was based on the game What's the Time Mr. Wolf. The names Drewth and B'ldri were picked partly because of Doctor Who, and Blaidd Drwg, which means Bad Wolf in Welsh. Also, partially from Blackadder, and the character of Baldrick, known for his cunning plans.


Name Patience and Cunning Blue Drewth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By Egg: Ixie; Hatchling: X'hil
Impressee B'ldri (Boldrin)
Hatched September 26, 2009
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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