Sun Ripened Berry Blue Dlienth

Deep lush juice flows out to delineate a graceful blueberry form. Dark blue coats his long sinuous neck, back and tail, overlain by a fine powder of silver-blue so similar to the dusky skins on ripe berries. Atop his large wedge shaped head is a cap of blue so dark as to appear nearly black. Like an over-ripe berry it crowns his dark green whirling eyes.%R%RAlthough a bit thick across the tail, he looks to have great strength and endurance. Great wingsails spread, hinting at grace on both land and in the air. His head turns in contemplation, giving a profile of his long sinuous neck to those watching.

Egg Name and Description

Smoking Mountain Egg

Hatching Message

Impression Message

Sun Ripened Berry Blue Dragonet charges forward, stopping his search suddenly and with an exultant bugle he presses forward, butting his chosen gently.

The faceted eyes of the Sun Ripened Berry Blue whirl from red to soft green-blue and your heart pounds as the world seems to stop.

In this moment you feel an undefinable surge of emotions. You are both in your own mind and in that of the Sun Ripened Berry Blue. Every breath you take, every movement is both you and the tiny dragon. An overwhelming rush of unconditional love surrounds you and you know, with perfect certainty that you will never be alone again.

A loving, warm voice inside your mind speaks….. « I am Dlienth, Alicia…. Of course I love you! Why are your feet *hot*? » as the feelings sink in and your heart nears bursting with love and joy, you hear the voice again with a slightly petulant tone to it… « I'm so hungry, can I eat now? »


As a dragonet he is a very curious creature. He MUST know why things are the way they are. Why is water wet? Why can one see through it near shore but not over the ocean? As he gets older he will try to impress the ladies with his knowledge but is likely to drive them away by sounding the know-it-all. As an adult dragon he is still very curious and will likely be seen with fairs of lizards hanging about telling him of their adventures.




Name Sun Ripened Berry Blue Dlienth
Dam Gold Audrith
Sire Bronze Solarith
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Alicia
Hatched 6 March 1999
Barrier Weyr
Rukbat MUSH

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