Shadowy Elegance Brown Diefeth

This dragon's hide is brown, but so deep a hue that it would be more appropriately called ebony. This shade richly coats the dragon's lissome form almost entirely, from head to the end of his long slender tail, and limbs seemingly too graceful for a dragon of his relatively slight stature. Broad wingsails are colored lighter than the rest of him, glowing almost crimson when hit by the light. On his back is the first discoloration, a series of slender lines lighter than the rest of him marring his hide, which at first glance could be mistaken as scars. His head is narrow, slim to match the rest of him, and mostly matching the same dark shadowed cast as the rest of him - but in the right light a difference can be spotted, a reddish-brown that traces his eyes and caresses down his face to his jaw line, giving just the right slant to his features to give him the look of being ever watchful.

Egg Name and Description

Colorful Curves Egg
This egg is a somewhat largish egg. Almost perfectly round in shape, it seems more like a child's toy than a dragon's egg. It's surface covered with brilliant and almost garish colors. Pink, yellow and bright purple move across it's surface in odd little shapes. Some seem to be wide swathes of color that curl around the egg ending abruptly on bright blue squares of color. Others seem to be shaped like a ladder curling upwards reaching towards the bright pink square at the top of the egg. Little conical blobs of color follow the squares around towards the brighter swirls and ladder shapes as if chasing each other. The egg seems cheerful in it's jumble of bright colors and playful shapes.

Hatching Message

In a sudden flurry of shaking, the Colorful Curves Egg is set into motion. Somehow it creates the illusion that the colorful dots are spiraling down the curved lines, but it lasts only a moment before the bright cheerful shell splits almost perfectly in two, leaving a dark, rather confused looking brown sitting on the sands.

Impression Message

Suddenly your mind is filled with warmth. Rich dark shades of burgundy flood your mind, first with caution and then exploding into sparks of emotion, wonder and joy, spinning out of control enough to make you dizzy. Then all of a sudden… it stops. There's a moment of clear, perfect clarity. A voice of bells and wine slides into your thoughts, melting into your own until there's no discerning one from the next. « I have found you at last, L’har. Now nothing will ever make us part. » You know then that you are his, and he is yours. Your Diefeth.


This brown is of average size, neither overly large or overly small. However, he is fast in flight. As fast as a small blue, even some greens, and agile to match, and even when walking rather than flying he has a certain grace about him that isn't always seen in the larger dragons. His hide will always be particularly sensitive, and as a result he won't enjoy the cuddling and scritching that most dragons do. He will enjoy being oiled, and the occasional pat or stroke from you, but beyond that he'll settle for scintillating conversation.

Growing Up:
As a hatchling your lifemate will already be showing some of the traits that will accompany him through life - namely, first and foremost, loyalty. His loyalty to you is unbreakable, and he will not tolerate a single bad thing said towards you. However, when young, he will be fairly easy going. He'll get along well with his clutchmates, no matter what quirks they might have, and will enjoy playing - the beach will be a place that he adores to frolic, but the forest will have a special place in his heart to just sit and talk to you, pontificating on the beautiful and philosophical things in life. « Look, look at how that leaf falls to the ground. Is it not beautiful? » When young, as well, he will not yet have mastered the grace that his body was built for, and you'll have to keep an eye on him. With that long tail, he'll be prone to knocking things over, though he will always be very contrite about it. « Did I do that? A thousand pardons. »As he gets older things will start changing. Not so much his relationship with you, in his eyes you will remain as wonderful as ever, but as he begins to understand the relationships between humans, his viewpoint on the world will begin to change - particularly as he hears stories of anyone acting less than honorably. The situation with Ista Hold, for example, will upset him when he hears about it. « But we helped them in return for their helping us, how can they act so? » People will start being regarded with less and less trust. Should a woman ever break your heart, or a man ever betray you, his forgiveness towards them will be slow coming, if it ever does, and in his mind it will serve as another reason to regard the world as a place to be wary about.

Your dragon is a very cautious being. His trust towards anyone besides you is slow in coming, and easily lost if he interprets any betrayal of you from their actions. This isn't to say that he's rude in any way, but his relationship with most humans and dragons could be called 'cordial' - very polite, and usually stiff. You are the only one he'll ever trust completely and without end, though his relationship with his clutch-siblings will remain fairly good - they are, after all, family. Throughout his life he will always enjoy spending time with you, just talking. He loves to hear your opinion on everything - though he won't always agree, and you may find yourself spending hours in a debate with him over the silliest things. « Well I see your point, but I still believe that the sun could be flown to if one flew fast enough. » He will also tolerate very little physical contact from others. His hide is sensitive, and even from you he doesn't like more than the occasional pat or rub, besides the oilings that he enjoys as much as any dragon. The ocean will hold a constant fascination with him, too. If he ever sees a sailboat out on the water, he will be enraptured, and when young he may well try to imitate that peaceful bobbing on top of the water, most likely with disastrous results. « Why don't I float? The brown dragon with white wings out there does, why can't I? » But even besides this partiality to the water, he will find satisfaction with anything beautiful - attractive green or gold dragons, sunsets, and particularly well-formed rocks. Even humans, those women that he doesn't trust, he won't have any trouble appreciating them, often commenting to your mind how this girl or that's lips have a very pleasing curve to them, or the color of another one's eyes are a lovely shade of blue. It's only when these girls try to get to know you that he loses sight of their charms, and can see only the potential for betrayal. Women in particular will be the subjects of his distrust, for though he believes that you deserve to find the love of your life, he can't find it in himself to trust any other creature to be close to you. « I don't like the looks of her. See how her eye glints? Don't trust her. » However, if ever you do find this love of your life, his trust will be extended to include them, reluctantly at first, but then he'll protect them with just as much vigor as he protects you. As an adult, it would not be unlikely for him to take a mate. One particular female dragon that he trusts almost as much as you - save for the frequent drama whenever she has a flight that he doesn't win, as he will feel betrayed and hurt. It won't last long, though, and that is one area where you won't have much of a choice - even if you hate the female dragon's rider with a passion, you won't be able to sway his opinion of his 'love'. You'll find Diefeth to be a remarkably good eater. He won't overeat, even when he's young, but will eat whatever is served to him without any degree of pickiness. You lucked out in that area, boy. Firelizards will be a constant irritation to him, you’re your own. Small, flighty little things, annoying and intolerable - he'll tolerate them, for your sake, but he'll have a tendency to make snide comments about them now and then. « You ever noticed how Liebe is bite-sized? » Every so often your lifemate will take the crazy notion into his head that you and he ought to have an adventure - perfectly at random. You'll probably never quite be able to understand where this urge for excitement comes from, but every so often he's going to want to take you away. He may allow friends to come along, or it may be a solo journey, ranging from betweening to an abandoned island that is desperately in need of exploration over a few days, or just a day trip to another Weyr so you can pick up a bottle of fine wine to enjoy that evening. His occasional flights of fancy may get you into trouble with your superiors too, as when he sets his mind to something it will be very difficult to shake him of it, no matter how hard you try. When he wants to take you somewhere, you may find yourself asking your wingleader for a few days off, even if you were initially resolute that you were going to work straight through the week. Hopefully your wingleader will be tolerant enough to understand, and give you a bit of leeway in that department. The rest of the time, Diefeth will be passionately committed to his job, whatever it may be. He won't object to picking up extra duty shifts if need be, as physical exertions of any kind are something he's particularly good at, and enjoys. But his loyalty is not to his work, but only to you, and just about anything you ask him to do he will be willing to do - or at least try.

As previously mentioned, females in general are pretty well distrusted. His opinion of flights is very low, and will be even lower should he ever choose a 'mate', to the point that he may swear that he will never again fly a dragon besides her. But… that opinion will change remarkably the second a green or gold actually does take to the skies. This is where he shines, after all, in flight. He will put ever ounce of his convictions into that, forgetting all the lack of faith he has in females, and focusing all his passion towards that one being. His method will likely be more to fly, fly, and fly some more - perhaps try some fancy aerial movements, but he's not much of one to try and romance the ladies with words or poetry. He's very straightforward like that. If he should win the flight he will, once the euphoria fades, be completely unconcerned with it. Yes, he slipped up, but it just goes to show you that those feminine wiles must be avoided whenever possible… and you, and only you, will have the pleasure of his secret pride in having won, cockiness abounds for a few days until life returns to normal. If he loses a flight, his bitterness will be extreme at first, and his rage at all dragons, female or male, will consume him… until the next day, when he will be priding himself on having the presence of mind during the flight /not/ to win. It's best to go along with him on things like that, as flights are the one subject that he will always be touchy about discussing with you.

Why Lethar?:
If you asked Diefeth why he chose you, his response would probably simply be that you needed him. Your kindness and friendliness were part of what drew him to you, as in his mind you needed protection from the world lest you get hurt, and he was just the one to provide that protection for you. Your determination he shares. Once his mind is set some something, he's going to carry it out to the end no matter what… though unlike you he will always take the long way. Shortcuts aren't Diefeth's style, as he revels in the details of everything he does, and the longer something takes the longer he has to enjoy it. But the short of it is - he needed your warmth, and you needed his protection, and together you will be able to accomplish anything.


Diefeth's mindvoice is very rich, sounding in your mind like a well aged red wine, and colored similarly. Burgundy, and other varying shades of dark purple-red will define his voice, as well as bells. Not tinkling bells, but the deep resounding bells that send reverberations into every part of your body. When upset his mindvoice will flare bright red, hot as flame, and the bells will stop their pleasant sounds and turn harsh enough to give any normal person a headache. His physical voice will be similar in deepness, but it will be softer, often never louder than it needs to be for you to hear it. It isn't a bad sound, low and pleasant, emanating from his chest so that no matter what noise he makes, be it a screech, croon, or warble, it will always have a deep rumble to it.


This egg is based on the Preschool game Chutes and Ladders. It's intended to help young children learn to recognize numbers and count to 100. It's a game of reward and consequence. The colorful board is full of squares, chutes and ladders. There are little conical game pieces representing each player. As the players travel along the game path, they encounter situations that reward them for good deeds by letting them climb the ladders or punish them for misbehaving by sending them down chutes. While it is a popular game today, the child's game actually originated in India where it was used to teach Hindu children right from wrong. In the original form the squares that the ladders stood on symbolized the various types of good, while the chutes were originally snakes which represented the various types of evil sneaking out from behind squares. Victorian England found the game appealing for it's good vs. evil literalness. And back then when it became popular with the Victorians virtues such as penitence, thrift and industry were what shot players up the ladders. In 1870, the game we know today was copyrighted by the Milton Bradley game company and reached the form we know today. This egg was written by Ez'ial.

Diefeth was inspired by 'The Count of Monte Cristo,' a movie starring James Caviezel and Guy Pearce. Diefeth is based off Edmond Dantes, the Count himself. He was betrayed by his best friend, and ended up in a prison called the Chateau D'if, for many years. During that time he was trained in speed and skill by a fellow inmate, and eventually made his escape. He joins up with pirates, and ends up finding a lost treasure, rendering him the richest man on the planet, so he sets about taking revenge on his former best friend, who in the meantime has married the woman that Edmond was engaged to before being sent to the prison. This is where Diefeth gets a great deal of his personality, though there are some extra bits that I threw in there just for fun. His name, also, comes from the Chateau D'if, and is pronounced DEE-feth.


Name Shadowy Elegance Brown Diefeth
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Brown Petryth
Created By Ez'ial and Jessamy
Impressee L'har (Lethar)
Hatched 01 March 2003
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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