Washed Ashore Green Danath

An ocean before a summer storm has washed ashore and covered the body of this green in its image. Ripples of sky blue at the convex dome of her blunt muzzle are swept up in the strong current of palm-green flowing across her broad, wedge-shaped forehead. Upright headknobs rise like mossy pillars from the swirling depths, creating breakers of yellow-green foam that drip along the edges of each delicately arched eyeridge, attributing an air of open intelligence to the eyes they protect. Down the river of her neck runs a heady mixture of clover green and royal blue flecked with seagrass that crashes upon her wide chest with all the rage of a waterfall only to pool and eddy languidly around the muscle masses of her shoulders, torso and haunches. Thin sail membranes of deep hunter green are an abyss upon which ailerons of sand hold stubbornly, giving birth to powerful wings. From these same lightless depths, worn and barnacle encrusted spinal ridges rise from their watery graves to be kissed with fiery chestnut at each tip by a molten hued tail-spade, While talons of froth sprout like mares heads from the carefully sculpted fingers and toes of this spirit of the sea.

Egg Name and Description

Bridges of Peace Egg
From a distance this egg looks a mottled blue and white, nothing more exciting then an avian's egg until one gives it closer inspection. There are such a range of blues blending from one shade to the next until it clears out to the cream coloured streaks that surround the egg. Indigo swirls into navy blue, navy swirls down to cobalt, cobalt down to cerulean, until the palest sky blue blends into the creamy streaks. The streaks of cream curl around the egg from the crown to the base of the egg, seeming to dance in the low light of the cavern. A perfect ovoid with an almost shiny cool look to it that one might be surprised to touch upon a warm leather egg.

Hatching Message

The Bridges of Peace Egg starts to slowly fall apart along the cracks as if in slow motion. First its pale talons appear, pulling away parts of the shell, followed by a peak of a pale nose. With a little more effort the little dragonet finally frees itself and out steps Washed Ashore Green Hatchling. No sooner has it stepped out that it trips over it shells and dumps onto the sand sticking the grains to its gooey surface.

Impression Message

« Franses, it's me…You called to me in the darkness, an inarticulate plea of entreaty in the space of one breath. In silent response I have ascended from the abyss to bring you my name and this promise…I am Danath and as I promised that day on the sands you will never again be alone. » A soothing mind wraps about yours comforting and taking away your worries as it had done when you had touched its ovoid casing. The soothing mind is slowly replaced by another emotion, a strong insatiable hunger.


Enjoy the first blissful minutes of calm after impression. Once it's over Danath will have one overpowering need, to know -everything-.

For a time, it will seem to you that the fiery little green does nothing but eat, sleep and bombard you with a never-ending hail of questions, from the childishly absurd, « When will I grow up? » to the deeply complex « If thread no longer falls, why are dragons still here? Why am -I- here? ». Answering them all is not nearly as imperative as making her understand that not every question can be answered to her satisfaction. "You'll grow up soon," or "Dragons are still here because Pern isn't Pern without them," will not placate young Danath. She wants facts, figures, grids and pie graphs, data that will stand the test of time. And she will not rest until you find that information or bring her to the understanding that some things must be taken on faith. Once that lesson is learned, you'll find she'll be less demanding about the quantity of information you've collected and more appreciative of its -quality-.

Throughout her youth, Danath's greatest joy will often be during weyrling lessons, times when she has the opportunity to acquire knowledge -with- you instead of just through you. Those early experiences will affect her profoundly and she'll seek ways to repeat it, often begging you to "sit in" on another weyrling group's lessons whether or not the two of you have taken them before. If the Weyrling Master is a particularly good teacher, he or she may unknowingly influence her to develop in that direction, and the act of educating of others may soon acquire just as much importance to her as educating herself.

Like all of her kind, Danath suffers from severely limited recall but she'll view it as nothing more than a minor setback to overcome. Her solution to this problem is to use your brain as her vessel of knowledge. Sounds simple, right? Maybe for her, but you'll find you're scrambling like mad to keep all those facts and figures fresh in your mind when she reaches for them. Developing little memorization tricks and visual recall techniques to keep up with her needs is a must. It will take time and practice to be her virtual filing cabinet and those little snippets of privacy most riders manage to have can never be yours with this arrangement, but by maintaining constant conscious contact with your mind, your bond with her will be a profoundly intimate one.

As an adult, Danath will have matured into a hard-working and hard-thinking dragon partner. You are two sides of the same mark, with her as its pragmatic face and you as its sentimental one. Together your lives will run in tandem like two perfectly fitted cogs in a well-oiled machine, though it may not always -feel- that way. There will be times when her scientific principles will seem too rigid, too inflexible and, in your refusal to conform, arguments are sure to rise. It may come as a surprise at first, but she will relish every challenge to her logic, even when she's forced to call a draw or accede to your view on the matter.

Danath's personal growth will not stop at maturity, nor will her search for irrefutable fact ever really end. That road stretches beyond the horizon and while she'll lead you (or drag you in some cases) down this path of self-discovery it will not always be purely for her benefit. She's known of the ghosts that haunt your past and the fears you hide behind your veneer of independence, known and analyzed them for a -very- long time. Being of the opinion that head-on confrontations rarely do anyone any good, she'll nudge and coerce gently, subtly until you find yourself face to face with whatever demon she's chosen to have you conquer during -this- episode. And when the fight is over, no matter the outcome, she will be there to surround you in a sea of warm protection, her words of comfort and praise weaving a cradle of such devotion that it is almost indescribable.

One might think that mating flights for a mind such as Danath's would be a necessary evil and nothing more. Wrong! Each time is a chance to let her hair down, unbutton the first two…make that three or four buttons of her coat and have some fun for a change. Whether she glows for two days or two weeks before rising, the literal tilt in the green's perception (as if the world decided to swing to a 30 degree angle one morning) will be immediately evident to you. She'll be giggly, bubbly and affectionate, brazenly nuzzling anyone in sight for a rub along her headknobs or eyeridges. Her ability to concentrate will be dulled and her thoughts will reel like a reveler who's had a bit too much wine. It will only get worse once she's airborne, her laughter, drunken calls and off-key tunes projected across the skies as she leads her chasers merrily about until she finally decides which one lights her firestone.

OOC: It would be impossible to type all of Scully's complexities into Danath and still adhere to the limits of code so I put down only the basics of what I think makes her tick and held back the myriad little details her persona will actually embody. Only two people on this planet -really- know the character and I doubt either Gillian Anderson or Chris Carter will ever tell me how on target or not my impressions are. Regardless, if they ever did I'd likely also find myself in serious legal trouble one way or another. In the end my concept is guesswork, -educated- guesswork I grant you, but guesswork nonetheless. I just hope I can give anyone who has ever watched The X-Files a thrill of recognition when they encounter her. Creating Danath was the fulfillment of a dream for me, but it's you on Searchco I must thank for finding me worthy of living it.-Franses


Her egg was based off the stone Sodalite. It has the power to increase direction of purpose and to foster feelings of fellowship. Whatever fears you may have this one will help to alleviate them, it will help a person be more relaxed in social situations if they are not already and if they are it will help keep them from making social blunders. It wants to create harmony with all others even if it has to put its rider into place to do so.

Danath's thoughts are ripples of ocean green that are in perpetual motion, waxing and waning with some mysterious tidal pull of her own making. The stronger her emotions, the more "wave action" there is, growing from calm, gentle lapping to roaring, froth covered combers of total fury. Flowing through these currents are the cool, low, feminine tones of an intellectual, one well versed in active discussions of a scientific, socio-political vein…or possibly just a soul locked up too long with only a Harper's grammar book and a dictionary for friends. When mindtouching others she often seems emotionally distant and some may find the combination of warm sea and cold mind confusing or disturbing. In times of distress, most often brought about by some stubborn question to which neither of you has found an answer, shadows of grey fog suck all color and movement from her mindtouch and she'll wallow in a state of depression that only you can soothe her out of.


The egg is based of the mineral Sodalite. This properties of this stone provide for the ability to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental process,(Can we say Scully?) it also encourages self-esteem, self-trust and trust in others, enhances truthfullness in emotions, and allowing one to both recognize and verbalize your true feelings. It is no wonder this egg chose you Franses. As for the Dragon, meet your Dana Scully.See egg here: http://www.crystal-cure.com/symbol-sodalite-egg.html

Danath's personality is based on none other than Our Lady of Perpetual Skepticism and Disbelief in the Face of Alien Conspiracies, also known as Special Agent Dana Scully.R Her name, pronounced Duh-nath, is nothing more than Dana with a 'th' added to it. Simple it may be, but it just worked too well not to use.

WHY? As Danath slowly awakened to sentience, she was starved for information, for knowledge, for something to brighten the darkness within. As if in answer to this half-formed and barely understood craving, lessons in life came seeping through her shell and she learned that there were 'others' out there waiting. So she became a single student in a shrinking class room, absorbing all this data then forming her own ideas. Now properly armed, it was just a matter of gathering intelligence on these visitors, anylizing her findings and choosing a suitable partner in preparation for the day she left this academic prison. And that partner was out there. It was you. With every touch, she felt you vibrate in tune to her even through the apparent contrasts. You were strong like her, buried in darkness like her, longed for escape like her, hungered for truth like her. In one shining instant everything became clear. « Before you, I was only a mind, disembodied intelligence. Then you reached out to me, Franses, and awoke the heart within. You gave me the strength of your beliefs…and I could do nothing less than give you mine. »


Name Washed Ashore Green Danath
Dam Gold Umniyath
Sire Bronze Vsonath
Created By Franses
Impressee Franses
Hatched 13 September 2005
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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