Spirit of Nature Blue Chrynoth

Egg Name and Description

Playing Tag with Scorpions Egg
The oily sheen on this egg makes it hard to distinguish any patterning on the shell — smears of blue, purple, and red, seeming to merge and blend, blur and swirl, like smoke drifting over oil — but at the right angle, in the right place, an outline forms almost hidden until the light is right. Then forms a black shape, the outline of wings and tail obvious, of arms, of an almost human-shaped head, and near the base of the shell a figure with a sword. Some great combat is happening, or about to happen, beneath the mists on the shell, but any attempt to get a good look merely results in the light moving wrongly and the picture swirling off back into hiding.

Mindtouch Messages

Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild tugs gently on your mind. Reluctantly. Shyly? Almost as if it doesnt quite want you to know its there lest it all suddenly become real. But even so it nudges at a thought, a memory of outside — trees, grass, the scent of a flower. Theres a feeling of happiness, of a sigh, before it fades.

Call of the Wild is a little more insistent this time, the mental tugging trying to draw you closer so that it can be sure where you are. The faint smell of some exotic flower flickers past your senses, and its then it holds you closer still frantically trying to distract you before temptation wins, a faint stab of worry from this egg-bound protector.

Call of the Wild changes suddenly - the soft fearful touch becoming something more sure, more determined, and altogether more real. It knows your secret and all in a heartbeat you know its - fear that things will not happen properly, worry that it cannot protect… the one. You? The oily smell of lanolin seeps through the link, washed away by the sharp tang of seawater, leaving only the feeling of safety and belonging.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Playing Tag with Scorpions Egg twists restlessly in its sandy home, the epic battle between dragon and shell getting ready to begin.

Crack Message
There's a large cracking noise from the Playing Tag with Scorpions Egg and it pitches sharply to the right. A large crack appears, splitting the black shape on the outer shell almost in half. First blood to the dragon.

Hatch Message
Playing Tag with Scorpions Egg cannot withstand the onslaught from within. With a noise like a firecracker it shatters leaving behind a blue hatchling, breathing hard with fear or exhaustion, but with enough energy to let out one short bleat of protest.

Hatchling Name and Description

Spirit of Nature Blue Hatchling
Forged from metal, tempered by steam, this young blue's hide has a richness and fluidity more often encountered in a smithy than on a dragon. His muzzle is flecked with bronze, tiny specks that give quite the contrast to his steel-blue head. A faint tracery of lines radiate out from the base of his skull, dancing over iron-clad hide until they are swallowed by the grey-blue smoke that claims his underbelly and long tail. What weight he carries seems to be mainly to the rear, his haunches there thick and powerful, and the lightness from his face appears once again in the shape of bronzen talons sharp as any blade. His wingspars carry the misty tones also but the sails themselves boast lines of silver, easy to miss in the wrong light, that flash like the sun when the light hits them at just the right angle.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
There should be a fanfare, an introduction at least, but the draconic onslaught begins almost before your eyes make contact with those of the blue trying its best to wrap himself around you. « Pollllllllll. » There's a concerned bleat to his words, as if he is worried you're not the right one. It lasts only a moment before a floral burst of love signals confirmation and probing roots of brown easy gently into your mind to stake his claim. « I… um… Chrynoth. » Uncertain what exactly to say in the situation he makes the simple introduction, then adds « Can we get something to eat? » No time is wasted waiting for reply, though as his mind fades a little and he tries to nudge you towards outside there's a quiet, dreamy, « Foooood. » that drifts into your mind.

Personality / RP Tips

Like your own perpetually dripping tap, your life will never be anything other than noisy now that Chrynoth has decided to join you. Be it bad habits that you cannot break, or just always knowing that he's there, it will be hard to remember the surprisingly quiet life that came before.

Chrynoth is noisy, and not in the way most would expect. Like some dragons he has a love for music, unlike most he has a tendency to whistle. Sadly for you he only seems to know two tunes, and neither of them very well, but whenever his mind wanders or he goes into on of his deep thinking moments then you can be sure that the whistling will begin no matter how hard you try to train it out of him.

As he grows the bond between you will develop much further than some, almost to the point of frustration. He is always there, and your mental walls will need to be strong to keep out his thoughts and worries, especially if either of you are ever hurt or in danger because then he becomes the fearsome protector that showed for a moment in his shell. Nobody can be allowed to hurt you. So good are his senses that there are times he can pick up on emotions from others. Not read their minds, per se, but if the emotion is strong enough he can spot a lie, upset, tease, or anger, and how useful that tool can be to you and the weyr is completely unknown.

His nerves will always be something you have to contend with, and throughout weyrlinghood will be the worst of your troubles. With unsettled feelings comes an unsettled stomach and a bad habit of chewing things, and for a time there may well be little accidents happening that you will be responsible for clearing up. When hes older he can at least between for such things, but age cannot cure his nerves and neither will weyrlinghood.

His nerves seem worst when asked to do things, and no matter the training he doesn't seem to be good at anything. Passable, definitely, but as others develop talents and skills through training he seems to merely wander along being average. It will take till he's fully grown that his real talents begin to show through because he is a wonderful search dragon, in both senses of the word. Be it finding people that are trapped or missing, hunting for clues to mysteries, or bringing back another record breaking number of candidates, but there will your Chrynoth shine.

Perhaps the biggest worry would be his acute claustrophobia, and that is something that only worsens as he gets older. He will always be uneasy in the barracks, preferring to sleep outdoors if he can and even sneaking out occasionally just to be away from the rock over his head. Likewise when you get a weyr of your own he'll be looking for the one with the biggest ledge, or nearest the beach, because he cannot stand to be inside, he feels the need to be outside amongst nature and you may well have to make quick friends with Cenlia and the gardeners as he will turn your weyr into a garden given half a chance.

Flights are surprisingly few and far between for him, despite his love of all things green. While he loves the ladies, and will occasionally be seen stalking them just to watch, it will take a special someone to make him chase, but what a chase. He almost becomes part of the sky itself, so determined is he to win, and will use every trick that he knows to get there, and then lie mooning about for days afterwards no matter whether she shoos him away or not.

Musician, protector, annoyance, and love. Chrynoth is capable of all those and much more, and perhaps at the calm times when you're lying on the beach and he starts whistling, the other stuff is not quite so bad after all. It's only his nature, and nature is beautiful.


Earthy tones of brown and green are more common in Chrynoth's mind' and his voice is soft, still carrying some of the timidity that was shown in the shell, raised more often in worry than in anger. When worried or trying to fake amusement he has a tendency to bleat his words rather than be clear, giving away clearly any attempt to lie to you. It's in times of anger that there's a sting to his voice, like salt water on a cut, but in general there's something soft and floral about his touch, nature at its finest.


The theme for this clutch was Book Covers and What's Inside Them, and Chrynoth's egg was based on the cover of Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth, the name coming from one of the chapter titles.

Chrynoth himself is based mostly on Grover Underwood, the satyr tasked initially with protecting Percy Jackson and later with much more important tasks. In case you've not read the books, which I highly recommend you do, I won't put any spoilers.

Chrynoth's name, which I've been pronouncing Krin-oth since you said you love the hard C, comes from Oxyrhynchus, Egypt which may seem a tad odd for a Greek myth based dragon, however it was there that they found the Oxyrhynchus Papyri which included the extensive remains of a satyr play by Sophocles.

His description takes inspiration from the Stymphalian Birds of legend, though I suspect they're not quite the birds you were thinking of in your app.

As with all dragons at Ista he's entirely made of clay and can be squished and moulded as you see fit. Welcome to weyrlinghood, its great to have you here.



Name Spirit of Nature Blue Chrynoth
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created by Aliona
Impressee Pol (Paloma)
Hatch Date 2013.05.13
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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