Fading Days of Summer Bronze Cereth

Golden bronze slips effortlessly over the entirety of this bronze's large body, rolling and dipping like fields of ripening wheat over the hilly plains. Tan-hues creep in under his ribs, like shadows in the valley, before they turn brighter again over haunches, settling down to an even tone along the continuing length of his tail. His belly is a rich, almost copper-bronze, like a deep puddle tinted by the reflection of the orange sky at dusk, a color which drops down his limbs, pooling above long, ebony talons. His head remains a dry field, blunt muzzle a darker bronze, tinted with brown, the color of the fields at the end of the growing season. The same color is mimicked in his ridges, which start atop his wide head, settled between the short, blunted head knobs, and then continue down the rest of his body. It is in his wings that all the colors are pulled together, coppery hues along the spars, and light and dark bronze mingling on the sails, the seasons together.

Egg Name and Description

Changing of the Seasons Egg
No two quadrants of this egg are alike, as the hues fade in and out of each other, spiraling around, like an endless cycle. A rugged center line splits the egg nearly in two about its width, like a distant horizon visible over the open plains, and it is by this line that pairs of hues are separated. Above, the line, the cycle starts with a washed out blue, almost golden in nature, like the roasting summer sun high in the sky. It darkens to a rich autumnal blue, though just as quickly, it fades to a dull grey, and finally darkens to the grey of heavy storm clouds that will soak the earth below. A similar pattern is echoed upon the bottom half: there's a rich, vibrant gold upon the earth, like ripened wheat fields, the dark brown of plowed earth in barren fields, textured piles of near white, like snow banks blown about by the wind, and finally, hints of green and brown, new life beginning to sprout upwards.

Hatching Message

Changing of the Seasons Egg changes no more. With only the beating summer sun upon golden fields left unstreaked, there's little resistance that can be given. And so, the force within completes the destruction of its container, ready to face the Istan Sands.

Impression Message

A sense of calm, yet at the same time overpowering, love settles upon your mind, bringing with it golds and coppers, rusts and tans which flow together seamlessly, an endless plain stretching to the furthest horizon. « Artien. A'tien. I have been looking for you. It was necessary to find you. Won't you come spend forever with Cereth? » The sweet smells of an autumnal kitchen waft into your mind. « But first, we must feast. »


Your Cereth is a very calm, comforting, and encouraging soul - he'll be your best friend, your confidante, and your support when anything goes wrong. But, his outgoing nature is going to stand in contrast to Artien's own tendencies, and will be something that will need to be resolved.

Cereth is a comforting dragon more than anything else. When you make a mistake in your craft work, he'll almost immediately be there, convincing you that it's alright. « Don't you worry, A'tien. Just try again. The first time is never perfect. We'll just try again. » He'll be there to offer suggestions, even if they have no basis in fact, or are anything but feasible. To him, its simply about offering support, and being there for you.

Cereth is generally very calm and collected - he'll try and keep you on you steady on your feet. If something gets you upset, he'll try and keep you from having any sudden outbursts, and talk you out of it. « It will be much better just to find a new one, Art. There's no need to be so upset. » While he does understand the value of personal belongings, those things that can be easily replaced are not as important to him. It's the irreplaceable things that matter - You, your family, your friends.

He'll urge you to talk about whatever's on your mind, offering a solid foundation on which to lean, to vent to, and to receive a much needed hug. Much like a parent, he'll seem to know exactly what to say to make it better, or even what not to say, and instead just being there.

While he's constant support for you, he does also enjoy being around others, being social, and he'll encourage you to be too. « A'tien, let's go visit Ankhepith. She will be happy to see us. You should talk to hers. » While he's not going to constantly be in the thick of things, he'll never be an outsider, and he'll want you to do the same. His urge to comfort extends past just you. If there's a conflict in the weyrling barracks, he'll be the first to speak up, and try and soothe damaged nerves. « Zhilinith, that wasn't very gentlemanly. Heliath, they are simply stones. You can clean your couch with ease. »

He enjoys traveling, and he'll try and convince you to do it. He'll encourage you to remain an active crafter, if nothing else as a justification for bouncing about Pern. « Shall we go to Telgar? We can see what is there, and how their weyrlings are. »

Mating flights are another opportunity to be social - and he'll chase without hesitation. He'll try to catch, but if he doesn't, it's not any skin off his back, and he'll return to be your support in the aftermath. If he does catch, he'll respect the female, and be a gentleman about it, making little to no effort to continue the relationship past the flight.

All in all, these are merely suggestions - Cereth is yours to play as you will. I hope you enjoy him!


Cereth's mind tends to take on the same hues as his physical coloration - tending towards the golds, and bronzes, coppers and rusts, though sometimes it flattens out into the brown range. Tending towards the warmer variations of said colors, his mind is generally a comfortable, and comforting, place. Comforting scents mingle with the comforting colors - the smells of fresh baked bread, and warm apple cider with a hint of cinnamon. His voice is soft, rarely imposing, rather just /there/. And it is through this mere presence that he seems to commend a sort of mental respect. While rarely angered, when he is his spectrum shifts to the reds and oranges, voice deepening, and becoming near impossible to ignore. Yet, soon enough it returns to normal, a comforting retreat just for you.


Arti! Congratulations! I'm so happy we get to keep you, and I hope you enjoy your new lifemate as much as I enjoyed making him!

Your Cereth is based almost completely on Ceres, the roman goddess, though some tweaks have been made so that he is, indeed, a boy.

Our egg theme this cycle was 'Myths and Legends'. Changing of the Seasons Egg was based on the Myth of Pluto stealing Ceres's daughter Persephone. Because Pluto tricked Persephone into eating 3 pomegranate seeds while she was in the underworld, it was required that she spend half her time in the underworld with him, and the other half with her mother Ceres. Ceres greatly mourned this arrangement, and thus, the seasons were created. Summer is when Ceres was happy, and her daughter was with her - crops prospering, and animals thriving. Winter is the season of discontentment, when the crops fail, and it is a struggle to continue on.

Ceres herself was the goddess of plants or crops, and also of motherly love. She was worshipped both in times of famine and of plenty, generally by the plebian, or working, classes of Rome. She has 12 minor-gods who assisted her with the various tasks of farming.

Cereth's name is an adaptation of the goddess's name itself, and it is pronounced with a soft c - Sair-eth. (Like the first half of the name 'Sarah') .

Your Cereth is the brainchild of L'ton - Egg, name and dragon - and as always everything here is merely a suggestion, feel free to change whatever you'd like, or ignore parts, whatever.

Congratulations again!


Name Fading Days of Summer Bronze Cereth
Dam Gold Teloriith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By L'ton
Impressee A'tien (Artien)
Hatched 2 February 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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