Blood in the Garden Green Celyth

Scattered flecks of Rukbat's rays make this dragon deeply dappled in her midnight showing of greens. Richly colored, that hide allows for a deep play of shadows across her head and down her long, sinuous neck. Narrow thin shoulders lead into the rest of her extremely long, lithe body from her almost too fragile forearms and back to skinny haunches and hindlegs. High peaked ridges, decorated in a multitude of shaded greens follow along her back and trail down her tail, sharp points on the lengthy whip of it to finally end just before her tailspade. The deep forest loam shows up on her talons, sculpting them in dark hues that bleed into the deep emerald of her paws and trace on up her legs. Shaded green are her wings, a mix of the mottled forest canopy across the broad expanse of her sails and hidden in the deepest shadows are the sturdy bones of her wingspars, leaving the membranes seemingly supported by air and leaf.

Egg Name and Description

Festering Wound Egg
This egg on the Istan sands is a light peach color that is almost cheerful among the other sullen colors of this clutch. The light catches the shell and makes it almost glow with refracted illumination. On the lee side of the egg the creamy color darkens into an angry red pool that looks hot to the touch even though it is only a pattern of color on the shell. Amid the flushed coloring is a jagged line that is an even darker amber hue that is outshined by a revolting yellow-green smear.

Hatching Message

With a slight roll, the Festering Wound Egg begins its long path toward hatching. Numerous small cracks form and begin to delineate separate parts of the wound shown on the shell. Finally, small talons poke through before those are followed by a small green hatchling's feet. She finally emerges, before shrinking back against the left behind shell, emitting a squeaking noise.

Impression Message

It is a faint breathy sound, so quiet at first that you may not recognize it as a voice before she, yes she finally speaks loud enough for you to hear over the hum and noise of the sands. « Bre? Is that you? I was so afraid that I might not find you, in this crowd of people. » She waits for a full minute or more. « Oh. I almost forgot. I am Celyth, if you'll have me? » There is a distinct touch of fear in her thoughts to you, that you could possibly turn her away and she'll be left alone.


A bundle of nervous energy is your green lady, all claws and teeth at times or shadowy hidden tension. It's not that she's inherently violent or nasty, just very fearful. And her first response to fear is aggression. Skittish is another good way to describe her, jumpy and more then willing to believe the worst of others. Perhaps this comes as a reflection of her own trustworthiness. You see, Celyth is inclined to be sneaky and sly. Nothing can be straightforward with her, it must always be twisting and turning in complex patterns until any perceivable path is lost. Nor is she above putting her wants and needs before all others, even yours at times.

Her youngest months are those of a baby: sleeping, eating, and never forget, making a mess. She starts timid and reclusive. Curiosity will not kill this cat, for though she has interest in all that she sees, Celyth will never be the adventurous type. When the others begin rushing about in exploration, your lady will be lingering in the rear, fearful. Yet don't expect her to admit her problem, for any hint that she might have a flaw will be met with aggressive snarls and sharpened talons. She will cling to your sides in those early months, needy and restless, but with just enough kittenish coquette to keep you guessing.

As you enter the months of vigorous lessons and physical training, Celyth will become even more withdrawn and quiet with her clutchmates. Any attempt on their part to draw her out she will meet with mockery. <Why should I bounce and play like Xaeloth? He's as foolish as a trundlebug. > Your little one is also a bit on the lazy side, and added to this will begin to develop a subversive and sly attitude.<Of course I want to fly! I just don't need to roll my wings like some wherryhead. You wouldn't want me to strain a muscle before we left the ground, would you? > The trick will be to motivate her without rousing her temper.

With a little more experience, Celyth will begin to show the keen wits that become her signature, a true knack for manipulation of others. Anything and everyone, it makes no difference so long as she gets what she wants in the end.<Ennuith, those straps just aren't your color, dear. That red makes you look all blotchy. Why don't you go with this nice sallow yellow pair and leave the dreadful red to me? > Snide, snarky, and so much more, your biggest challenge of wills come now for she still will meet all resistance with anger and violence. Only you will ever know she reacts this way to protect herself. For her deepest fear is rejection or ridicule, and so she must destroy all before these can occur.

With graduation comes the final step of growing up, her mating flights. In the air, she is just as she was on the ground: sly, sneaky, lazy and just a bit dangerous. Rather then depend on speed or agility, Celyth is likely to use mental games to keep her on top. A favorite will be pitting one suitor against another allowing her to make her escape. Nor is she above using teeth, talons, and tail to keep out of the arms of the males. Her flights will be as wild, willful and dangerous as she, a fitting start to your adult lives together.

Why did Celyth chose you? You fit. You provide her with the necessary courage to face the world. In you, she's found her protector, her reason for being and a reason for her to be brave. In short, you provide the parts of Celyth that were missing in her makeup, and you enable her to be more than she could be by herself.


Sneaky, skittish, shy, she's all of these and many times more than one aspect will show. From her sly sense of humor to her sneaking around to get out of chores or responsibilities, she has more than her share of recklessness. Much of her personality is hidden behind false bravado, as she puts on a mask for the rest of the world to see and she'll like only ever show her insecurities to you, Bre. She's got a breathy voice, your darling, a soft soprano when she speaks. Most times, she's careful to keep it modulated and toned down, although it can become strident when she's agitated or afraid.


Your Celyth is based on the ocelot, of central american jungle fame. And indeed, she is much like these quiet, shy night hunters of the jungle. She is fairly small in stature, her movements dainty until she has to move in for a kill perhaps and she shares with those cats, her sly, sneaky movements and her innate shyness. Her name is from the Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs and is based on the word Ocelotl, from which also the modern name for Ocelots is derived. Her mind name is derived from Shady Lane Cellar's Blanc de Blancs methode champaignse brut chardonnay. Her description is based on the picture found here.


Name Blood in the Garden Green Celyth
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By Trisana, Katlyn, Iason
Impressee Bre (Viabre)
Hatched 29 October 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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