Sapphire Mesh Blue Celiketh

A glistening mesh of liquid sapphire forges his hide into a closely knit mesh of rings which cover his body, his hide so tightly meshed as to form a cloth of liquid metal which seems to be very much alive. Slender muzzle is riff with amethyst which colors eye ridges the same way. The color shifts to more delicate hues of purple down over his muzzle with a faint touch of gleaming lilac encircles his muzzle and dots his neck to mix and swirl with the darker violet of his neck. It seems to explode into brilliant Cerulean over his back which spreads easily downwards and outwards along his long limber body, graceful in it's movement is highlighted by slashes of cobalt along his deep Cerulean flanks. His wings are light bursting into a brilliant purple and only softened by a touch of lilac here and there that seems to grace the edges and undersides of his wings. His talons are a mezmerizing color of indigo with eyes that seem to glow with sapphire lights.

Egg Name and Description

My Heart Will Go On Forever Egg
Much like the result of a beating heart that's pumping strong, deep reds flow over this egg. The colors are so rich they border on the merlot of wine, and the egg seems to pulse and move with each beat, sometimes rough and labored, sometimes smooth and silky. Lighter colors touch the egg closer to the top as if coming in contact with the air around it, a paler shade like sun glinting off a garnet. Further down the colors deepen, here a soft sultry claret, there a painfully vivid crimson that gleams razor sharp to the eyes. Around the base rests a dark cool wave of blue that settles so contentedly it seems to feel at home. The oval of the egg is, in all, dominated by those shades of maroon, brick and rose, which swirl together sometimes with seeming purpose and other times at random, like a mixture of emotions that never ends.

Hatching Message

Impression Message





Name Celiketh
Dam Gold Vikuth
Sire Bronze Lukuth
Created By
Impressee Niah
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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