Chasing an Illusion Blue Camoloth

Like a disappearing shadow, deep navy cloaks this dragon's form, twisting and concealing from his elongated muzzle, to slip along his sleek neck, and settle in heavy folds upon his back, the shadow casting shadows of its own upon the pattern of his hide. Yet, a bit of light seems to touch his form here and there, as patches of sapphire and ultramarine flare up along his haunches, just different enough from the backdrop to cause doubt about their existence. A lighter touch just brushes his chest, anchoring his form around it as the azure spot feathers outwards, diffusing into the darkness. Wings and sails are proportioned to his body, the same precision noticeable in the gentle curve of each headknob, and the angles of his ridges along his back, as if this dark shadow is only mimicking the form of an ideal model.

Egg Name and Description

Nights of the Round Egg
Dreary gray swirls around the base of this egg, a heavy fog draped over the shell, refusing to be burnt away. Yet, amidst the fog, the dark outlines of a forest can be made out, tall shadowy forms standing amongst them. And, set amongst the forest is the vague outline of an old castle, overlooking the expanse of the shell. Despite the dreariness of the majority of the shell, a single golden spot sits near the apex, a shining beacon, a guide through the darkness.

Hatching Message

No matter how mighty the structure, eventually it will come tumbling down. Nights of the Round Egg is no different, and as the cracks continue to spread, its only a few moments before the shell is completely gone, the golden light shattered upon the sands, and a shadowy blue left to continue the search, without a guide.

Impression Message

There is no trumpet fanfare, there is no great announcement. Yet, golds and coppers rush into your mind with a steady clopping beat, and that is enough. There is a momentarily pause, and then, amidst the beat, a smooth Baritone emerges. « You there. » And then, the golds gain dominance, and he continues. « Faenar. I… I am Camoloth. You, you are my F'nar. » Ribbons of copper shoot through his thoughts, before almost ponderously. « Let us feast. »


Camoloth, surely, has good intentions. And that is what you will find yourself saying often, particularly through weyrlinghood. However, sometimes, he just doesn't get it, even though it's likely no fault of his own. So, when he fails to understand why another weyrling is crying, and makes a remark about only the weak crying, or dares the others to a dangerous stunt, and you're left picking up the pieces, you can remind yourself that he thought it was the right thing to say.

Despite being a blue, he believes that he deserves only the best, because of some greater decree. What decree, who knows, but you'll find him searching the buckets for the one with the choices pieces of meat in the morning, and being first in line for a full oiling. In lessons, he'll constantly try to be the first one to attempt whatever it is, the first to show off his talents, and the first to disobey, because he can do what he wishes.

If Himmelorienth reminds him of the virtue of patience, he'll quickly ignore him. « There is far too much to accomplish, to dally. » He'll retort, before throwing him headlong into whatever current pursuit pleases him. He'll challenge the others to contests - to earn glory, and prove their worth. Who can fly the fastest, who can spiral the most times in mid-air. And when it's over, and when as a result trouble arises, you'll find yourself trying to explain it to him over and over, likely without any real understanding. After all, it was for glory - you must do whatever you need to, to fulfill your quests.

You will have to remind him of his rank, for particularly as a nearly rank-less weyrling, he will overstep his bounds. Once the hunting lesson is completed, and he's taken to the feeding grounds, he'll try to cut in line, and go before the older dragons that have gathered ahead of him. This will annoy him, and thus the only solution he can think of is to push you to become a Wingleader. Obviously Weyrleader is right out, but wingleaders have privileges of their own, which he will gladly enjoy.

Adventures are his life - he'll enjoy going to visit the other weyrs, going to see new places, and going to solve new problems, even if you're the one doing most of the solving. On free days, he'll often encourage you to move, rather than simply recuperating at home - after all, there are many goals to be reached.

In flights, he'll often be the one tricked by a wily green - when she fakes a left, and goes right, he may tend to continue to the left, until he realizes his mistake and corrects for it. Yet, he prefers flourishes whenever he flies, and it may put him at an advantage when a green sudden starts tumbling downwards, and he just happens to be there.

Why Faenar? Potential. After all, every great knight needs a page, and every great leader needs a support team. And, in the case of Camoloth, every idiot needs someone to explain things to him.


Camoloth's mind is one of richness, of lordship, and of glory. Coppers and bronzes, silvers and golds reign supreme in his mind, each one present in plentiful quantities, though each has its own ruling emotion. When annoyance overcomes him, the reddish coppers gain prevalence, overpowered the other hues. Yet, happiness gives dominance to the yellow-golds, and simple contentment to the smooth silvers. His voice itself is a cool Baritone, though the true uniqueness comes from his slightly abnormal inflections. It is clear even from his thoughts that, while only a blue, he considers himself to be great, and will often 'talk down' to others, in a certain manner. Yet, always in the background is a carefully placed 'clop-clop' sound, a constant beat to which his thought occur.


The theme this cycle at Ista was 'Musicals' - and Nights of the Round Egg was based on the Musical 'Spamalot'. Given that Spamalot is an adaptation of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' which is itself a spoof on countless other tales, a slight pun on the name seemed only appropriate. Though, they did seem to avoid telling what /really/ happens at night, at the Round Table.

Camoloth is based on King Arthur himself - at least as he's portrayed in Spamalot - a rather stupid, but glory seeking knight. He has a legacy to fulfill, and he expects those around him to be interested as well.
His name, while rather obvious, is an adaptation of Camelot - since you mentioned you'd enjoy a somewhat punny name, it seemed to fit.

Your Camoloth was created by L'ton, from the egg to the dragonet, with a little help from cold medicine. But, he's yours, and yours alone, so play him as you want to, and feel free to ignore whatever you wish.


Name Chasing an Illusion Blue Camoloth
Dam Gold Ankhepith
Sire Bronze Troyseth
Created By L'ton
Impressee F'nar (Faenar)
Hatched 14 December 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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