Shimmering Mist Blue Caerith

His hide possesses an indiscernible quality to it that seems to defy any and all attempts at placing his colour. Grey seeming, it is deep and foggy, rolling through various lights and darkness's in the manner of smoke from a flame. This smoke blurs lines and accentuates subtle curves, making anything more subtle than the dimensions of a limb difficult to focus on. An awkward ghost of a dragonet he is, his neck appearing kinked and overly long, wings laughably short and stubby feet that betray him at nearly every step. His long neck finds a face with features that almost seem too understated to be pretty, the grey-toned colour fading to a near white atop his slightly-too-pointed headknobs. Glacial talons peep out from dull grey feet and it is there that one can finally see the beginnings of the faintest swirls of the most pale blue, scarce possible to tell from white. It intensifies across face and wings — never fading from pale and forever leaving the impressions of a passing ghost.

Egg Name and Description

Visions of the Night Egg
From afar this egg seems to be a mottled blue and white, with the blue concentrating towards the bottom of the egg and a snowy white towards the top. As you get closer there seems to be a choppy line separating the two colours as if the white is riding upon waves of a blue lake. As the light flickers across the egg there seems to be movement across its surfaces, the water undulating to support the massive collection of white upon its surface. With speckles of black this frothy white seems to be more than just white caps upon the waves, but perhaps creatures from some tale, like hundreds of swans crowded upon a lake. Each one seems to have a glint of silver around its slender neck, save one, one splotch of whiteness that seems to shine out from all the others drawing your eye to the peak with a very delicate stroke of gold around its long neck.

Hatching Message

Visions of the Night Egg continues to fall apart as the nose pushes away the fragments of shell, then a talon appears puncturing through another part of the shell. There is an intensity to its movements, it has its taste of freedom from its nighttime prison and it will not give up intil it is free. Then with one final great effort the dragonet pushes out of its cracked shell and promptly tumbles out onto the sands in a blurred grey vision before the Shimmering Mist Blue Hatchling stands and shakes it head before looking about the sands.

Impression Message

A light feathery touch strokes your mind, so light you might have thought you imagined it. The touch drifts away for but a moment before a shimmering haze begins to envelop your mind. At first it all seems like a dream as the haze drifts about your mind, then suddenly the haze seems to clear and you feel wind across your face like a wingbeat «It is not a dream, C'nor, your Caerith is here. I have found you and you have found me and we will be together forever.» The words are clear in your mind filled with a strong love and devotion, then an undertone of hunger drifts across your mind, «It was hard work trying to find you, do you have any food?»


In his youth he is like a cygnet. Awkward. Awkward in his movements and in his thoughts. His thoughts will be like dreams and visions that may take time to sort through, but sort through you will as his visions and your thoughts become closer entwined. Expect him to encourage you to follow your dreams or perhaps even point out another vision to follow so that you can explore your dreams in this new union. He is your ship, you are his captain. You hold the highest rank in his mind of any captain in all the world.

In his youth he has an unfinished look about him, that perhaps holds little hint to his adult self. He will be clumsy, trying to get overly large feet to obey his command. He will need to rely on you not to become self conscious about that clumsiness. Not the most usual looking hatchling, his paleness may set him apart from his hatchings. Why does he not look like the other blues, the bright and vibrant colours of the rest of the weyrs? In this he may need reassurance, but no doubt your bond and devotion to each other will see you through this.

As he grows he will mature, no longer needing reassurances about his differences. What does it matter, he is with you, you are with him. His dreamlike thoughts will become clearer, yet they will always contain that fuzzy like quality of those visions of the night that he portrayed even while in the egg.

It will be his change in physicality that will be most profound. The ugly duckling will indeed turn into a beautiful swan. His wings will lengthen and strengthen becoming long translucent windsails, the rest of his body grow in proportion to his long neck and become a longer slender dragon, a beauty to behold. While his colour will not deepen muchly, enough of the pale blue will replace the grey mist that noone will ever mistake him for anything but a blue dragon. This is no Ruth, no mistake of genetics, this is a beautiful dragon.

If his beauty and elegant lines were not enough, it will be in the sky he will truly shine. Even if on land he may always look just a bit awkward, there will be no hint of that awkwardness in the sky after his initial lessons. He will be grace personified in the air, he will often prefer flying somewhere over walking short distances, or betweening long distances. The air is will be his sea, and you his captain as you guide your ship through the skies. Though he will come to enjoy water as you do, finding pleasure in a bath or a swim.

When it comes to his heard voice, his vocalisations of pleasure, contentment and even pain, it will be like music. Music that touches the very soul of those that hear it. He could croon a baby to sleep, or Wake an entire weyr with his brass trumpets should the need arise. He will enjoy listening to music as well.

Mating flight: At first he may resist the call. He is yours, you are his, what more could he want or desire. He may even be late to join the other males in his weyrling group to join in his first mating flight. He will need your encouragement to allow the desire to call to him, but once it does he will be as dedicated to the flight as he is to you. Pulling you along in a dream like vision as he darts through the sky.


Caer is only focused on you. Any of the love you may have felt in the past or in the future will pale to the Love and Devotion this Caer feels for you. His mind voice will always have a dreamlike ethereal quality that may take getting used to. It is like his thoughts are formed from visions and dreams, at times their meaning may just be out of reach, but he will patiently repeat or even clarify his visions for you until they are clear. This is also something that will be easier as he gets older, his visions slowly clearing with the closeness of your bond and the blending of your thoughts and his. He has a calm nature, very hard to get to anger, though if you are threatened he will be a presence to behold and will not hold back his wrath. Think of a swan protecting his cygnets, the offender will not be safe. In his youth this protective nature may be brought on by the smallest slights but as he grows he will learn when he is needed for the fight.


It is a story how a mortal man, Angus, came to love a faerie goddess Caer Ibormeith. She appeared to him in a vision that evoked such strong feelings of love that he could do naught else but to seek her out in person. A task that was not made any easier when he found out that for every year she changed into a swan and in the next she turned human and he had to find her on this day of change and seek her among her 150 handmaidens to propose to her. And while in our tale Caer is now male and you play the role of the hero of our tale, the love is no less changed. The Egg is by Lisle, the hatchling Desc is by Lisle with heart added by A'rtomus and Spirit by L'min.


Name Shimmering Mist Blue Caerith
Dam Gold Teloriith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Lisle, A'rtomus, and L'min
Impressee C'nor (Connor)
Hatched 2 February 2007
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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