Changed Forever By Oozing Toxic Green Belissimath

Nature's verdant palate seems squandered by the singularly brilliant shimmer of her hide. Yet, while she may well have been found wanting in a panorama of different tones and shading, what hue she does possess is strikingly eye-catching indeed. Brightest neon-green of a shade near glowing bathes a long limbed form; curved just so in draconic chest and haunch. A muddier tint of yellow-green streaks downwards from the bottom of her neck, just above shoulder height, plunges along her underbelly and ends abruptly at the top of her tail. Across this band of yellow-green, shadows give hint to the illusion of armor plating that overlaps each other while a sudden startling shade of dark emerald encases her wingsails. When held just so, the irregular hexagonal and rectangular shapes of that shade of dark emerald, form a carapace — that seems well capable of protecting her back. The only truly unique color about her is the curl of lavender-blue, about her eyes; folded and creased by shadows and highlights, like a cloth mask that finally meets behind her small, nearly non-existant headknobs.

Egg Name and Description

One Flattened Granny Egg
Predominately a glistening, radiantly pure white, this egg looks a startling contrast to the night-dark sands upon which it lies. If snow had been transplanted from the High Reaches and molded into eggform, this would be it! But yet, an unsightly vision mars this pristine perfection — a grisly splash of bloody red across a vaguely person-shaped blob of brown and peach — crowned by a tuft of elderly-gray. And about this rather flattened figure — dark shapes, like cloven hoofprints of some overlarge goat or sheep are limned eerily about the edges by a dappling of crimson red.

Hatching Message

With a quiver and a shiver, One Flattened Granny Egg stirs to life, the permanently flattened figurine on the shell seeming to stir, like one rising from the grave. There's another wiggle of life, and then all goes still — drifting once more into slumber.

One Flattened Granny Egg stirs suddenly into awareness and the present moment once again, bestirred from slumber and silence, wobbling and shaking with convulsive shudders, a network of jagged cracks appearing along the curving shell, bits of snow-white egg shards raining down on the black sands below.

*CRACK* — the sound echos through the Hatching Cavern, as with a conveniently placed kick, the shell of the One Flattened Granny Egg gives way. A few more kicks, front paw flails, and a lashing of a determined tail, and the youngster within is freed, battling her way determined through the dark prison which had held her encased for so long.

Impression Message


Even from birth, Belissimath is a creature of action. She does, it is simple enough. When there's a task to be done, or a job to do, Belissimath will be there — although perhaps not willingly every single time. In fact, she can be rather naive from time to time, unknowing of certain aspects of life — for which you will have to teach her. It will take time, and patience, but rest assured, she will be with you every step of the way. Quiet she is not, but you'll readily understand that streak of mischievousness that lurks within

An interest in experiments … you've got a fan! And does she like booze? Well, maybe not really, even if her mindvoice can sound awful tipsy at the time — but she's willing to follow along with what you do. However, be aware that Belissimath is still learning, and sometimes she can cause accidents with her ideas. Accidents you''ll have to clean up — but it's just like taking care of kids, right? And did we mention that she can be manipulative and persuasive at times? A knack no doubt picked up from her dam. Good luck trying to talk her out of anything if she gets her mind stubbornly wrapped around an idea.

How about flights? Oh, she'll glow! She'll glow a lot. A really bright toxic green glow. And that might be something interesting to see! Have fun!


Too Much Egg-Nog
Soft and dreamy, Belissimath's mindvoice is something truly confusing to behold or comprehend. It is a study in understanding, in trying one's patience against the great rock of solitude and silence, and coming away second best. Like her dam, there is something of a wistful child to her, but unlike her mother, there lingers a rather peculiar taste to her thoughts — something rather alcoholic in nature, a taste that lingers on the tongue like brandy-spiked eggnog.


The clutch theme for the eggs was Christmas Songs. This egg was based off the song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" which was a major hit in 1979. Grandma was drinking too much eggnog, got drunk and went home to get her meds, being trampled by Santa's reindeer in the process. ( )

Since it's the holidays, what better way do people indulge their kids than by a made rush for all the popular toys that one absolutely must have, and thus the hatchling theme was popular toys! Bellissimath is inspired by the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, although I admit to picking a rather obscure one indeed. Apparently, The Next Mutation toys (and TV series) had a girl turtle named Venus de Milo. ( ) So I picked her to base this green off. Her name comes from Belissima which is Italian for "Beautiful Woman" since the statue of Venus de Milo was supposed to be the representation of the Goddess of Beauty.


Name Changed Forever By Oozing Toxic Green Belissimath
Dam Gold Miraneith
Sire Bronze Ittisieth
Created By Enka
Impressee Selda
Hatched January 14, 2010
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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