There's An Alligator In The Tub Green Bayshameth

Egg Name and Description

Color is Magic Egg
Laying upon the dark sands, this egg stands out like a sore thumb. A sore and very peculiar one. Bright colors bejewel it in geometric patterns with dark lines, almost black, separating each. Brilliant sea blues, rich purples, candy reds scattered among grass greens and sunny oranges. The gaiety of color however seems to run short halfway across the egg. The color goes from gleaming solid patches to a sort of inconsistent scribble to nothing at all. Solid white shapes now, still separated by a rich dark line as with the first half. From a distance the shapes look familiar, but the color only spanning one half is too disconnecting to make a real form.

Mindtouch Messages

Brilliant Color
Brilliant Color is more absent than you had expected when you first touch this egg's surface. After a moment a bright blinding white line lurches forth in your mind, a clean slate! I fresh page! Before you can truly grab your senses back a dark curling line reaches forward tentatively, testing the world about it. That is to say it is testing you. Curious shapes and questions are drawn in your mind, all bubbly and flowing about. Are you a friend? You must be a friend. Maybe you just don't know it yet?

Brilliant Color at last shows itself in trickling scrawls that dance upon the page of your mind, filling in the dark shapes and galloping across large blank spaces. Yes! You MUST be a friend. The dark lines rejoice, continuing to scrawl and share stories, thoughts, but they are all so abstract. Color continues to trot about, here and there a red shape, a sky blue, a brilliant pink or grassy green. Oh what glory is there in new friends to share things with!

Brilliant Color screeches to a halt, the lines about writhing in worry. What else? What else is there to explore? Will you help? So many abstract shapes and yet a great longing for detail, for precise form. Color again rushes forth, flooding out all the dark and white, enveloping you and begging for ideas, for help, for you are a new friend, yes? But suddenly, like a startled runner beast, it freezes, leaps back and gallops away from your thoughts. You are left with a trickle of a rainbow, like a river, receding and then nothing.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Color Is Magic Egg is not still any longer. It starts to bounce! Yes, bounce! It's not coming off the sands, but it sure looks like it's trying.

Crack Message
Color Is Magic Egg continues it's rhythmic bouncing, but it seems like the shell is actually starting to warp. Warp warp SPRACK! It cracks open along the dark lines of it's surface, going still quickly after.

Hatch Message
Color Is Magic Egg seems to be done contemplating what just happened. The stillness of the shell is such no longer! SPRACK CRACK WHACK! Three big bugles along the side, as if the hatchling is runner-kicking it with great gusto. Sure enough the side gives way and out slides the very slimy There's An Alligator In The Tub Green Hatchling, completely upside down and looking pleasantly surprised.

Hatchling Name and Description

There's An Alligator In The Tub Green Hatchling
The brilliant colors of rich summer grass coat this young dragon, swirling over in a pretty much solid tone except for the slight darkening upon her ridges. These are relatively low and uniform, stretching down her short neck and over a much longer lithe body and tail. Along her belly the greens are much brighter, chartreuse and lime in bands from under her jaw down between her legs and to the underside of her tail. Her legs remain the vibrant summer grass tones, though the front two are rather toed in and the back two feet seem to toe out. Her eye ridges are very pronounced, giving her the perpetual excited or surprised look. Even her eyes themselves almost seem to be too big. Head knobs are pronounced but rounded, sweeping back in an arc and her snout itself is rather tiny. Her wings are rather large for her body, the grass green on her joints themselves while her sails are the same chartreuse and lime of her underbelly. On the whole her odd features give a constant appearance of enthusiasm and curiosity despite however she may be feeling.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
The hot sands are suddenly reminding you of fun at the beach and the smell of the ocean. At once your mind is flooded with enthusiasm of a wonderful summer parties and good times with friends. It takes a moment to realize that it's not friends plural but one. One little green hatchling looking right into your eyes. Happiness and wholeness fills you as she reaches her mind out to yours. « M'line! M'line! I found you! Bayshameth has found you! We will have so much fun together! We will be the bestest friends EVER! » The ambiance of a summer party continues, but the smells of yummy grilling and other foods drift in now and you feel hungry. Wait. Are you hungry? « Can we go eat? I am STARVED! »

Personality / RP Tips

Bayshameth is summed up in one word: PAR-TAY! Okay it's a hyphenated word. Based on Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony Bayshameth is all about fun and getting the most out of life.

Starting out as a young hatchling she will want all the attention you can give her and not be very good at sharing you with others. But rather than pouting or flouncing like most hatchlings may when feeling jealous or unloved, she'll instead do tricks or call your attention to really pointless things. « Hey! Hey M'line! Hey! Look what I can do! »

As she gets older this will be less focussed on you and more spread out. The other weyrlings and their riders are fair game. She's also not about to keep her mindvoice to herself, instead telling anyone who'll listen about the cool, strange or fun things she's done that day. Usually her ideas of a good time are a little odd. She has a tendency to prefer wherries to herdbeasts and an affinity for random colors and items. She may insist that you pick up an instrument, just to make things more fun. Luckly her attention span is very short and so that instrument you just got? She'll totally forget it in favor of some other hobby she thinks you should have.

While she loves being the center of attention and making new friends she's not lost without them. She actually can go off and do her own thing, or be ignored by others and really doesn't care. One could argue this is obliviousness to the world around her. You know however that she's really just as afraid of the world as anyone else, she simply knows how to handle it.

In the series My Little Pony, Pinkie Pie embodies the element of laughter, and this is no less true of Bayshameth. She too chooses to laugh at fear and look on the brighter side of life. She finds joy in the silly things and doesn't understand why others can't. This can cause some problems with some weyrlings, but actually be helpful to others. She's always there to help others when she can and try to cheer them up. So much so that she may not know when to leave others alone or accept when they just aren't receptive to her help or even her presence. Here she will require you for support to understand why.

When it comes to flying her awkward features may inhibit her some, but she isn't deterred by this ever and infact will frequenty laugh at her own blunders just as much as anyone else. « He he he! Wasn't I HILARIOUS when I hit the ground like that? Face first! Priceless! Oh man! Okay, gonna try again, tee hee hee. » And off he bounds, unscathed, ready to try again. She's also very up for pranking the other dragons, but she always knows when to draw the line. She'd likely have you paint Thorinth's leathers bright pink or replace all the oil in the barrels with fish chum. It's never hurtful or spiteful, alway in good fun. And if she encounters someone who doesn't like or understand the pranks for what they are she will always apologize and try to make it up to them

Always a party Bayshameth will be particularly goofy for flights. She's quite the tease. Unlike most greens who get aggressive or bipolar, she's never angry or upset she's just the worlds biggest love bug. Or the Luuuuuuuuv bug, as may be the case. She'll be flirting her heart out with any other boys she can, often even the human ones as she tries to hook you up. If you find one person to be weyrmated to she will probably dote on them more than you ever could, suggesting presents you could get them.

Quirks. This dragon is full of them I've already mentioned some but she also has a strong affinity for brightly colored things. Particularly pinks. Get used to the color because she will want your whole weyr covered in it and other vibrant shades. She'll also find you most appealing in said shades. She won't fight you about it but she'll be very sad if you don't.

When it comes to wings and being an active member of the weyr you may find it hard to get Bayshmeth to focus on something for very long. This makes her not exactly the best at drills and sweeps required of the Search and Rescue wing, though her quirky innovation would do well here. With her love of people she'd probably be happiest in the transport of craft wings where she is able to go many places and meet many new people. Her favorite cargo is of course passengers but she doesn't have too much trouble with less alive cargo provided you both go to places with lots of new people to make more and more friends.


Brilliant colors and fanfare in a spray of confetti and streamers. Candy, cake and other sweets and party food scents and swirls. Her mind is literally a party and the type of party changes with her mood. She's a rather racy bachelorette party when proddy or a pity party when sad. Colors are usually rainbows or toned according the mood and music is almost always bright and enthusiastic, even when unhappy.


Welcome to Ista's Weyrlinghood! This hatching we based our eggs on book covers and the dragons on characters within their pages!

The Color Is Magic Egg is based on a My Little Pony Coloring Book with it's bright colors and semi-finished appearance and touches. Your dragon is based on the pony Pinkie Pie, from My Little Pony. Pinkie Pie is the fun-loving zany and overtly outgoing member of the pony friends. Yoru dragon's coloration is somewhat based on Pinkie's toothless alligator, Gummy, though Bayshameth is hardly toothless as her appetite will attest!

Bayshameth's name continues on the party theme with being derived from the Jamaican word for 'party': Bashment.

Both egg and dragon were created by T'eo. I hope you enjoy her! All the suggestions and inspirations for RP are up to you to take as you will and use what works for you!


Name There's An Alligator In The Tub Green Bayshameth
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created by T'eo
Impressee M'line (Maline)
Hatch Date 2013.05.13
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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