Little Forgetful Thief Green Ayath

Dark moss has been smudged, streaked with rich loam through a smooth cover of cedar green that sweeps and swirls about a robust little form. She's stocky and sturdy in build, not lacking in mass when actual proportions are measured and yet her stance somehow creates an illusion of smaller than usual size. Trailing out behind her is her tail, vibrant hues of pine mottled with ultramarine and silver flecks that sparkle with the endless fidgeting. Limbs are darker still, fir green with ochreous dapples across narrow paws, lengthy toes and talons suggesting much more dexterity than average while aquamarine surfaces on the tips of flattened neckridges. Brushstrokes of bronze highlight her face and give her expression a mischievous edge while the slightly blocky head counters with a common, domestic appearance. Yet as a crowning glory, soft wings eclipse the rest of her - shamrock stained spars arching gracefully to support swathes of iridescent silk, every shade of her hide combined and blended to color the gauzy sails.

Egg Name and Description

Messy Mud Pie Egg
This egg dates back to ancient Egyptian times and is a grand specimen of the ancient art of mud brick design… er,… In actuality this rather oddly shaped, even somewhat lumpy looking specimen has all the grace of a young child's hand-patted creation. Streaks of straw yellow stick out of the caked mud brown color that has 'dried' on the surface of this egg's shell. Squinting at the dark blotches that resemble small handprints, you notice cracks in the surface of the egg already!? A moment spent gasping and contemplating reveals that they are nothing more than tiny black lines, a part of this one's slightly drab coloring, but it does create the impression that either the mud is drying and about to crack away, or this one is already eager to get on with this thing called life!

Hatching Message

Messy Mud Pie Egg starts to move at last, slow as it appears…mud, but it's moving now!

Impression Message

Soft tendrils of light splash into you mind, petal soft caresses welcoming you heart, mind and soul into partnership. Irridescence sneaks in 'round the edges, dancing with humor and pure joy as she whispers wordlessly. Emotions - colors - scents: all is shared and while you are plumbed to the depths for your essence, rainbows and the cloyingly sweet scent of overripe strawberries invade your vision, your sense of smell - and sparkling laughter rings in your ears. « Oh Lysette. I am Ayath and did not you know, I have been looking for you? »


Light sparkles in a dazzling array of rainbow colors from this bright and sweet mind, like light refracting off dew drops newly formed on bright and luscious red roses. Petal soft caresses ease the gentle shock of the irridescent flashes, and for a moment… just a moment.. you can even smell the sweet fragrance of the opening buds, cloyingly settling at the back of your mind.

Ayath is a friendly soul. She likes company - human or dragon, it doesn't matter. Childlike in sense, she's isn't really a child and sometimes you'll be reminded of this - usually in the middle of a crisis. She's perfectly happy for you to mother her, fuss over her and generally spoil her; she's often quite irresponsible and can't be trusted to stick with a task. Most particularly, she dislikes work and will tell you so. « After all, with none of that Thread stuff, why can't I just sunbathe next to the lake? » She hates danger as well. « I'd much rather stay safe on my ledge than go out in that storm. » And never mind if there is a boat out there in danger - it's the danger to her hide she's concerned about. At the same time, with a bit of work, you can get her moveing.

Yet, when it is a crisis, she does usually come up to scratch. Did you see the last scene on Blakes7, where Vila knocks Arlen's gun away and then knocks her out? Ayath will come up with just such surprises under stress. Ayath is also quite a witty dragon. Intelligent, observant - just not inclined to use that intelligence for anything but her own amusement. Possibly this account for her tendecy to forget things. Not the usual draconic poor memory but the deliberate forgetting of things she does know she should remember. Like, that things belong to people - they aren't just there for her to cart off when she takes a fancy to them. Her paws and talons are distinctly more dextrous than usual and she's forever getting into things that you'd never think she could without proper hands. « But I want to see what's inside, Lysette! » will come the words. Or else « You didn't see me do that - did you? » It's an echo of how Ysmalath treats hats - only Ayath extends it to anything and everything that catches her interest.

But all in all, Ayath is a sweet dragon. She loves you dearly, she's find of virtually anyone who crosses her path. Sociable. And just as inclined to dip her mental talons into what's going on as she is to go for thing physically. Amongst other things, this leads to gossip - huge amounts of gossip. Some of it is original and very little of it is true. Proddy. Flights. Ayath is something of a flirt most of the time. However, proddiness for her is a short period of rapidly increasing discomfort - makeing her exceedingly irritable - and Flights are just a relief. She'll have this driving need to get *away* for Flights and tends to fly high and fast and skip the aerobatics thank you very much. However, she puts her natural agilty to very good use in dodgeing her pursuers. Lastly, she'll form no real attachments to any particular dragon. She may have a handful of 'favourites' but truth be told, she likes her variety. Besides which, she loves *you* with her heart, mind and soul so deep that there really isn't room for her to 'love' another dragon.

Ayath change? Well, not a great deal. Not really. The essential Ayath won't change, no matter how old she gets but once she does get over babyhood, she will settle down - she has too much energy while she's still a weyrling and it annoys her that she feels far too fidgety to just laze about like she wants to.


Her mind voice is quite clear, sweet like a bell and tends to shiver like light sparkling through raindrops. There is often a reddish undercurrent - rose red, strawberry red mostly - and an irridescence that somehow embodies *life*. There is a vibrancy to Ayath's tone. She loves being alive and it shows in her every word. She laughs, she teases - she'll even practise flirting with you. But relaxed. She lazes through life, not going to worry about anything beyond damage to her own precious hide (or yours). And she goes off on meditative 'trips' - usually when she is supposed to be doing something and she can't quite get away with napping.


Ayath is based on Vila from Blakes7. You said you liked him - so despite the incongruity of baseing a female dragon on a male character, here we go. :)


Name Little Forgetful Thief Green Ayath
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By Valesa
Impressee Ly'ette (Lysette)
Hatched 21 April 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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