Sunkissed Shadows Gold Alisandreth

Egg Name and Description

Soaring Sunlight Egg
The faintest impression of feathers, fluffed and soft, float around this egg, gently texturing the truly smooth shell. Sandy tans and creams layer, shifting, settling, drifting depths growing darker, dunes casting their own long shadows. And yet, here and there, there is a glimpse of something else - something almost hidden away, as flashes of gold and amber glint, glimmering.

Mindtouch Messages

Feathers and Fancy

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Soaring Sunlight Egg shifts amongst the sands of the Istan Hatching Grounds, sending the sands around it sliding, the colors of its shell making it difficult to discern exactly how much is now free.

Crack Message
Soaring Sunlight Egg has managed to work itself free from its sandy prison, hints of gold and amber visible as thin cracks begin to race across the surface, the curved structure beginning to give away as a result of the passage of time.

Hatch Message
Soaring Sunlight Egg has stood through the ages, but now time has won out, and that which was hidden away beneath the sands must be shown to the world. As the cracks until to spread, the shell finally begins to come apart, and there is a hint of yellow, or perhaps cream, before another shake, and finally the mysterious occupant is left upon the sands, facing a new world.

Hatchling Name and Description

Sunkissed Shadows Gold Hatchling
The palest yellow, the soft hue of fresh cream, pools with determination on the hide of this delicate gold, settling into each and every crevice whether it is the elbows of her long, slender limbs or the crook of her equally slim tail. The pale hues slip across the straight lines of her back, sliding along her sides, darkening to a gold-tinged vanilla along her stomach. Even her wings are a study in pale shades, as peach sails stretch between vanilla spars. Each line of her face brings her perfection into sharper relief - as soft, warm sunglow hues brush over her long, even nose, dancing upwards over fragile-looking eye ridges and head knobs, emphasizing her faceted eyes and her narrow head. The darkest hues are found upon the perfectly formed ridges that line the center of her back - honey blonde flowing down the line, hints of brightness shining through.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
Soft feathers begin to surround you, warm hues of gold and and amber layering in delicate piles, gently brushing against your mind. And yet, despite the feathery nature, there is something stronger that holds you in place, before a soft, strong voice slips into your mind. « If you are sure you wish to join me in this life.. I am your Alisandreth.. And you are my Miarene. » Despite the phrasing, it is quickly evident that it is not a question, rather a firm statement. « We will have much to do, and we will protect each other. But first, a meal is in order. » And the golden hues begin to turn to burgundy as hunger tinges her thoughts, a firm mental push emphasizing her words.

Personality / RP Tips

From the beginning, you will find yourself in a battle of wills with Alisandreth, and you will quickly learn that no matter how soft she may appear she is anything but. In the first few weeks, you will both be attempting to figure out boundaries as you adjust to your new lives - Alisandreth will be pushing them and determining exactly what she can get away with (whether it is with you, with her clutchmates, or with the Weyrlingmaster staff), while you will likely find yourself deciding which battles are simply not worth the effort. « Miarene, I simply must have that couch over there. It isn't fair that Encanith has it - she is ever so much tinier than I, and that couch is the largest. » If you should avoid talking to T'lin about it - or if the negotiations do not go quite as Alisandreth hoped - she may take it upon herself to talk to her clutchmate, feathery mind voice full of charm and grace, even as she subtly imposes her will on her sister. « Encanith, this couch over here suits you so much better… Don't you see the all the shadows? » The only saving grace for you will be her lack of long-term memory - eventually she will forget about what exactly she was pushing so dearly for, and you will find yourself with a separate battle on your hands.

While she may be a little awkward as she grows - as she ages, she will become the epitome of grace, each movement carefully planned to show herself only at her best, and each motion smooth. She will spend ages working on her walking, to avoid the awkward gait that will plague her clutchmates while they are stuck on the ground, and once she is cleared for flight, it will be much the same. With gracefulness will come a quickness that will be surprising given her color, lithe form lending itself to the acrobatics normally reserved for the smaller colors. Whether it is sitting on her ledge, bathing at the beach, or soaring overhead, there is no is extraneous bit of movement, no shifting that would leave her in anything other than a regal position, and thus no room to doubt that she is the gold that Ista has always deserved.

Alisandreth will prove to be a trial for Miarene - there will be no avoiding of her 'birthright' for this gold. Rather, she will claim it, and expect Mia to do much the same. There can be no fear of failure, only the knowledge that certain duties await them, and they must succeed - or at least try. She will force Miarene to work harder than she ever has, and there will be no excuses or avoiding the outcome.

When it comes to flights, Alisandreth is what you would expect given her personality - proddiness will not drastically change her. The days leading up to her flights will find her more demanding than normal - of anyone she comes in contact with - before she will take to the skies in a dizzying flight. She will be a fan of quick changes in direction and sudden drops, but each only used to test the abilities of those in pursuit, and ensure the best remain. She will also be an outstanding mother, her attention to the eggs upon the sands second to none, as she guards them and shifts them appropriately. It may even become an issue to convince her to allow the candidates on the Sands - though with the right agreement it can be managed eventually. Once the eggs hatch, unlike other golds who may take no more passing interest in their offspring, Alisandreth will remain rather protective of them as they grown, and continue to inquire as to their wellbeing - after all, she made them, and they are hers to lead and protect.

Why did Alisandreth pick Miarene? Alisandreth saw an intellect in Miarene, and a potential which remained untapped. They both expect nothing but excellence, and together they can bring out the best in those around them. Miarene will always be Alisandreth's first favorite, even though she may temporarily find others to encourage as well, and certainly with Alisandreth behind her, Miarene should never truly be concerned of being a fraud.


Alisandeth's mind, at first touch, seems as delicate as she is - bright hues of orange and yellow, fiery tinges of red, and rich hints of burgundy splayed out like the edges of feathers, overlapping and creating a luxurious base upon which your contact can settle. However, it is merely an illusion, and a great strength can be recognized beneath the soft exterior. Her voice is soft and smooth, lulling almost anyone into complacently with her charm, while at the same time her statements leave no room for questions or arguments, and certainly no room for disobedience.

When speaking with others, Alisandeth's keeps herself carefully separate - her voice seemingly distance and wrapped in layers upon layers of feathers and heavy fabrics, untouchable as her soft soprano voice remains untouchable, wisps a cool evening twining with her words - the dampness of dew, and the crisp smell of autumn and fresh soil, the strength in her tone intensifying as needed. Yet, with you, her chosen, some of the layers come off, and she merely is - unless you attempt to argue a point she disagrees with, and suddenly you will find yourself having to peel back the layers to get close once more.


The egg theme this cycle was 'Gods, Heroes, and Legends' - sort of a broad catch-all that allowed us to play with a variety of sources - both historical mythology and alternate mythology from books, games, and movies. The basis for this egg was a Sun God, Ra and the Egyptian manifestations in particular, and a little bit of that has been integrated into Alisandeth's personality for you - most noticeably in her mind voice.

As you requested, I have tried to put together a dragon similar to Ysabeau, from A Discovery of Witches given what I could find out about her in just a few days time. Her name also comes from a portion of Ysabeau's much longer name - Melisande - altered a bit as it is, but tying back in.

Of course, everything here is just an idea, and she is yours to play as you will. We are glad to have you here at Ista!



Name Alisandreth
Dam Gold Eulweth
Sire Bronze Suldith
Created by Angharad
Impressee Miarene
Hatch Date 2015.02.14
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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