Shrouded Radiance Green Alhadnayith

Protected beneath a fae shroud of liquid silver, emerald and verdant shed an ethereal brilliance from headknob to tail-tip upon this broad-shouldered dragon. Like a waterfall of fairy lights against cool moss, a drapery of verdure dapples her neckridges to the tip of her forked tail, marking out the bulky heaviness of her torso, herbescent shades catching flecks of gold as they burrow deep beneath her lime-smoothed belly. Reminiscent of polished beryl, her pinions bear an almost ghostly hue, tempering the luminous absinthe that holds her wings within its grasp, yellow-green to their trailing tips.

Egg Name and Description

Creative Deception Egg
A plethora of brilliant shades encircle the small ovoid shape of this egg - shades twisting and blossoming in to each other with random, imaginative delight. From beneath the bottom curve, where it lies nestled upon the dark sand, streams of crimson flood towards a muddy reach of brown that drips from the highest point, meeting sunflower yellow along the way, in little paint-splattered spots. Dusky hues of deep purple and blue turn deceptively gold in one light, a pale sheen marked about it, but in the next are no more metallic than any other. Beneath a lower curve, an explosion of pale pink insists upon catching attention, like an eye-catching promise at truth, nonetheless as imperfect as any other, turning darker red within the glare of a different viewpoint, shifting and changing for all time.

Hatching Message

The brilliant shades of the Creative Deception Egg appear to be unraveling, pieces breaking away here and there as the hatchling within makes forceful moves, tearing away great swathes of dusky purple and blue, crimson falling down upon the dark sands. At last, rolling out with a great crack of breaking shell, a green hatchling pulls herself free.

Impression Message

As soft as a spring breeze through the most verdant of forests, the scent of soft blossoms pervades your mind, tickling at the base of your skull, like an incessant itch that you can't quite reach. As the sands and their endeavors fade away to the overwhelming newness of a bond freshly-forged, even the sweat upon your back disappears to the rhythm of her silken touch, coming home to rest within your soul. Her muzzle seeks physical contact, slamming you back to reality with its newborn force, as she makes herself heard - her voice as known to you as any you have known for all your life. « What's this, my Zhyfene caught off her guard? I am Alhadnayith, hear my voice! »


In descing Alhadnayith I was after two main effects. Firstly, I wanted to make her bright, since that's what you wanted; secondly, I wanted to give her a somewhat ethereal effect - sort of a combination between the bountiful earth of the Shire, and the somewhat less solid reality of Lothlorien. Her physical build also plays on these ideas, but I'll get to that shortly. As far as colouration goes, think bright. Think sparkly. In fact, think something that Petryth will probably want to hide in his weyr because she's so pretty and bright and /shiny/! The greens in Alhadnayith's hide are of two types: firstly, the very earthy greens - the verdant, the verdure, the moss, the herbesence, and secondly, the jewel-tone ones - the emerald and beryl. So, some are naturally bright, and some are naturally shiny, and in combination, they make her pretty eye-catching. On top of all of this, she's spangled with silver - not an over obvious 'she's a silver dragon!' thing, but more that she's highlighted in silver, and it gleams in certain lights, absolutely fluid and smooth. Needless to say, her colouring is not only a little unusual, but also very beautiful.

As far as build goes, though, Alhadnayith's not quite so perfect and unusual. She's got incredibly broad shoulders, and this is a theme that seems to continue throughout the rest of her: she's big. She's broad. She's strong. There's not much dainty about her, to say the least. I got this idea from the landscape of Rohan, where Eowyn, of course, is from. It's all sweeping planes, and if not, then rocky cliffs and hills, and that's a very good way to picture Alhadnayith. There's nothing Elvish and sculpted about her - she may be very natural, but she's crudely so. Not less beautiful for it, because there is something in the way she stands, so proud and full-bodied that makes her beautiful, but certainly not dainty. She's also been 'gifted' with her sire's unusually big feet, out of proportion with the rest of her.

She's not dainty in movement, either - part of this is her feet, because they do take some getting used to, as far as being able to move properly is concerned. More than that is that she's simply not built to be especially aerodynamic. That doesn't mean that she isn't, but it's going to take some work. She's got muscle, no doubt about that, but she'll be up and flying with ease long after some of her lither, less muscled clutchsiblings. Mind you, she's not clumsy, and will grow up to be as close to graceful as one of her size can be; in the air, once she's learnt properly, she'll be a sight to see - smooth, quick, silent. Having grown into her size and shape, there will be little stopping her.

Growing Up:
Weyrling Alhadnayith is impatient, and mostly self-sufficient. She has one goal, besides spending as much time with Zhyfene as possible, and this is to prove herself as capable of doing anything that a larger dragon can. She'll recognise, very quickly, that this means she needs to grow; though she'll start off as not particularly large for a green, to her pleasure, she'll be one of the first to really take off. Perhaps this has something to do with her belief that the more she eats, the bigger she'll get. After the first time you have to administer her a laxative, you may be on your guard to stop her from eating long after she's had enough - but it's more likely to be a common thing throughout your weyrlinghood together. Unfortunately, too, she'll finish her growth long before the most of her clutchmates, and though at first she'll be one of the bigger dragons, as time passes, the browns and blues will take over, and while most of the greens will still be smaller, this won't be enough for her.

Alhadnayith is not afraid of anything, and this will be quickly proven throughout her younger days. She's always eager to prove herself: she'll want to be the first to show off a new exercise, or swim deeper into the shallows of the ocean. As far as she can help it, nothing will ever stop her: she doesn't understand giving up, or not bothering. If she can't do it the first time, she'll try again, and again, until she does have it. That she's not immediately one of the best at smooth, quick movement will be to her disgust, and she will spend many hours practicing until she has reached perfection on the exercise in question. Louith's certain brand of flexibility and kitten-ish movement will, secretly, be something she's jealous of, and though she may watch him for hours when he's not looking, she'll affect disinterest if he is. She'll share his impatience, though, and that may be enough to make the pair friendly - at least on occasion.

Mostly, though, she would rather come across as aloof and wise; as if, somehow, she knows far more than any of her clutchsiblings, things that they will never know. To this end, she will be somewhat like the cool Zhyfene - but this is only one facet of her personality; she is, in the end, very much the foil, zesty and outgoing, entirely too confident for her own good. The weyrlingmasters may end up at their wit's ends over her, for she'll never admit to not knowing anything: « Yes, yes, Sadronth. I know. »

Did we mention zesty? Yes, yes, we mentioned zesty. Alhadnayith is independent and proud, and not one that is going to let anyone walk right over her. She has an opinion on everything, and a firmly rooted belief that she is good at what she does. It's impossible to shake her confidence, for it's buried deeply into everything she believes in; Zhyfene is part of this, for with Zhyfene by her side, Alhadnayith knows that she's unstoppable, but there's more to it than this - more than anyone will ever figure out. But she has her fears, and these, too, are rooted deep into who she is, indistinguishable from everything else. Most of all, she fears to be caged, or told that she cannot do something because of what she is. « I cannot join in upon this search and rescue mission because of my /size/? No. No, I will not let that happen. » Alhadnayith will appear to devote her life to proving that there are no limits to what she can do.

Ah, but she'll never admit, as such, to having fears and doubts - for they are weakness, and she despises such things. « I fear neither pain nor death, » she will declare, staunch until the end. Perhaps it's a shame that she was born in a time where thread no longer threatens her land, for she would be a valiant fighter until the end. In place of that, she works with a ferocity somewhat unlike most dragons. She desires valor above all things - it is this quest to prove herself that truly colours her perceptions of life. Never mind that in Zhyfene she has a perpetual believer, Alhadnayith wants approval from one and all. To some end, she desires power and prestige, and her ambition will be focused in attempts to lead Zhyfene into like positions - Wingleader would be most approved of, for example.

Alhadnayith shall, however, find other ambitions within her life, most particularly as she grows older; leadership is not all that it seems, should she have a taste of it, and no doubt to the surprise of both of you, she may later find an affinity for healing. Whether or not Zhyfene finds any desire to become a Dragonhealer, Alhadnayith will probably push her in that direction, for she shall discover a love of things that grow, and how to fix them. Though she'll never be a calm presence to assist in such means, she'll be a stable one, and her belief, when pressed into service, may be of use. With this, she may discover a love of children, too, both dragon hatchlings and human - a matchmaker though she is not, she may encourage Zhyfene towards having children of her own, so that she might enjoy them. Should she have the chance to serve as an assistant weyrlingmaster, this, too, will prove to be well-suited to her temperament.

She is aloof, though, somehow unreachable. The ice-maiden - to this end, like Zhyfene. Friends, as such, are unlikely to be something that she has a great many of; though she is, on occasion, quite the conversationalist, she shares little, excepting, in many cases, her ire. Much of her coldness, however, stems from her belief that she is slighted for being green - untruthful, but truly believed - and thus, it conceals her frustration at this position. To the same end, the ferocity she shows on occasion, and her absolute forcefulness in proving herself, is to her mind, her only way out, the only way for her to prove that she is as important as if she were bigger, or rarer (that there are a great many greens, to her mind, makes her less important).

That she is a wise creature, a quick-witted, well-thought dragon who is not dependent upon physical actions alone, seems almost at odds with these attitudes, but it is true, nonetheless. She's got a quick wit, and is frequently a provider of very apt commentary that brings to light ideas that no one else has thought of yet. Somehow, beneath the belligerance that she feels, there is an individual who sees things that no one else seems to, but is blind to herself, perpetually so.

Life with Alhadnayith is likely to be an interesting prospect. Belligerence, wisdom, fearlessness, over-confidence, hidden anger— all of these things shall play a daily role within her life with Zhyfene. Things may get rough, when Alhadnayith lands you both in trouble, again, for flaunting the rules, or sassing a weyrlingmaster, but her love for you is greater than anything else in her life, and this will never go without showing itself, day in, day out.

When it comes time for Alhadnayith to go proddy for the first time, she shall be an unwilling participant - it lacks the control that she prizes, and in the end, it just seems to come down to her being truculant - moreso than usual. She'll be an absolute grouch, biting people's heads off (including Zhyfene's), and generally being about as surly as she possibly can be. The flight itself will be a sensuous affair, as if she's thrown off this mantle of annoyance for the sake of being downright gregarious - and once she's been caught, she'll be a true a lover as she can possibly be, until memory fades, and she's back to her usual self. Though a large green, she tends towards brown mates when she can, rather than bronzes; there's just /something/ about them - something rugged, something special - that she likes. She may, for brief moments during the flight, be quite enamoured by a bronze or two, but it's those browns that she'll end up with, far more often.

Why Zhyfene?:
Alhadnayith needed a balance. When she was on the sands, desperately alone, out of all of the minds she found, Zhyfene's was the first - and only - that she could find that would balance her own. Where she is forceful and occasionally belligerant, Zhyfene is cool and calm; it makes for a good match, the two each supplementing their best and worst attributes. Alhadnayith could never love another as she loves Zhyfene - they are as bound together as any two minds could possibly be, and so it should be.


There's a faint scent of blossoms to Alhadnayith's mindvoice; somewhat disconcerting when she's in one of her more belligerent moods - after all, she's all flashes of silver, sharp edges; like a finely honed blade, quick as lightning, dancing through your mind. Still, that floral scent pervades, tickling at the back of the throat as she speaks. It's not at all a typical flirty female voice; except in the moments post-flight, when she's reasonably docile, Alhadnayith's voice is not a pretty thing, nor is it expressive: instead, it's sharply concise, precise, and always somehow poignant in how it's used.


'Balderdash' is a game of creativity and ingenuity, requiring participants to come up with their own definition of a random, obscure word, in the hope that it will be convincing enough that other players will believe it to be the real one, thus earning the creator points. Further points are gained by those who guess the correct definiton - a task far harder than it seems. 'Balderdash' is produced by the company Gameworks Creations, Inc. This egg was created by Lydiere.

You wanted a 'zesty little foil', and the first thing that came to mind, for me, was Eowyn from 'The Lord of the Rings'. Of course, Eowyn's character isn't particularly well fleshed out in either book or movie, so I did a bit of combination work - and so Alhadnayith is really a combination of a couple of characters: Eowyn, Arwen and Galadriel. I don't know if you're a 'Lord of the Rings' fan, but I hope that Alhadnayith's personality is well-suited to what you want regardless of inspiration - and if not, don't hesitate to mold and squash it into what you're after.

As for her name, well… Alhadnayith - you asked for it, and I quite liked it, so here she is! I'd pronounce it A-lhad-nay-ith, but since it's your creation, I'm sure you'll pronounce it however it is that you prefer. She likes nicknames, on the whole, and certainly won't object to any that you come up with, though her favourite is Ally, followed by Alha. And then there's 'Nay, and Aladna, and— well, the list goes on.


Name Shrouded Radiance Green Alhadnayith
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Brown Petryth
Created By Lydiere
Impressee Zhyfene
Hatched 01 March 2003
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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