Ancient Roots Green Alamith

Egg Name and Description

Beneath the Branches of Destiny Egg
Short strokes of green and gray blanket the base of this large ovoid, forming a craggy landscape intersparsed with dull colored grasses. Slowly they climb upwards, gathering together, molding, shifting at the slightest blink, to create the imprint of a mountain. But the surface seems scarred. Embedded within the mountain are seven blemsihes, large rivers of tarnished silver that twist and turn, connected only at the summit. However, not all is as it seems. A step back leads to the discover that these streams of silver are not marring grafiti, but the beautiful roots of a great tree that ripples upwards in a flash of pure silver. Hundreds of streaks of platinum shoot out, writhing and coiling to form brilliantly flashing branches gilded with graphite leaves. Gentle whisps of alabaster curl around the tree, standing out starkly against the charcoal gray backdrop of the sky. From within this mystical light emerge a flurry of golden globes. The precious orbs glint with every touch of light, almost as if they were stars pulsating in the night.

Mindtouch Messages

Child of Dark Prophecy
Child of Dark Prophecy stumbles forward from the shadows, tripping over its feet and landing with a brilliant splash of orange flame. Slowly the presence lifts up, and takes several deliberate steps towards you. It remains bathed in light, but within that wonderfully golden yellow are small writhing wisps of black, each one threatening to extinguish that light of hope. Saffron and coal tendrils reach out towards your mind, searching for memories that will tell it of its destiny. There is an attempt at gentleness, but this soon fails miserably. It fumbles terribly while attempting to pick out those special moments, only able to catch small glimpses before letting them slip away. A stray orb of blue light is flicked skywards in frustration before the being hangs its head in shame and begins to retreat.

Child of Dark Prophecy re-emerges, a certain confidence in its steps that was certainly not there before. Its aura continues to be a brilliant swirl of golden and ebony, each pulse of light constantly fighting for dominance. The being flows gently into your mind, looking for you darkest fears and your greatest joys in life. Its fingers close upon two memories. Your worst moment, where the evil within yourself had poured outward in the most disgraceful display. The other, your greatest triumph, where the hero within you had shone brightly amongst the crowd. It weighs both in its grasp before looking to you in confusion. Which is the real you? In the coming turns, will you succumb to the evil of this world, or rise to fight against that which threatens to engulf this? The being quickly melts away, for this is a question even it must consider.

Child of Dark Prophecy flies forward as a perfect sphere of lift. The light and dark within it have separated now, making two perfectly divided hemispheres of marigold and onyx. It stands before you, directing its gaze towards your mind. Are you the destined partner, the one it has been waiting for in agonizing solitude? Will you be the one to determine whether this young one travels upon the path of good or evil? You are its world. For you, anything and everything will be done. You are the sole reason for this existence, and because of that, nothing is impossible. But will you bring out the righteous warrior or the depraved demon resting within this fragile soul? The orb of light begins to disintegrate and dissolve. What is your answer? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU SEEK? The final desperate question rings in your mind before the presence disappears completely.

Hatching Messages

Wobble Message
Beneath the Branches of Destiny Egg is blowing in the wind, creaking as it sways to some imaginary breeze.

Crack Message
Beneath the Branches of Destiny Egg is beginning to crack, hairline fractures appearing near the base of the shell. Only on one side so far, but they're slowly widening.

Hatch Message
The cracks towards the base of the Beneath the Branches of Destiny Egg have been growing steadily wider, bit by bit, until finally the upper portion of the shell has become too top heavy to remain supported by the dwindling section between the two ends of the cracks. Timberrr! The shell falls away, leaving in the wreckage a gnarled root system. Or, perhaps, a hatchling? The Ancient Roots Green Hatchling clambers to her feet, settling that question pretty quickly.

Hatchling Name and Description

Ancient Roots Green Hatchling
Huge and gnarled, this green dragon seems to tower over all she surveys, and yet she's no longer than the average dragon of her colour. It may have something to do with her build, lean and twisted, bending as easily as a tunnelsnake in the grass. It could be her limbs, longer than a dragon of her length should possess, all knobby kneed and oddly angled. Perhaps it's her wings, though the span is about right for her overall size, the sails cover more area than expected. In colouring, she's fairly drab, a greyish green over her body, with a pale mossy green seeping up from her toes. Wings are a rich canopy of leafy green, some segments of the sails more transparent than others, lending her shadow a dappled effect when her wings are outspread.

Impression Message

Public Impression Message

Private Impression Message
The hatching grounds fade away, leaving you with only a vague recollection of a gnarled green dragon heading your way. The sand is still there, still as hot as ever, but there's wide open sky above you, and the distant sound of water lapping at the shore. « N'talya. » you hear, a quiet gravelly voice, like feet crunching in sand. The dragon comes into focus then, heading towards you. The tide is coming in, behind her. « N'talya. It's me. Alamith. » the voice sounds again, louder this time, now that the green is closer. The green is speaking to you. « N'talya. » The water floods in, lapping at your feet, a welcome relief from the heat of the sands. « Do you have food? » On that question, the vision fades, leaving you as you were, on the sands, but with a strong feeling of hunger and belonging. The gnarled green dragon, Alamith, is looking hopefully at you. Food?

Personality / RP Tips


Alamith will start to wander earlier than the other weyrlings, curious about the world outside the barracks. She'll stop if it gets either of you into trouble though, because she has a kind heart above all else. You may find yourself explaining rules and consequences quite often, because Alamith will start asking, once she begins to understand cause and effect. « What would happen if I tipped over the oil vat? Oh. I'd better not do that then. »

When it comes to flying lessons, Alamith's unusually large wingsails and small size - for a dragon - will put her at an advantage, she'll gain more lift, and glide further than any others. However, those same wings will be a hindrance in hunting lessons, as it will take time for her to figure out just what to do with them to keep them out of the way.

On the subject of hunting, Alamith will never eat as much as the other greens, though when you ask her about this, she'll give you some cryptic line about sunshine, and change the subject. She won't be fond of the barracks during the day, spending her time out in the training grounds while the sun shines, but she's perfectly content to return there at night. Alamith prefers clear skies, or rain, nothing in between. When the weather is overcast, but dry, you may find she's a little quieter than usual.


As she approaches her final length, Alamith will become more sure of herself, and her constant stream of questions will slow. She will still consult you on consequences before doing anything that might lead to trouble, but less frequently, as she'll have a better idea now of what she can and can't do. Here, her natural personality will shine, as her confidence grows.

The young Alamith was curious and submissive, her kind heart and unfamiliarity with boundaries causing her to remain in her shell, figuratively speaking. The adult Alamith knows what she is and is not allowed to do, and is clear about what she wants to do. Her greatest love, after her rider, is the outdoors, and if N'talya is spending too much time indoors, Alamith will definitely call her out.

Alamith will blossom into a very social dragon, in a platonic sort of way. She's eager to befriend everyone, dragon, rider, or otherwise, and you'll be pulled into this as well. After all, it's no fun making new friends without her best friend by her side! She'll also need you to pass messages on to the non-riders she befriends, as she'll only speak with you and other dragons, unless she knows the non-rider really well. « It's rude to just barge into people's heads! »

This friendly attitude won't be restricted to dragons and people, either. Dolphins are absolutely included, as well as firelizards, whers, and anything else that won't run from a dragon. You may need to console her a few times, after she attempts to befriend an animal, and it runs from her in fear. Sometimes she may need encouraging to hunt, a gentle reminder that it's okay to eat the herdbeasts, that it doesn't make her a bad dragon. A few simple words from N'talya will be all the encouragement Alamith needs, but she'll still feel a little guilty afterwards.


Some greens blood before a flight, some do not. Alamith is in the second category. This may present a problem for N'talya, as for many riders the cue that a flight is about to happen is the dragon heading to the feeding grounds. Alamith will avoid the feeding grounds while proddy, rising straight into the air from wherever she may be, when the time comes. Her first flight won't be a complete surprise - she'll start glowing as normal, and her friendliness will take a slightly flirtatious aspect - but her rising will be sudden, and may come as a shock if N'talya is expecting her to go to the feeding grounds.

Alamith's greatest woe about flights is that there can be only one winner, she feels terrible for the losers. You may find her favouring dragons who have not won many flights, as a result. In the air, her unusually twisted form will show its true colours, as she'll be able to turn in mid-air with astonishing skill, making the tightest of turns, and somehow managing not to tie herself in knots. She won't grow attached to the winners, but she will compliment the victor on his flying, and just be generally extra nice to all of the males who chased, at least, for a few days. She'll return to her normal self as soon as the flight fades from her memory, a sevenday at most.

Wings and Weyrs

Alamith's friendly attitude and love of the outdoors will be a benefit, should N'talya wish to return to the dolphin craft after search. She will attempt to join you in this work, though if it upsets the dolphins or other crafters she will understand, and step back. Alamith will never be jealous of the time you spend with others, be they dolphin or human or otherwise - she is secure in the knowledge that you will always be there for her, and she for you.

If N'talya should wish to join a riding wing, Alamith would suggest search and rescue - it's outdoors work, for one, but the most important part, in Alamith's mind, is helping others, saving people. Her large wings, and light frame, mean she can cover a lot of ground on sweeps, and being a slender green she can fit into spaces the larger dragons can't. Even if it means leaving the cherished sunlight, if it could save someone's life, Alamith would gladly do it.

As for the part of Ista Weyr that the pair of you will make your home, Alamith will be drawn to ledges with an unrestricted view of the sky - you may find yourselves in one of the highest weyrs, to satisfy her craving for sunlight. The view below doesn't make any difference to Alamith, beach or bowl, it's all the same. It's the view above that matters. If N'talya wishes a lower weyr, Alamith will not object, though she may resist returning to a shaded ledge while the sun is still shining. Alamith won't argue - if you ask, she'll always take you home. But she will attempt to keep N'talya out and about, providing distractions and suggestions, until the sun sets. « Hey, I think I spotted a friend of yours down on the beach, we should go say hi! »

Above all, these are just guidelines, and you are of course free to play her as you like! Welcome to weyrlinghood N'talya, we hope you have fun here.


The elements from Alamith's egg remain a part of her mind, dominated by yellow light and wisps of black, though they've refocused, changed. Now, the colours clearly represent the sun, and the Istan sand, and a third element enters the picture: the deep blue ocean. Alamith's mind will usually be warm, sometimes positively sunny, she's overall a cheerful dragon. The temperature will plummet when she's upset or embarrassed, though that won't be often. Though Alamith is sweetness in dragon form, her voice will always have a deep gravelly quality, harsher if she ever raises her temper. The ocean, in her mind, represents the unknown, and in time you'll be able to recognise an oncoming question by the mental tide coming in.


The theme for the eggs was book covers, and this one was based on The Great Tree of Avalon. The egg and mind touches were written by Jeyinshi.

The hatchling desc was inspired by the Moreton Bay Fig tree, with its giant twisted root system - the roots in older trees can grow taller than people. The name Alamith comes from the Indonesian word 'alami', which means 'natural'.

The RP Tips were a blend of what you asked for - strong and outgoing, pushes N'talya past her shyness, and not mean - with elements from trees - the love of sunlight, rain, and the outdoors - and her unique physiology - the lessons she's best/worst at, due to her wings.

The dragon was written by X'hil, and Cenlia picked the name Alamith from X'hil's shortlist of names.


Name Ancient Roots Green Alamith
Dam Gold Nziekilth
Sire Bronze Raenth
Created by X'hil
Impressee N'talya (Natalya)
Hatch Date 2013.05.13
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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