One With the Jungle Green Akhelamath

The essence of the jungle appears smelted into this dainty malachite lady, swaddling her like new blooms on a vivid rolling meadow. Light and dark sprinkle randomly over her back and cast a mottling of pale lime and holly, as though branches were casting shadows across her hide. Faint whorls of sun-kissed moss touch at her cheeks, flowing along her delicate muzzle and down her svelte neck. Soft viridian brushes her thin forearms, splashing into pools at her feet, obscuring any brightness that may have been there. Bright yellow-green blossoms across her chest, draping across her belly and under her tail before fading into the leafy foliage of the spaded tip. Pure light falls from her shoulders in the form of her wings, their color almost twice as intense as the rest of her petite body. A faint bit of light through her thin wing sails causes them to almost glow, like rays of sun shining through the veined surface of a leaf.

Egg Name and Description

Strands of Double Helix Egg
It's difficult to find any sort of pattern whatsoever on the shell of this little egg. Covered from tip to bottom with a dark and somewhat ominous navy blue color, most or all detail is obscured by the near-blackness. Despite this, amongst the darker portions hide a myriad of bright and colorful strands. Each one appears to be made of a rainbow of different colored and sized speckles, all seemingly joined together by some invisible bond. Oddly enough, these patterns of color appear to march along together in a tight spiral from one end of the egg to the other, ranging through both the dark and light sections of the shell.

Hatching Message

Strands of Double Helix Egg gives a little hop as it springs back into life once more. The occupant within starts to tap furiously at the already cracked shell, sending bits of it flying everywhere. After a few moments, the whole right side of the egg collapses in a rush, allowing One with the Jungle Green Hatchling to spill out onto the sands with a creel of surprise.

Impression Message

Something's there, zipping through your mind happily at the speed of light. It's bounces to one place, and then it's gone again. Strong, and then weak. Like a niggling thought that keeps appearing and disappearing, it doesn't stay long enough to show what it is. After a moment or two of fleeting travel, it settles and a feeling of warmth, love and tenderness floods through your body as an excited voice echoes through your head, « Tasha! Anything is possible, Tasha. » The electrical thoughts flit through your senses, engulfing you with its warm feelings. « Anything is possible with your Akhelamath at your side, don't you think? There is always hope. » There is a burst of feeling from the strange presence in your head, as though it were ecstatic at finally finding you. Then, a sudden feeling of hunger passes over you, along with a quiet voice, « I'm /hungry/! Where can we find some food around here? »


Anything can happen. Atleast, anything can happen in the mind of Akhelamath. In her expansive thoughts, just about anything is possible, as long as she hasn't tested it and proven it to be impossible. Everything around her has infinite possibilities, no matter how bizarre they may be. To her, they aren't bizarre at all, considering the fact that strange things happen all the time. « Who says herdbeasts can't fly, Tasha? No one's tried it out to see if they can or not! » Likely her favorite saying will eventually turn out to be, « It's not impossible, it's only improbable. » As if that weren't enough of a bother, Akhelamath happens to be naturally curious about just about anything on the surface of Pern. During her younger years, you're likely to be entertaining dozens of questions about everything from trundlebugs to flying straps. If she doesn't understand it at first look, she'll have to ask you how it works or what it does, even if the answer may seem obvious. Afterall, she has to check her information to be sure it's accurate. Be prepared to answer everything and anything that may cross her mind as strange or odd. And who knows what might be considered strange and odd, as Akhelamath's imagination is as strong as ever - don't be surprised if she begins to ask about the possibility of purple leaves or metallic grass. They could be possible in her mind!

« How does a tunnelsnake swallow something whole? How will it fit? »

And if you don't know the exact answer, she won't be satisfied with just accepting it as a mystery of life and forgetting about it. If she wants to know about tunnelsnakes, she'll sit outside the Weyrling Barracks to wait and watch for a tunnelsnake to eat something just so she can observe what happens. And when she finally finds out the truth? She'll sit down and tell the whole story to you, at length. Sharing her knowledge with her friends is always something she enjoys doing, no matter if she only knows a little about it or a lot. Thankfully for you, the questions will begin to subside as Akhelamath gets older. Afterall, she will have started to run out of things to ask after having asked most obvious questions while she is young. That won't stop her if she happens to come across something new and unusual when she's 80 turns old, however. Her knowledge will always have to grow.

« I'll never be too old to learn something new, Tasha. Who says old dragons can't learn new things? »

Animals and other such living things, including insects and fish, fascinate her the most. Don't be surprised if she captures trundlebugs and other such creatures to "study" them when she's younger. She usually wants to figure out how they can function so well if they can't talk like she does. She may even ask to have some as "pets", no matter how often she accidentally squishes them with her bulk when she gets bigger.

« What happened to Steve the trundlebug? I left him here before we left for lessons. I liked watching how he walked. »

Even though she likes to study things, she's always very adamant about not hurting things, at least on purpose. The only time herdbeasts should be killed, in her opinion, is if there's a need for them to be eaten. Obviously, no one should kill something just to kill it. Even the grass beneath her feet deserves such treatment. After all, everything is special to her, from the sky, the earth, the trees and the trundlebugs. Everything deserves to have its place on Pern. Find a tunnelsnake in your Weyr and want to get rid of it? Akhelamath will insist that it be let go outside, rather than killed out of spite. The same thing will even happen if you so much as want to brush aside a spinner that happened to be in the wrong spot.

« It only wanted to live, too, after all. What if someone killed you just to get you out of the Weyr? »

While most people might consider her natural curiosity and active imagination to be too childlike, Akhelamath is actually quite eloquent and intelligent whenever she speaks. Most often she can surprise people by speaking at lengths about subjects, along with the certain studies she had done to come to such conclusions. She even has the ambition of any of the best leaders of Pern, as she will always try again, even if she fails. If there's something she wants to get done, she'll certainly do everything in her power to do it, no matter how bizarre it may be. And considering Akhelamath's imagination, she may strive to do some bizarre things to carry out her studies while she's younger. Sometimes this grand ambition will catch the better of her, though, as she often loses sleep if she has something that she wants to get done. You may be up many a night calming her as she worries about the many "what ifs" of the situations. Not to mention, "patience" can be a word unknown to her. If there's something she wants to get done, she'll want it done as soon as possible with no lazing about allowed. As a youngster, you'll find her wanting to jump up and finish chores. If there's a class, she'll be the first one there, no matter if it's an hour early. Learning can never wait, as it always excites her.

« How can you sit here when we have chores to do? We need to go get them done! »

You may also find the same sort of unbridled excitement when it comes for mating flights, too. Oddly enough, she enjoys leading the males on a splendid chase. It's almost as if she's watching their reactions - testing them both before and during the flight. You may find her doing a lot more of her "experiments" while she's proddy, mainly with the males. Teasing them and drawing them forward, only to pull away and judge their reactions. In the flight itself, her small size makes her quite maneuverable in the air. Catching will not be an easy task for some of the larger dragons, but it may be possible! Though that's what excites Akhelamath about the chase - it could be just about anyone. Anything's possible, after all.

« Who says a bronze couldn't win? It's so excitingly random! »

Even if the mission seems impossible, there will be no stopping Akhelamath. Afterall, anything is possible to her. Not to mention, she seems to have a spirit that can't be crushed. There's always a bright side for everything and never a dark side. No one can say it can't be done, as Akhelamath will try to find some way to do it. There's always hope. Always hope for Tasha and Akhelamath.


Everything about Akhelamath's mindvoice is electric, plain and simple. While it's not a painful sensation, it's always full of bright colors, lights and patterns. They'll always be moving - jumping from place to place and side to side through the mindlinks. Nothing about her voice is ever the same - when she's happy, often the sparks will change color or intensity. There may also be a hint of a lilting flute or calming music within her voice when it's upbeat, along with wind blowing through trees and falling leaves. When she's sad, her mindvoice will be dim and hardly noticeable at all with hardly any sounds or feelings associated with it. It's almost as if all the life is sucked out of it. Anger, however, changes her voice completely into a raging ball of electricity, almost too bright and too active to behold. It's quite lucky, though, that Akhelamath is very seldom angry with anyone. No one will have to witness the destruction of her mind when she is displeased!


The egg theme was science, with the egg being based on DNA. The hatchling theme was scientists. Akhelamath is based on Jane Goodall, well known primatologist and anthropologist. Her best known work is her study of chimpanzees. The name "Akhelamath" comes from the combination of 2 African names - Amanishakhete (comes from Swahili and Arabic and means "peace, hope and aspirations") and Selamawit (comes from an Ethiopian form of Hebrew that means "she is peaceful".) Egg, dragon and all associated descriptions and personalities were made by Tylia, with slight tweaks to the hatchling description made by Jule. Please remember that this is only a guide and you can take Akhelamath in whatever direction you like. Hopefully she fits well with you!


Name One With the Jungle Green Akhelamath
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Bronze Knephyth
Created By Tylia
Impressee Tasha
Hatched August 6, 2006
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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