Dark Angel Bronze Ahreluth

Age worn wheat-gold and amber dribble down this bulky dragon like forlorn rain, weaving their way over crimson stained bronze to cleanse the angry hue with sorrowful purity. Deep, mournful eyes are sunk deep into his head, seemingly gripped by glowing blood stains but for the silver-gold tears that streak towards his rough-hewn muzzle. As the fire-bright ember oozes down his neck, shadows gather to darken it to an almost-night draped in unravelling amber that curls to highlight each massive muscle of his shoulders and hind. Wings outspread seem to deepen the darkness, their smokey form half hiding the shine of sun-warmed honey, a promise of hope and light to contrast wicked talons — rust-tipped, long, sharp and dangerous.

Egg Name and Description

Goo Egg
Gooey goo all sticky gluing
What on Pern is this egg doing?
Slick and Slimy, that wont do sir!
Sure this egg has hardened too sir?

Hatching Message

Bubbles burst over the sticky shell as it stretches out in every direction as the life within struggles to unglue itself from its protective coating of goo. Finally theres a break and the stickyness begins to peel away slowly, pooling on the ground as it leaves a rather gunky Dark Angel Bronze Dragonet dripping on the sands.

Impression Message

A delicate thought slips into your mind, flavoured with subtle hopefulness and a hint of joy. Like a piece of music expounding on the theme as more and more instruments join in, other thoughts wrap
delicately around your mind, drawing your thoughts closer to his in a tentative but yet unstoppable joining. Together, you and this other thing — this other mind — seem to fit, like two pieces of a puzzle sliding together, two things that were /made/ to be together since the beginning of time finally joining with a sweet finality. When words come, they almost ring with quiet pleasure, a joy that needs no trumpets or loud introductions to embelish it, for it is simple and true. » I am Ahreluth. We are together. « No more is said. No more needs to be said. There is a whole world, another mind completely open to yours, and mere words cannot be as complete as this.


I was thinking of a large, hulking dragon that felt embarrassed by its bulk — it has this silent belief that it, honestly, should have been the size of a green. He tends to cling to the shadows, the night, as if trying to diminish his size. He has a firmset belief that, well, since he's so much bigger, he had better use all that excess to help out everything that's smaller than him. Heroic, but in a shy
way — he's like Angel in that he'd help a damsel in distress, but disappear into the shadows before she has the chance to thank him. He's just not social, he doesn't feel comfortable with people and so he tends to have a halting, stilted manner. He's not sure how to ask people for things, or
put forward his opinion, so unless pushed, he tends to be on the quiet side. Despite the telepathic abilities of dragons, it's just that he doesn't understand how humans/dragons think. It's like he's a
different species, and he trusts Gerwain to try and talk him through it, and explain things to him.

He sounds a lot older than he is, to begin with, but he has no comprehension of the strangest things.

He can't help but be a pessermist, but he does his best to try and hide it. That doesn't stop him trying to think up possible senarios and how to combat them… » Now, if the roof collapsed, I'd use my talons and dig you out… « Just in case. He loves being prepared, and does his best to try and make Gerwain stop to let him plan. Unfortunately, many of his plans just don't work out, and when they don't, he's caught off balance. Sometimes, this'll mean he'll say the wrong thing, othertimes he'll be alright.

Because of his shyness, and bulkiness, he tends to appear the strong silent hero type. Inside, though, he's fragile — that's why he needs to plan — and shy. That doesn't stop him from trying, time and time again, to understand people.

Greens, he feels a strange attraction to — but his attitute is less that of a bronze that tries to charm but a fellow sister, who silently agrees with them about bronzes (Sigh! Who knows why they do what they do!), bad glow days, and such stuff. Quietly, that is. Some greens might be a little annoyed at the large creature that for some reason seems to hang around them whenever they gather around to swap thoughts.

Golds are viewed a little more dubiously. If he didn't know better, he'd think they bite. That said, he's not /afraid/ of them, as such. He's just not sure what to make of them, how to treat them. Hence, some of the things he'll come up with when the others are courting a glowy one might seem out of place. » You kill really well. « » Um. Thanks. «He's got absolutely no idea what makes them tick, and everytime he thinks he gets them, he finds out that he's actually on the wrong track all together.

He loves the sea — something bigger than he is! At last! Compared to the great dark depths, he feels diminished, and is quite happy at the feeling. He'll beg Gerwain to let him pull him out to where the water cools, and simply dive, sinking through the beautiful opal coloured top water to icy depths where the shadows rule, until he can hold his breath no longer and bounce upwards, frothy water tumbling from his back as the enormous creature breaks the surface.

/Between/ similarily humbles him, and he's just about the only creature who actually feels comfortable in the nothingness. Human children make him the most uncomfortable — they're so small, so delicate, they make him aware of every inch of his 'vulgar' length. He's too scared to touch
them, in case he accidently breaks them. And he'd hate to break anything, really.

As far as he's concerned, you were meant to be. You complete him — you are his translator of the oh-so strange world, you can explain and guide and be another set of eyes through which the vision is so much more understandable. But beyond all that, there's a sense of your joining being fore-ordained. You are his, and he is yours, and that is all the reason he needed.

He's always going to be the giant of the clutch, but it'll take him a long time to gain the gracefulness of his later years. He's just not sure what to do with all that excess size — think a kid wearing
it's parents clothing. His movements will be sloppy, his first flight near on a disaster, and he's going to be forever embarassing himself. When he finally gains the gracefulness that comes with experience, he'll lean towards slow movements in the air despite his inner urge to do the loop-de-loop. See, the experience of Weyrlinghood will prove to him that he's not a green, despite the fact that he thinks that he ought to be small, petite and able to do amazing manuvers in the air. Instead, to avoid embarrassment, he's going to change directions in long, arching turns, with seemingly lazy sweeps of his powerful wings. When no one is around, he might try a few things he shouldn't, but in general they're all going to be such disasters that he'll stick to slow-strong-but-elegent in public.


There's the pulsing, mellow quality of a cello to his mindvoice, a quality that resonates in mind and soul with aching purity that's somewhat undermined by a faintly quivering undertone. Deep dark colours paint his mind, shadows that wrap over every thought with sheltering darkness; the scent that cloaks him is one of smoke, a gentle flavouring that is so subtle that it's more of an impression than a smell. His thoughts don't intrude — they only barely touch the surface of most minds, almost tentative, as if afraid that too forceful a thought might harm.


Ahreluth is based on Angel.


Name Dark Angel Bronze Ahreluth
Dam Gold Llysereth
Sire Bronze Zymanth
Created By Lymera and Lydiere
Impressee G'wain (Gerwain)
Hatched 13 October 2001
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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