Pompous Mediterranean Brown Aesiveth

Beneath the rays of a swollen sun, streaming trails of crisp, golden brown drape in luxurious stipples upon the sculpted torso of this nimble brown. Rich, orange-touched terracotta patterns his neck, stretching out to the mosaic-patterned expanse of his flanks, where soft striations of green and blue match the warm browns that envelop him from head to tail. Meanwhile, his belly is curved in near-gold shades, like a deep pool of olive-oil that spreads in its liquid caress towards the gentle fork of his precisely formed tail, coating his talons in a thick layer of darker brown. His pinions blaze with the richness of near-black loam, the colour caressing towards the very tips of those fluttering wingsails, where summer's growth of wheat and oats grow warm and tall in rich, golden yellow.

Egg Name and Description

Luxurious Lingerie Egg

Hatching Message

Soft, delicate swathes of lace ripple from sides, the opalescent shards of the Luxurious Lingerie Egg shimmering in the light, as they lie sparkling upon the sands. Ruffle after ruffle gives way to reveal a Pompous Mediterranean Brown Hatchling, caught within the undulating folds.

Impression Message

Is that the wheat swaying beneath your hand, as you wade through the summer's crop, the sun beating down upon your head? Of the sands, and those around you, there is no trace - you can feel the earth beneath your feet, and the absolute, adoring love of he who is waiting for you, just ahead. His embrace is golden and warm, enveloping you from head to toe as Aesiveth's presence cements itself within your life, and in doing so, makes two into one. « Arinna? My name is Aesiveth, and you are mine, forever until death! »


Aesiveth has a sheer force of personality matched by his personal charisma that pushes him directly towards the middle of any kind of group. This is not at all lessened by his ego, which is so intrinsically part of who he is that it's quite impossible to separate the two. Like Vaerlanth, Aesiveth believes it to be his right to be in the limelight, the absolute center of attention, but unlike his clutchsibling, Aesiveth considers it to be his place as won by his abilities, not merely by his looks or colour (though he doesn't look half bad, even if he does say so himself!). Notably, though, he does not come across as imperious, just absolutely confident in every way. He's eternally cheerful, speaking of his own gifts and talents as calmly and rationally as if it were something entirely unimportant.

If there is one thing that Aesiveth is sure about, it's himself. He is supremely confident in his own abilities - he knows that he's got a flair for leadership, if only they'll let him prove it - and his limitations; he understands entirely that he's not the most organised of dragons, perhaps not the best suited to politics, but he's not after that kind of position for either of you. In some ways, it's probably very disappointing for Aesiveth that threadfall is a thing of the past, for he would have been a supremely able leader against such an enemy.

The problem with Aesiveth is that because he is so supremely confident about his own abilities he's also liable to denigrate the abilities of others, and flagrantly ignore rules and traditions in order to get his own way, and prove what he believes is his right. It would not be unlike Aesiveth to try and convince all of the other dragons in his wing that his own way is best, and that they should follow him rather than Ahreluth, or whoever his wingleader is. This means that he will always encourage you, too, Arinna: Aesiveth is firmly of the belief that you are just as supremely capable as he is, and that you must always play a part in the things that he does. If this isn't comfortable to begin with, it will have to become so, for Aesiveth will not grow out of this.

All of this might suggest that Aesiveth is not easy to like - or rather, that he's liable to get on the nerves of a great many other dragons. To some extent, this is true; it is not, however, an absolute supreme truth. There will be those who immediately see Aesiveth's true abilities - and he is certainly not without them - and support him regardless, and these will become his allies, and in some cases, his very close friends. There will always be those who dislike Aesiveth from the outset - Vaerlanth may be such a one, and Llysereth will almost certainly be so - but Aesiveth accepts that this is just part of the path towards his quest for absolute power. It isn't hard to imagine that Aesiveth should very much like to catch a senior queen one day. Straight to the top - that's what he's after.

Aesiveth might come across as the type of brown who attempts to force himself into the affections of those female dragons around him, showing off for them rather than attempting to woo them, but this is not so. Somehow, he has the natural ability to know exactly how to attract almost any female; some might prefer pet-names and endearing terms, whilst others want intellect, or ability. Whatever the female his attentions are seeking is after, he will almost invariably find out, and do just that. It is certainly not beneath his dignity to do what he has to, to woo that female - and he will be entirely unconcerned with how he looks as he does it. When a female rises, he will be one of the first to chase, and will throw himself into winning that battle - if he can - with as much skill as he can muster. Nothing is down half-heartedly, with Aesiveth.

Growing Up
When he's first hatched, Aesiveth might come across as the brown that is desperately trying to be a bronze. He's entirely too concerned with making himself noticed by doing things the best, and proving exactly how capable he is at leadership. He's nearly as large - if not larger - than some of his bronzen siblings, and this will only encourage him to make sure that he can do everything that they can, and hopefully faster, and better. He's moderately sensible, though; he will not try and eat as much as Petryth, and he doesn't try and show off - really, it's just a matter of proving himself, by doing everything properly, not going out and saying 'look at me, look at me'. They're supposed to look at him because of his ability.

Whilst Vaerlanth is most concerned with ensuring that she stays small, Aesiveth is most concerned with ensuring that he is healthy - and that does not mean eating too much, or starving himself, but just eating as he needs to, sleeping as he needs to. Large, yes, but he's also exceptionally well-built: lean, perfectly muscled, fluid in motion. It's as if he has been perfectly carved, without a single blemish. He's also the hardy type, and can cope perfectly will with the usual itches, and hungriness: they'll be there, and they might even bother him, but it's not so much as he has to throw a tantrum if it isn't fixed fast enough.

Tantrums, however, will be thrown at other things. If he does not get his way, he will throw a tantrum, and that's all there is to it. This is yet another way in which he will be similar to Vaerlanth, though their tantrums will be caused by different things. Aesiveth wants to be given what he believes is naturally his, and if someone else is awarded something, or perhaps even praised over something that he is not, it will not go down well. His tantrums are loud, and if there is something that he can hit with his tail, or step on with his foot, he certainly won't stop himself from doing so. As he grows up, they will become somewhat less frequent, and you, Arinna, will have the ability to soothe him when almost no one else can.

Aesiveth will notice the female dragons before some of his other male clutchmates - before his female clutchmates, like Merenth are ready for such attention, perhaps - and though he might not manage to catch them, he will certainly try and chase. If this is disconcerting for you, Arinna, he will do his best to encourage you in your own direction. It's pure, healthy fun, after all! Should you get pregnant, at any stage, he will lavish upon you the most attention you could possibly want - though he's never smothering - and the same goes for any gold he catches. They are a prize, a jewel, and they are carrying the next generation of /him/, and what better thing could any woman do? Aesiveth shall be interesting, to say the least, at whatever stage in life he is.

Aesiveth immediately admired your refusal to let things that bothered you go past - but also your self control, something which he has little of. Though his personality is not altogether entirely different from your own, those little differences are what balance you, and what immediately drew him to you. Aesiveth is the kind of brown that will prove to you how wonderful and attentive men can be— his own surety, and absolute devotion to you will immediately fill any gaps that might have been there. He knew, almost at once, that you were the one who needed him, just as he needed you. Who else could there have been?


Aesiveth smells of summer, and of the land. Wheat, oats, honey - if such a scent was recognisable upon Pern - and the rich scent of earth that pervades his every touch. Similar colours are those that he uses; rich browns, and those that are nearly gold in colour, dappled by the sunlight that echoes throughout his rich, warm tenor. He's cultured in sound, and cheerful - his cheeriness is evident at all times, except during those horrendous tantrums, which hold themselves like the heaviness before a storm as they break out in angry frustration.


The egg theme for this clutch was 'big things', and Aesiveth's egg was inspired by the biggest bra on record, and was written by R'yn. Aesiveth (eye-sih-veth, or ay-sih-veth) was inspired by Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, also known as Pompey the Great, the great Roman general and politician - also notable for the fact that he was an Italian estate owner, and not a Roman Patrician by birth. His name comes from the Latin word 'Aestivus', which means 'pertaining to summer'.


Name Pompous Mediterranean Brown Aesiveth
Dam Gold Ysmalath
Sire Bronze Zippith
Created By Lydiere, with some assistance from G'wain and J'ey
Impressee Arinna
Hatched 08 September 2002
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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