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Situated on the bay at the southwest corner of Ista Island, the spired partial-volcano pushes four fingers and a thumb into the tropical sky. The mountain was formed by an eruption that knocked the bay half of the volcano into the sea, the constant waves forming a sprawling plateau. Ista was the fifth Weyr opened and it is an acronym for the four families of colonists who settled the tropical island - one of the children of Joel Lilienkamp helped establish the weyr in the forty-second turn, and names of the are Akmai Ishima, Georgiou Savros, Ramla Tamalaki and Joel Aldridge. Ista Weyr is the smallest weyr on Pern, able to house about around 250 rider pairs at full strength. Individual rider's weyrs are found on both the interior and on the southern side of the outer bowl walls. These forest weyrs house about a quarter of Ista's dragon population. For such a small Weyr, Ista has a dizzying amount of tunnels that double back and run into one another, riddled with secrets and unexplored or long-forgotten nooks. Underground streams supply fresh water, and as Ista is a volcano, albeit a dormant one, there are even hot springs and steam rooms for the ultimate in relaxation. Not really a technological weyr, Ista never caught on with that fad, though they do use radios to keep in touch with the different holds throughout the area. Seemingly too laid back in the sun to bother, Ista has made do with a more traditional lifestyle. Accompanying tithes and strong relations with the local holders, Ista has a flourishing tourist trade, hosting events and welcoming visitors from all across Pern.

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